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2009-09-11 00:21:31
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Just an ordinary Thursday
Danial, Per, Johan, Rikard
Kenny and Per
Jakob, Martin and Uli
Boring people playing boring game. Cthulhu.
MikMag, Hanna and Lotta
Svante and Hedda

/ [Hedda]

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2009-09-11 [Viking]: Kenny and Per look a little blurry. They must be drunk.

2009-09-11 [Hedda]: Kenny was actually sober. That's why he is blurry. People who are as drunk as the cameraman are in focus. Relativism, you know! It's just as you can't make a sharp photo of a fast moving car unless you are in a fast moving car at the same speed.

2009-09-11 [Viking]: Ah, yes. Then they're all moving in the same drunken pattern!

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