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2004-03-21 07:40:44
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well, if you like to paint with watercolors, here's the contest for you! well, i thought about the prize...i guess the prize will be an art piece from me. i will ONLY have a first place and a second place. first place winner can request ANY two pictures...and, of course, the second place winner will have the request of any one picture. you can go to my homepage if you're not sure if this is worth winning...hehe. go to my house [test_drive] and click on the link to my homepage for just a few of my art

This contest is now in voting. please vote in <poll:16878>

DEALINE! the deadline for this art contest is March 20th. i have no particular reason for chosing that IF you don't win this one, you will have other chances. i've decided that i will make this contest into series. so, this being my first, it's just no theme and whatever, but have fun, k?

RULES! if you don't follow them i'll hunt you down and make sure you pay! hehe...jk.
1. it absolutely, positively HAS to be your own art. if i find out you stole it from anybody, not only will you be disqualified, i shall report you to the guards coz im a big snitch!
2. (damn i hate this html coding crap) it MUST be watercolor. hence, the title. no computer rendering, no photo changing and that crap. it has to be by your hand and with your paint brusha nd your paint!...specifically watercolor. if it is not, i will warn you...if you still dont listen...i'll put it down myself.
3. hmmm....o yeah, you can submit as much as 5....i repeat, FIVE pieces. i'm only one person, you know! no more than five!!!
4. you try anything as much as porn and i'll kil you. i'll accept artistic nudity but guys, please, hold back, will ya?

other than that, have fun, and let your imagination fly! paint anything, so long as it's watercolor!!

this contest is held by [test_drive]. message me if you have any questions! to see more contests, go here! Freedom

1. [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*] I painted this with my Niji 18 color Watercolor set. <img:>
  b. Blue Haired Woman
 c. Eve Tempted
  d. Geisha
  e. Pegasus

2. [Blade Chick] I like this one, which is strange as normally anything I do purely in paint doesn't turn out right.

3. [No more here] FIVE pics! (visit my wiki: town of the homeless)

A) I liked this one when I made it too just like [Blade Chick] does with hers =) I think ill get tired of it in a while though...


B) this is a house in a cliff its three copper coins rent per mounth =)

C)he has got an apple... its true! its like a power apple that makes your eyes turn yellow anyway..


D)I got inspired by Scias from breath of fire 4...


E) I made this during an swedish lesson... quickie in other words...


4. [TromBebop] I had a break-up with my boyfriend, that was my inspiration.

5.[coldkiki] o.o my first watercolor....

6.[squink] this is by far the best picture ive ever painted. in my opinion (just because it took me soo long and I had never used watercolours before then

7. [amuletts] Five entries ya say?

A) The mystic 'MenAntTol', inspired by charles De Lint's 'The Little Country'


B) 'The Dark and The Dawn.'


C) 'Faerie Ring'


D) 'The Pencil Pincher'


E) 'Painting The Leaves'

To see the full size images visit my Deviant Art gallery:

8. [tatmantoo] 'SUN RISE WITH YOU IN MIND' layerd watercolor pencils blended with water

9. [Perplexity] Hidden Grotto of the Siren

10. [Perplexity] Carefree Elf Child

11. [Leara]
a.) My character, Leara, first in a series of watercolor portraits of ET character.

b.) Second, a friends character, and my character Leara's fiance, Anathoth

c.) Leara and Anathoth together.

d.) [Magus Ferox]'s character, Thalian, done as part of an art trade.
I have one more, but I have to make sure the characters creator doesn't mind me entering my paintings of her character first :P

12. [Hhoal]
"After the Rain"
I made this from a photo I had taken of a garden in Japan when the rain had finally stopped pouring.

13. [Adnama] A dragon I painted in art class a few years back. ^_^ Outlined with pen.

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2004-01-27 [Arisonu]: Cool.

2004-01-27 [test_drive]: yepperz...just waiting for the first submission...HEY! i should prolly put a prize...duhr...

2004-01-27 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: So Fan art isn't ok? I'll have to paint something else in watercolors then huh?

2004-01-27 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Ok! I've posted something that isn't Fan Art. ^_^

2004-01-27 [Kaimee]: are you allowed to enter art thats been used elsewhere? like for other competitions? *cough*bladechick*cough*ANIME COMPETITION*cough*....

2004-01-27 [test_drive]: lol, pieces from other competions are cann enter tem here also if you'd like

2004-01-27 [test_drive]: ehh...fanart IS long as YOU drew it

2004-01-27 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Ok that's cool.  I draw my own fan art. ^_^

2004-01-27 [test_drive]: ah, awesome

2004-01-27 [test_drive]: people! advertise this contest! *hint*hint*copy the banner into your houses! we need some more competition in here!!!! btw, EXCELLENT pics so far!

2004-01-27 [TromBebop]: LOVE WATERCOLOR!

2004-01-28 [test_drive]: hehe

2004-01-28 [Blade Chick]: From what I've seen people re-use pictures in different contests [Kaimee]. It depends on what they think is there best work. Besides, my scanners not working, and I really wanted to enter this. This pic was the only watercolour one I could use.

2004-01-28 [test_drive]: yeah...i think after this contest, i'll make a rule to use the picture only once...i've seen some of these pieces before

2004-01-28 [No more here]: hmmm i feel guilty!

2004-01-28 [test_drive]: lol, no, its ok! dont...hehe

2004-01-28 [No more here]: hehe well the rule is a good idea... i wouldent like the same pics in all contests

2004-01-30 [amuletts]: OK, I'm trying to put some paintings in but my computer is messing up. Oops. That one IS NOT meant to be that big. I'll try and sort it in a bit, OK?

2004-01-30 [test_drive]: lol, ok. take your time

2004-01-30 [amuletts]: There you go. My five entries. Sorted 'em out.

2004-01-30 [test_drive]: hehe, awesome

2004-01-30 [tatmantoo]: I did it cool you should let me keep it up evan if it is WCP

2004-01-31 [superbazorro]: wow...lots of pretty pictures....i wish i was artistic....

2004-01-31 [test_drive]: hehehe, even if it is WCP, i'll keep it up

2004-01-31 [tatmantoo]: she's cool :D

2004-02-03 [casssita]: Is mixed media (aka....watercolor and another medium such as pencil charcoal pastel aquarelles etc) allowed? Or just pure watercolor? Along the same line, do aquarelles (watercolor pencils) count? or no?

2004-02-03 [test_drive]: not shure bout the first one...but watercolor pencils r okay

2004-02-03 [No more here]: i am gunna put another pic up any min =)

2004-02-03 [amuletts]: Can I rent that house?

2004-02-03 [No more here]: sure thing =D

2004-02-05 [No more here]: hmmm only one pic from five now =D

2004-02-09 [No more here]: there! it is done!

2004-02-17 [TromBebop]: oh I''m sorry - I entered my picture on a few contests... It was my most recent Watercolor... I'll find another one...Im sorry - *Guilty*

2004-02-20 [No more here]: aww *huggles*

2004-02-22 [amuletts]: Oh the cuteness!

2004-03-02 [suss]: does acrylics count as watecolours?

2004-03-02 [test_drive]: hmm...i dont think so...

2004-03-02 [amuletts]: no

2004-03-04 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: All art lovers, I'm here to gather your attention and interest into a new event. The Town Herald has started a new section named The Art Corner. So we invite all art lovers to come and visit this wiki and if interested help to keep it as full and interesting as possible ;) Thanx in advance.

2004-04-11 [kamisch]: Whoa [Adnama], that's one kickin' dragon!

2004-04-11 [Adnama]: Thankies! ^_^

2004-11-05 [Saffron]: ok will the contest holder please announce the winner now?

2005-03-31 [amuletts]: It's pretty clear by the poll who's won, where has [test_drive] gone?

2005-08-13 [Janouk]: She's not been here for almost a year, I suggest we announce the winner on Art Contests, send [test_drive] a message about this in case she does get back and congratulate the winners ;)

2005-12-26 [Mom]:

Sorry about the delay of the results of this contest.The Art Contest Crew announces the winner is [Adnama] 1st place... Thank You.

2005-12-28 [Janouk]: Congratulations!

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