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2009-03-25 02:13:06
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Thursday 2009-02-26. Ättestupan and so on...
New members!
Nils and Hedda
At the SeKeL pub. With the most wanted and most horrible pizza ever eaten by me.
Karl and Kenny
Karl and Kenny
Back at Stupan. KS, Rickard and ?
And that guy...
Alex, Oskar, Stefan, Jakob and David/Daniel?
He's Krut!
Daniel and David. Quite good poker-players, but they lost at first.
Marcus and pole.
One red tomcat who was sneaking on another red tomcat who didn't want to be in the picture. On my way to Kårallen.
On the way to Kårallen.
Outside Kårallen.
Niklas and Carro.
And the wonderful charming E-students.
Frida, Sofia and ?

/ [Hedda]

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