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Wiki-uploading privs!

With these privs you can upload images straight to a wikipage.

How to:
Scroll down any wiki and you will see an uploading form.
You browse for the file you wish to upload, then you enter a name for the file ending with the extension (example: image.jpg). Use a name without adding spaces.
Then you press 'Upload file'.
The url to your file will appear in the edit box of the wiki, on the bottom.
You can copy that and put it where you like :)

Wiki-uploading privs make uploading go faster, you can upload bigger images and your house isn't changed each time you upload something new.

Note: Do remember that your images must follow the Uploading art rules, the privs can be revoked at any time we feel appropriate.

Where can I get them?
Wikiprivs can be requested in the comments on Guards.

Username (or number or email):


2008-02-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Why aren't JPEGS allowed...? ...That irks me... I usually have to either convert them to something else and lose color or go through the long and arduous task of uploading them in my house...

2008-02-01 [Sunrose]: *shrugs* ask [Hedda] :)
Assuming jpeg's are not the same as jpg's (the latter being definitely possible to upload).

2008-08-28 [Jeccabee]: make sure they are RPG images and not CMYK. I've made that mistake a few times and it wont upload.

2008-11-20 [dayah]: I had the upload privilage but been gone for a while and everything has changed and I can't find it anymore. Did it get taken away from me for some reason..or am I just blind and can't see. it?

2008-11-21 [Artsieladie]: You still have them. You are probably looking in the wrong place for the button. It is now in your right hand column just under the section that gives the page name, version, exported/not exported view, etc.. Then you have 'edit page' and 'invite' and under these it says, "Upload a file". Click this. A drop down box appears with either 'browse' or 'choose', depending on your browser. Click that and everything from this point works pretty much the way it did before. :)

2008-11-23 [dayah]: oooooh thank you....I looked all over for it but I couldn't find it..gues that what I get for being gone for a while...thank you very much.:)

2008-11-23 [Artsieladie]: You're welcome very much. I'm glad I have this page on watch so I was able to spot your question. The new updates haven't been implemented all that long ago, though. See: updates 2008-07-04. They take a little getting used to, but all in all, I think most of them are a great asset to Elftown. :)

2008-11-24 [dayah]: Yup...they are good I just couln't find it..hehehe...I been gone so long that when I did come back I seen the changes...and couldn't find anythign..but think they are pretty cool :)

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