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2009-01-17 04:58:40
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√Ąttestupan Thursday the 2008-12-04.
Lotta, Maria and Andreas
Liza, Marcus, Peter and Tore
[MrE]'s new hair-cut.
Poker. I suck, just as written on About the Elftown ads.
Unknown wound on my index finger. That seems to happen after the sauna a little bit too often.
Kristoffer and Tore
Blood on the Soviet troops!
The frog.
Pizza 10 SEK! (Less than 1 euro, or $1.2 USD now)
Are they behind or in front of the bar? The difference is tiny.
That was good once. I don't like porter. This night it was pretty bad.
Maria glamor wife.
Jindrich the diva! Oh, he even smiles!

/ [Hedda]

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