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The RPG and Creative Writing
Movement of Elftown

Sponsored by the WFR Guild of Elftown
Of Polyhieronia

WFR: Wiki Fiction Roleplayers
Elftown's first and official Creative Writing, Fiction, Gaming, Arts & Anachronism Guild of Elftown

Official Elftown Contests:
Official Role-Playing Tournament (Champion's Tournament - Contestants & Patrons' Challenge)
ECM : the Elftown Creature Marathon

Supported Pages:
RPG Realm
Role Playing for Dummies
Elftown Clans & the Creature_List
Text Adventures & Games

     This is not your average Poets' Society. Get your wits, lips, fingertips, khopesh, laser gun, EMP filter, masterwork chain mail, and calligraphic pen out; you're going to need them all. Turn back now and wish for death.

     the-roleplay-initiative@wiki is a movement of Elftowners who wish to do more with their wikipage Role-Play areasas well as those with a general need to write creatively. 'tri' as abbreviated, will also be instigating a proposal in the way the user-interface of Elftown could potentially be upgraded to make for better communication, networking, and of course, role-playing. Included in this proposal will be a full upgrade to the already advanced wikipage systems which will give players and moderators more options for how best to mediate and moderate wikipage games and activities.

     The Roleplay Initiative will assist in making Elftown's wikipages and user-interface more adaptable from a RPGer's and/or member's perspective. This group will also actively involve itself in Creative Writing methods and activities, including Role-Playing, Game Hosting, Community Events and more. The purpose of the group will be to Take Elftown Back, as well as to make roleplaying in general a more notorious element of the Elftown subcultures. There has been shown a need to do more with the Town, and this movement will embrace that need.

     What is ANACHRONISM, you say? Go learn, you!  ::::

     A Creative Writing Guild will work on:
   - how best to write an effective and creative presentation or writing:
  > Effective Writing and Presentation
   - methods of writing:
  > Writing Methods and Styles
   - styles of writing (above)
   - word and grammar games and challenges
   - writing in round (Open-forum or free-form Wikipage role-playing)
   - writing in code
   - writing in verse
   - writing in context
   - historical writing methods
   - art compositions (literary and visual elements, and an overlap with visual literacy)
   - character development and perspective
   - location defining and setting development
   - writing in time/timelining
   - pacing
   - anagrams
   - empathic writing
   - and other ideas that our RPG Realm members, WFR Guild Members and RP Council come up with together.

[xido] rambling ideas out loud:

Continue Integrating (from email):
     This is often a venue for our members to develop how to write, but also how to make their writings more interesting and daring. I have found a lot of students are afraid to post something that is more daring than a letter to the customer, and it is because of the 'professional' atmosphere that they are afraid to break with humor or a fun writing submission. This group (or Guild, if we get that far) would be able to find help with English FAQs and problems, plus it would provide a platform for students to post personal writing of a non-poetry form, including short stories and in-progress writings they would like reviewed by peers.

     I currently run a creative writing and roleplay group online, and we have had pleasant results, even among younger members (we have nearly half of our guild population under 18 years of age). Word games and challenges, along with our most popular writing in round, are the most popular activities, but a true guild always works in open forum settings to have fully integrated discussions on the topics at hand. We like to do personal work when doing character development, but we also have a Show-and-Tell method of discussing character strengths and weaknesses, and potential developments and methods, as well as ways of exhibiting the character's personality in various explicit and implicit manners. I have yet to define ways of working on story segments, or rising/falling action with members. An english instructor and/or literary application professional would be a great moderator for this group, especially someone with experience in both fiction and non-fiction works.

[xido] nominates [Kim_Lundin] as the Madraven (Guild Lead Organizer) of 2008, and invites him publicly to apprentice under a lead Guild member and/or myself to seek and attain this title by July 2008, or at his discretion. See (poll) for an opportunity to include your input in this decision. (agree, disagree, who is Kim?, I have input or concerns, why not someone else? - as options)

Username (or number or email):


2007-02-25 [Lothuriel]: Would it help to show you this?
The masters of the roleplaying world spell it without a hyphen. That is proof enough for me.=]

2007-02-25 [Veltzeh]: All I can say is that they too can be wrong. :P I rather trust language experts and dictionaries on language specifically.

2007-02-25 [xido]: I checked my own home dictionary, and Veltzeh is correct. Role-play is listed as a Psychological term.

I think the key factor on this is that without a hyphen, you still see the word, and can look it up. Rather than sound like a hypocrit, I will say that either way of spelling it will be good enough for me for now, because the main problem is that it does not say the words, 'role' and 'play'. It says RP. RP can mean multiple things, and this is why I asked it to be changed.

I appreciate the semantics research, but I am only going to be so picky about what I will post. English is important, but that particular semantic is pretty small in comparison. I will post it as is for now, but perhaps the page's author will take those changes to heart in the future.

2007-02-25 [Lothuriel]: I still disagree with you both. Sorry. In every roleplaying book I have in this house, there is no hyphen used. So, perhaps you should inform The Wizards of the Coast and the makers of the d20 system that they are wrong.<img:stuff/kis-gif.gif>

2007-02-25 [Lothuriel]: Oh, and I just learned a new word today. I knew not many would appreciate this so I decided to share it with [Veltzeh] and you. The word is Defenestrate. Sounds important doesn't it? Of course I am sure the both of you probably already know what it means, I did not. What can I say? I am easily amused.

2007-02-26 [Wulf Skjaldr]: You didn't know 'defenestrate'? I absolutely adore that word. ^_^ I learned it around the age of twelve, and have used it ever since. XD

2007-02-26 [Lothuriel]: *Is ashamed* ^____^

It is an awesome word!

2007-02-26 [Steel Mal'ak]: Actually, I used the name "How 2 Rp" as sort of a pun on people who type like that while role-playing. It makes idiots feel more at home and more inclined to actually read the page. But sure, I'd be glad to copy it, if that is what you still wish.

2007-02-26 [Just.Kate]: Uur? o.O;; It might be a few days before I can dive back into my online life... My real life has taken a turn for the worse... ( )

2007-02-26 [Nite_Owl]: That's alright, Lothuriel, it's new word to me too. (^,~)

2007-02-26 [Paul Doyle]: Regarding the grammar/punctuation argument: Where does one draw the line at having entirely too much free time on their hands? Just an observation.

2007-02-26 [Nite_Owl]: Just having a pointless conversation mate :) It's not that I have too much free time, it's that I procrastinate on doing work until about 9pm by wasting all my time here heh

2007-03-02 [xido]: To Steel: I understand the pun. Do as you please, but I love proper grammar, even if it does sound hypocritical on my part.

To Kieli: Wow, I just don't know what to say about that. Best wishes.

To all: Has anyone here ever used Yahoo Instant Messenger service? If so, have you ever used the audio live chats, or hosted an audio session on the web like this? If so, what did you think of the experience?

The proposal that this initiative has begun is in the writing process. If anyone is interested, I will post the link to it.

2007-03-02 [xido]: The multimedia initiatives included in this proposal will rely on some forms of networking with the online community, and

2007-03-02 [Artsieladie]: I don't think I'd even try something like this, since I have no choice but to use dial-up. It would create me more aggravation than anything positive. I do have the IM for Yahoo, though, & I have Google Talk, but I just got GT, so I don't know that much about it, yet. :P

2007-03-24 [xido]: I have never heard of Google Talk, but I do have a Gmail account.

I can understand why someone using 56k or less would not want to use this, but for those with high-speed access, the applet would be a fun new feature if put together well enough. It would give RPGers the chance to do some new and fun things, and it would give art lovers and artists a new way to work on artistic endeavors and projects. Live Chat would be a necessary function for this type of real-time discussion of works and media. I have hosted a live chat on YIM a few times before, and it is very fun and easy to do once you get the hang of it. These are only ideas, of course. ;)

2007-03-24 [Artsieladie]: he he I do, too, now! Finally! This is how I got Google Talk. One day, the accessibility for high-speed will be available in my area & at a reasonable rate. One day. *sighs* When doing so much with graphics, dial-up is such a pain in the butsky! :/

2007-03-28 [xido]: I will have to look for that. I can totally understand the dilemma with dial-up. I have been there. I am glad I don't have to go back to it. ;)

2007-05-04 [xido]: Any new ideas, everyone? I am going to be laying out the solutions to the challenges presented here. ;)

2013-10-08 [shadow_walker]: I stumbled upon this page and I must say I am a fan from what I have read so far. However I was wondering if perhaps there was someplace to go when your looking for help to start an rp here on elftown? Any help that you might be able to give me would be much appreciated.

2013-10-08 [SilverFire]: Text Adventures :)

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