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2009-06-12 23:40:38
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Thursday 2009-06-11 at √Ąttestupan. Quite normal evening.
Tired Nisse and Hanna drinking loads of beer...
Linus and Daniel doing som Magic stuff... Playing or something. No clue.
Jakob and MikMag
My food! Pizza. Yammy!
Stefan making a photo.
More Magic.
Liza, Hanna and Stefan at the table.
Pontus and MikMag.
And guess what: Poker.
Jens and Liza looking at the poker players.
[Hedda] with a pokerface.
Hanna talking with Rikard on the phone...
Martin, Tore and Stefan.
Tore doing his vampire-hand... Or maybe he was dancing.
[Hedda], Stefan and Hanna.
Seriously: What kind of smile is that, Stefan? Salesman-smile?!? Very strange.

/ [Hedda]

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