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2009-07-31 17:39:12
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Thursday 2009-08-31. Linköping, Ättestupan.
They are rebuilding outside of Systembolaget near Gyllentorget in Linköping.
Kenny at Ättestupan drinking Vino de la Hedda.
Hanna, Jakob, Rikard.
Petter and Pontus
Poker. Lotta, Mange, Daniel, Rikard.
Marcus, Jakob, Hanna, Vino de la Hedda and Hedda
Daniel, Rikard, Karin
Liza arriving.
Petter being annoying.
Liza, Tore and Kenny.
Pontus drinking heavily...
Only the bitches left in the game... Lotta eventually won, become the überbitch. Mange was the überbitch the other 2 games.
When I came home, I was greeted by a very very sleepy Lilo. Meoooown!

/ [Hedda]

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