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2009-07-04 15:02:12
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Thursday 2009-05-28. Ättestupan and Platå.

A pile of boulders suddenly appearing outside RV248.
Jakob, Nisse, Stefan, Pontus.
Daniel, Hanna, Mange
Linus, Lotta, Marcus, Annette, Andreas
Lotta, Martin, Linus
Helmet in Linus' corridor.
From Linus' corridor.
Poker again...
Rikard, Jakob, Hedda
Petter, Jens and Rikard
Mange and Pontus, just before Mange was out of the game.
Hanna reading Prylbibeln (The stuff bible) for Jakob.
Jens and Hedda on the way to Platå
We were late. Queue! Not that long though, but it was some 30 minutes in total, I think.
If you look closely, you might notice three guys on this picture too...
Dilek and Tautvydas
Dance floor.
Vytautas [@fb1431813677]

On the way home... Lithuanian guy, but I wrote him down in my mobile photo, but I seem to have failed to do it right.

/ [Hedda]

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2009-05-30 [MrE]: That helmet is an M/39, mine are an M/26's... they're not the same..

2009-05-31 [Hedda]: Oh!

2009-05-31 [MrE]: By the way, isn't that Martina's old one? (The peace sign is made of old chewing gum if I remember it correctly :P)

2009-06-01 [Hedda]: I have no clue.

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