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2009-01-27 03:53:22
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I've just started the game, so I'm not totally sure how it is in the long run. But it's quite simple now in the beginning. It's all about figuring out if something is profitable or not. Like for example: Should I market this shop harder, should I run more than one shift in the factory and what supply contracts should I sign?

It takes just a few minutes per day to play and it's updated "a month" every hour. There are 14 years contracts though, so you can easily just check it once a week, but you should check it a little more often if you want good progress or don't know what you're doing.

It's fun that one can through out suggestion to the other players with "Anyone want to buy/sell this?", but there should be more players because right now the market is a little uncompetitive (It's almost always cheaper to buy from other players than from the market, so one wants to do that if possible.).
/ [Hedda]

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