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2009-02-20 15:37:32
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Thursdag 2009-02-19
Simon, Jindrich and Stefan
Annette on the floor.
Jakob, Peter, Ola, Lotta
Daniel is doing some work with the student nation's economics. Karin is...
Lotta preparing for poker.
Jindrich, Oskar, Stefan and Simon
Pontus, Was it Jonas? and Andreas
Rikard, Linus and ½Annette.
Rikard, Peter, Marcus and Oskar.
Liza and Marcus. ([MrE] demonstrating his amazing karate-chop action)
Oskar trying out my smile-function on my camera.
And Peter too! That's a


Playing a pyramid card game at SeKeL. It's about lying or better not, and remembering your three cards.
Kenny, Jonas and Karl.
Else? Aus Österreich anyhow.
Lena trying out the smile-function on my camera...
My camera thought he was smiling... I think Lena does it better... On both herself and him.
Andreas doing his boy-in-a-cap-look.
A guitar-guy and our G3-friend Björn.
Oskar, Daniel and Alexander.
Pontus doing the do!

/ [Hedda]

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2009-02-20 [MrE]: I just had to... it looks like a drunken karate demonstration :-P

2009-02-20 [Hedda]: Oh, so that is what you're doing... <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

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