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2005-01-17 01:44:05
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Okay.... hey ppls.. just add ur name to the list and tell why u like white chocolate! PUT THE CORRECT#!!


[peace4all_monkey]Im obligated to support both^_^
[Tiezu Star] YEA! GO WHITE CHOCLOLATE. its like an uh-oh oreo, white on the outside but milk chocholate on the inside LOL
[Peregrine] Yurm!

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2004-12-09 [alardin707]: milk chocolate rules

2004-12-09 [peace4all_monkey]: which one is it milk or white?!!

2004-12-16 [elf3]: how can i join this wiki???

2004-12-16 [elf3]: how

2004-12-17 [peace4all_monkey]: i made it to where u can sign up now!

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