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The long awaited voice clips wiki was finally created.
Don't expect to listen to great thoughts here, but who knows?
Maybe a new Socrates might show up... :-P

In cooperation with Vocal clips: Elftowners singing!

Voice clips list, in alphabetical order of username:

[All_Most PUNK]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]: <URL:stuff/Separador.mp3>
From an old radio demo: Me and Fran UPMA talking. I'm the one who says "Tenemos el llamado de un oyente". There's no point in trying to explain the joke.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]: <URL:stuff/AyPeroQueLindoLugar.wav>
PUNK playing the part of a woman in a radio play: "Hola, ¿Como están? Ay, pero que lindo lugar que tienen" ("Hello, how are you? Oh, but what a nice place you have").

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]: <URL:stuff/NonononoQuerida.wav>
Same radio play as before: "Ah, no, no, no, no, no, querida. Vos sabes muy bien... vos sabes muy bien que esa cancha es de las tres familias, así que no me vengas a reclamar nada" ("Ah, no, no, no, no, dear. You know very well... you know very well that that court belongs to the three families, so don't come here demanding anything"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]: <URL:stuff/What_is_a_door_anyway.mp3>
Something I was asked to record. The phrase. The several intonations and such are all my creation and weren't required.
I misspronounced "jar" every time. For some reason, I pronounced it in spanish :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]: <URL:stuff/Punkpseudodutch.mp3>
Me talking pseudo-dutch. Nothing to add.


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/bishbishbish.wav>
Saved by [font]: She really thinks I'm a Bitch

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/laughattack.wav>
Saved by [font]: She laughs... a lot.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/lateralwayslater.wav>
Saved by [font]: She was demanding something.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/cleancookdrive.wav>
Saved by [font]: Clean, cook, drive me about (thief).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/youknowthatiknow.wav>
Saved by [font]: You know I know you know... huh?

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [ally]: <URL:stuff/allyzombie.wav>
Saved by [font]: The mother-language.


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Cia_mar]: <URL:stuff/ciashello.wav>
Saved by yours truely! a bit corny but oh


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [djxmonster]: <URL:stuff/djxmonsterEatMe.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I forget what was going on, but it sounds kinky.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [djxmonster]: <URL:stuff/djxmonsterOreos.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Oreos :)


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Dory]: <URL:stuff/DoryCabertoss.wav>


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/Fonthihihihi.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: hihihihi :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/Fontlaugh.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose] :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontSsssh!.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Ssssh!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]:  <URL:stuff/FontThoughtWrong.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Thought you couldn't save any' *grins*

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontAreYaAngry.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: xDxD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontOfCourseItIs.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Of course it is...'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontOhYeah.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Oooh yeah!'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontEhm.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'To clean, cook, drive me about' x)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontLiar.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Uu'r a liaaar'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontWillTalkToHim.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'I'll talk to him'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontAntiSocial.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'He's a very anti-social little critter'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/PixieHeliumFM.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: He thinks I sound like I ate helium.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/notcrap.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: "I'm not crap, I'm eccentric"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/Font_Pirate.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: Pirate!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontKilledComputer.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "Oh (De Bass?) I think you killed my computer."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontMakingCrapUp.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontIsTaller.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "I'm ten times taller than you, and a lot older" (talking to Dave)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontIgnoringMe.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "Are you ignoring me?"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font]: <URL:stuff/FontRiddle.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "Now you see, you've told me a little riddle that I don't understand"

[font] and [Isilando]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font] and [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/FontIsilandoLaffLikeAMan.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Alan laffs like a man.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font] and [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/FontIsilandoPowersniff.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: The word is 'parsnip'. This is where 'powersniff' came from ;)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [font] and [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/FontIsilandoPinkBras.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I just put all of these together :/ We must have typed in between or I am missing some clips :) It is still funny :D

[font] and [Sunrose]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [font]: <URL:stuff/FontSunroseBOAT.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Debby is Alan's boat :3


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Hermelin]: <URL:stuff/HermelinHallo.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: Tor says hallo ^_^


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [iippo]:
The iippo way of saying "gured".

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [iippo]:
Hard core street cred stuff. "The water in Majorca doesn't taste like what it ought to."


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoPeggyBabcock.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: [Isilando] doing an English tonguetwister called 'Peggy Babcock' =)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/Isilando_snails.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: [Isilando] doing a Hebrew tonguetwister xD
  * Shula shola shablulim bashlulit. Col shablul asher Shula shola hoo shela. Shela col shablul asher Shula shola bashlulit shebah Shula shola shablulim.
  * Shula is picking snails in the pond. Every snail which Shula picks is hers. Hers is every snail which Shula picks in the pond in which Shula picks snails.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/Isiwillcomplain-funnyvoice.wav>
Saved by [Patri]: "I will complain Patri. I will..."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/deepvoice.wav>
Saved by [Patri]: "Deep voice".

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoCockroach.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: "Curly haired cockroach?"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoBackandDangerous.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: "Back and Dangerous..."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoTheyMustDie.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "All cockroaches and all mosquitos must die"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoUnknownPerson.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Hallo Unknown Person

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoJamesBond.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: James Bond

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoLikeLegolas.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "I sound like Legolas, only a bit"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoAboutJesus.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "I don't really know any Jesus line in English...dammit..." *bad language* :p

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoJesusLovesYou.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Jesus loves you...but...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoTeddy.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "teddy" not "deady"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoCount.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: bad language I thought he said "count"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoNobodyLovesMe.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Probably told him to go to bed?

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoHallucination.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "Some people actually like to use my blood as a hallucination substance..."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/IsilandoAlanWhitepants.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Alan Whitepants

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/Isilandoazazaza.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: haha :p Tongue tied!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/goodbloodgroovy.wav>
Saved by [Shreya]: omg groovyblood!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/clear.wav>
Saved by [Shreya]: Oh, he doesn't know what he's saying.

[Isilando] and [Patri]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando] and [Patri]: <URL:stuff/PatriLoversomgDNA.wav>
Saved by [Isilando]: "He has your DNA and your germs all over him, all over..." "That's disgusting... Give me my DNA back".

[Isilando] and [pixish]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Isilando] and [pixish]: <URL:stuff/IsiPixBananas.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: Pixie smells bananas and Isi thinks about using them anally.


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Ittai]: <URL:stuff/ItayHellooooow.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Hellooooow'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Ittai]: <URL:stuff/ItaySkypeMe.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Skype meeeej' Haha adorable :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Ittai]: <URL:stuff/ItayHmmmHahahahaaa.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Hmmm Hahahahahaaaa...'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Ittai]: <URL:stuff/ItayOmgOmg.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Omgomg there I go silly again' xD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Ittai]: <URL:stuff/ItayGroovy.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Groovy'

[Jitter] and [Triola]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Triola]: <URL:stuff/triotriotriodigdigdig.wma>
Making Diglett-sounds at [Sunrose]'s request.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Jitter]: <URL:stuff/Hola.wav>
The answer to a diglett-sound request by [Triola].
<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Triola]: <URL:stuff/tihi-voiceclip.wma>
Answer to the previous voice clip.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Jitter]: <URL:stuff/myiqislowerthanyours.wav>
Answer to the previous, and finally some diglett-sounds!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Triola]: <URL:stuff/imalwaysright.wma>
Mention of Tri and slappage.


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Levoton]: <URL:stuff/KeyshikaSheep.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Barnyard animals! a duet with [Sunrose] ;)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Levoton]: <URL:stuff/KeyshikaNissan.wav>
Saved by [Levoton]: Brain-twister for Finns: "I was in my Nissan in my dreams."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Levoton]: <URL:stuff/KeyshikaVesihiisi.wav>
Saved by [Levoton]: And a tongue-twister for all. Something to the likes of "A water devil hissed in an elevator."

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Levoton]:
Saved by Keys: "epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänköhän"
Excuse me if I typoed. :p

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Levoton]: <URL:stuff/salakavala.mp3>
11:00:23 iippo: Keyshika! Record another tongue twister: Sakaalin kamala salakavala palava pallosalama.
11:24:11 Slavork: what does that mean? :P
11:40:26 iippo: "The horrible secret burning lightning bolt of a jackal" or something to that effect :P


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Linderel]: <URL:stuff/LamiMeww.wav>
Saved by [pixish] and [Linderel]: Lami mew!


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/Moonknightstront.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Santiago says a Dutch word for shit, 'stront' =P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/Moonknightdude.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'Dude, yo dude' I don't remember why he said that, I believe it was about his accent :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightTooDrunk.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: He was drunk, and thirsty :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightDracula.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Dracula :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightSnorlax.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: That word is mine!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightLikesBatman.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Liking Batman in a sexy way? :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightGiggle.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: *giggle*

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightTalkLaughing.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Talking and laughing don't mix well :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightTasty.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Plum!?

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightSerious1.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose]: must be ill :o

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/Moonknight_yawn.wav>
Saved by [Teufelsweib]: *whistles innocently* ^_^;

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightMTVonpaska.wav>
Saved by [Linderel]: Hummm. <_<

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightConfused.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Confusing conversation!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightBattleStarGallacticaIsPoop.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Battlestar Gallactica is Poop!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightDrinksBlood.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: I want to drink your blood :O

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightTooComplicated.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: It's all too complicated, dot wav dot this dot that..

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightBaTManBaDMan.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Batman or bad man??

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightIRStupid.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: IR Stupid

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightNoComment.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: No comments on that one.. :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightAttractiveBatMan.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Batman is much more attractive than Mike Tyson, but not in a weird way xD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightMikeTyson.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Woman should like Batman, but not Mike Tyson :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonknightSuperheroCape.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: He is a superhero and he has a cape, you know ;)


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Patri]: <URL:stuff/BeerNo.wav>
Saved by [Patri]: To [Viking]: "Vikingo, no me gusta la cerveza" (Viking, I don't like beer) :-P


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/Pixiegnite.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Speaks for itself :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/PixieBastards.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: Bastards....bastards!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/PixieHeTalkCute.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: 'He talk cute..'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/Voice_Clips_pixie_azazazazaza.wav>
Saved by [Isilando]: That came after a lot of similar ones from me >:D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/nixie_goestochurch.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I recorded this for someone who wanted to hear me talking ^_^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/PixHappyBirthday.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose] ^_______^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [pixish]: <URL:stuff/pixie%20shimmer%20jooz.wav>
Saved by [Moonknight]: 'Joooz! delicious mixed froot!' heheheh


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Teufelsweib]: <URL:stuff/Allison_piew.wav>
Saved by Vork: something I send to people when they are listening to music too hard, this'll make them deaf >:P (though it's not on full volume here ;) )

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Teufelsweib]: <URL:stuff/elizungud.wav>
Saved by [Moonknight]: This is Elizun greeting me with her everyday normal greeting :)


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [spincrus]: <URL:stuff/SpincrusInTheMood.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: [spincrus] getting in the mood xP


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseNaughtyThings.wav>
Saved and edited by [djxmonster]: 'What naughty things are you up to'

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseBastards.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: Bastards!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseWTF.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: The Australians are like...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseTouchingYou.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: omg!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseStayTuned.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: xD Sex with him too? :o (I uploaded the wrong one!)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseIsiPressups.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "Wow, Isi can do a lot of pressups" :p

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseAlanRiddle.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I'm pretty sure this was in response to [font]'s *Riddle* clip

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunroseFarmyard.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Animal noises!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunStopWatchingMySmilies.WAV>
Saved by [Sunrose] (a year ago): [PredatorX] was paying too much attention to them!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/Sunny_GhwanCarloos.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: [All_Most PUNK] wanted to hear me say Juan Carlos..

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunWTF.wav>
Talking to [Moonknight]:
What the fuck did there happen there???!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunYouSoundedLikeWhat.wav>
Talking to [Moonknight]:
You sounded like you were p..???? :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunInsultingMyAccent.wav>
Talking to [Moonknight]:
Are you insulting my accent?

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose]: <URL:stuff/SunExcitedMicrophone.wav>
Talking to [Moonknight]:
That microphone looks very excited..

[Sunrose] and [Moonknight]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/Debby%20Blarabam.mp3>
Saved by [Moonknight]: I challenged her to say something cool, but it just sounded like she was chocking on something, hehehe

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/Debby%20Plablax.mp3>
Saved by [Moonknight]: testing Debby's vocal skills. To a cool word of my own invention. At first she didn't get it right,
but after she did it masterfully :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [Moonknight]: <URL:stuff/MoonSunDutch.mp3>
Saved by [Sunrose], edited by [Moonknight]: Say something in Dutch...

[Sunrose] and [True, plain and simple]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [True, plain and simple]: <URL:stuff/SunTrueuhhuh.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I think he was eating ice cream at the time?!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [Sunrose] and [True, plain and simple]: <URL:stuff/SunnTrueDutchieAccent.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: :p

[True, plain and simple]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [True, plain and simple]: <URL:stuff/TrueFireZeMissiles.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: And the French would be like...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [True, plain and simple]: <URL:stuff/TrieMuppetChef.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [True, plain and simple]: <URL:stuff/TrueFacility.wav>
Saved by [Sunrose]: True saying 'facility' in a creepy way :P


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherDoingAlly.wav>
Saved by [pixish]: In relation to a clue for the Herald Hunt :p

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherAdvise.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Advising against clicking on an either loud, or gross voice clip, I think.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherDrunkDrink.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: NARF

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherGremlin.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Gremlin Giggle

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherCheese.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: He LOVES Cheese!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherSmells.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: I see dead people...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherEntireZoo.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: "It's an entire zoo!"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherChristianSex.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: You cannot have sex with stuff!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg> [zepher]: <URL:stuff/ZepherGreetings.mp3>
Saved by [pixish]: Microphone Fumes? :o

[Moonknight], [ally], [Shreya], [pixish], [Isilando]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727536.jpg>[Moonknight], [ally], [Shreya], [pixish], [Isilando]: <URL:stuff/Voice_Clips_GLABLADABLAX.mp3>
"Voice clip convention on the 9th of April, 2006 (for all the participants) (who actually, by the way, were from all the spots around the globe, on a longitude basis) (just make a walk around Earth and stop at random spots and pick up people and then make them all voice clip party). So yea, that is Santi(ago) teaching people how to say explosive, intelligent words. Being the best student in that is not something I'd be so proud of >.< (pity I am the one actually...). And we didn't beat [Sunrose]'s plablax >.< Daaamn."
Saved and compiled by [Moonknight]. Dreadful task of uploading and wiki-editing by [Isilando]. Commentary by [Isilando] as well. All right copylefted 2006.


Idea development: [Isilando] and [All_Most PUNK].
Wiki creation: [Patri].

Featured collaborator/creator: <img:stuff/star2.gif> [Sunrose] <img:stuff/star2.gif>.
Featured voice clips-"adder" (if that word exists :-P): <img:stuff/star2.gif> [pixish] <img:stuff/star2.gif>
Banner design:<img:stuff/star5.gif> [Moonknight] <img:stuff/star5.gif>

Thanks to all those who keep adding voice clips. This wiki would be quite empty without your help :-)

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2010-10-18 [All_Most PUNK]: You've been going through your wiki list, Pix?

2010-10-18 [pixish]: How could you tell? :p
So many good wikis! Also, some that definitely need to be duhleted x)

2010-10-19 [All_Most PUNK]: I followed the crumbs :P

Like which ones?

2010-10-19 [pixish]: I thought the birds would have collected them :)

Like...ones where I uploaded semi nude-ish stuff from my 'needing affirmation & appreciation' stage :p

2010-10-19 [All_Most PUNK]: They are very respectful of us, the crumb detectives.

Ah, yes, those moments.

2010-10-20 [pixish]: Yeh :P
I'd love a 'super delete' button in those cases :p

2010-10-20 [All_Most PUNK]: -
But we wouldn't.

2010-10-20 [pixish]: There are plenty of other nudies on the interwebs :p

2010-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: It isn't about nudity, but being able to make fun of people we love because we are FASCIST bastards.

2010-10-21 [pixish]: well there are better things to make fun of, I'm sure :P!

2010-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: Yeah, so?

2010-10-22 [pixish]: maybe you'd have more fun making fun of those other things :p

2010-10-25 [All_Most PUNK]: I want to have fun with everything :P

2010-10-29 [pixish]: I don't know if that's the same thing

2010-11-02 [All_Most PUNK]: Than what?

2010-11-03 [pixish]: as what? :p

Making fun of things, and having fun with things are different things :3

2010-11-03 [All_Most PUNK]: Oh, well, it was "as" and not "than". Sue me!

2010-11-05 [pixish]: *sues*

2010-11-08 [All_Most PUNK]: Several of them?

2010-11-11 [pixish]: No, it's the verb :p

2010-11-15 [All_Most PUNK]: I was hoping for several Sues...

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