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2005-08-24 08:27:57
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Name: Undertaker

Height: 6 foot 10

Weight: 328 pounds

From: Houston

Finishing Move: Chokelsam; Tombstone; Last Ride

Career Highlights: WWE Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion

If any one Superstar symbolizes WWE, it's the Undertaker.

For more than a dozen years, the Undertaker has been a WWE mainstay. He's battled all the greats -- from Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock -- and lived to tell about it. No other Superstar has ever had the run of success enjoyed by the Deadman -- no one.

A multiple-time WWE Champion, Taker has had the privilege of performing in main events all over the U.S., North America and the world. In fact, Taker's WrestleMania record is second to none -- he is an amazing 12-0 at WrestleMania.

The Undertaker has also been at the forefront of some of the most original matches and concepts in WWE history. He is the innovator of Inferno Matches, Casket Matches, and, of course, the famed Hell in the Cell. He is also constantly in the hunt for the WWE Championship.

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2005-10-03 [The Rejekt]: i think Carlito should leave his hair like it is b/c it makes him cool if he cut it he would have 2 spit on himself b/c he wouldn't b cool anymore!

2005-10-06 [chaza1]: lol well he should get it platted n wear really really tight thongs lol and get himself a cool hot girl thats cooler than him

2005-10-24 [The Rejekt]: .......

2005-10-26 [LeriSuccubus]: ooooook...I'm kinda pissed at orton now for saying taker is dead...I know he'll come back and beat his sorry little ass

2005-11-01 [The Rejekt]: but Ortons still cool

2005-11-01 [LeriSuccubus]: i'm not particularly fond of him

2005-11-01 [The Rejekt]: he is awesome though

2005-11-03 [LovinLIFE]: yeah but orton can be an ass no matter how cool he is

2005-11-04 [chaza1]: i used to love orton i still think that hes fit but hes an ass hole but all guys are (soz guys but its true and if not i need some1 2 prove cause i dont believe that) but i dont no if this is the end for taker cause hes kind of old but it would be cool to see him come bk and if its as coo as last time! : )

2005-11-04 [The Rejekt]: do u think i'm an asswhole lol

2005-11-07 [LovinLIFE]: yeah he'll always be good looking but thats the extent of it baybee

2005-11-10 [chaza1]: THE FUTURE who u talkin 2

2005-11-13 [The Rejekt]: i have no idea lol i think i was drunk when i wrote that lol

2005-11-14 [Jace Beleren]: did you hear the news? eddie is dead

2005-11-14 [LeriSuccubus]: Oo wha?

2005-11-15 [Jace Beleren]: he was found dead on his hotel room

2005-11-15 [chaza1]: i know the autopsy is on mon so we will find out how he died n his funeral is on nxt thurs

2005-11-15 [Jace Beleren]: i suspect it was drugs. i hope i´m wrong

2005-11-15 [chaza1]: ?someone said it could be a heart attack? but surly hes too younge i wish that it never happened i truely do from my heart

2008-06-08 [Harms_Way]: this sucks, Undertaker gets banished from WWE because of Edge

2008-06-08 [Jace Beleren]: Lol that´s just acting you know.He wasn´t realy banished.Either he comes back or he had to retire due to some personal reasons

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