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The Hara Leave the girls in their camp, while they were Journeying the Milsnivvah

Dtalk (har)
Robin Woodsman (human male)
Vasseht (har)
[Roth] (har, currently played by [xido])
Qéla (har)

Dtalk looks saddened as he mounts his horse, Reigalla, while Roth mounts his own, nearby. Vasseht hurries the others while watching the women from the corner of his eye. He pushes Robin up on his own horse's back, then conducts Qéla to do the same with an angry, quick gesture. Qéla stands near to Robin as they all depart on the path southward.
A circle of encasement keeps the women and their own horses stuck in the camp until the hara have gotten out of reach.
Vasseht looks back once as they trot out of sight, smiling an evil grin at the women he despises so profusely.
Gwyn and Opal both see the look on his face as the hara ride out of sight.

As Roth heads up the group, with Dtalk following shortly behind him, Vasseht sits on one side of Robin's horse, while Qéla rides on the other side. After they are outside of the camp, on a narrow path southward into the forests of Tariwynn, Vasseht decides to pick up pace, and let Qéla deal with Robin as he may.

After a minute or so, Robin regains his abilty to think. Kind of anyway.
"Why are you doing this?" He asks with a mixture of confusion, anger and curiosity in his vioce.
"Where are you taking me?"

Quickly, Vasseht commands, "Qéla, silence him."
The young har's eyes lower for a moment in sympathetic feeling for the human male, then looks to Robin, raising a finger to his lips to signify quiet.
In his mind, Robin hears a quiet voice, Just stay silent, and you will know in time. Don't fear, though, you are safe.
Robin's nose begins to run profusely, and Qéla hands him a cloth kercheif.
Vasseht quickly looks back to the two of them, and glares angrily at the har who is treating Robin with care, but says nothing.
Qéla notices, and speaks silently, We're going to be riding for a while, so stay strong. One other of our group has still not arrived, and he will appear sometime soon.

Robin nods, then stares in front of him with a kinda sad look. He wondered why he was being kidnapped. What did he ever do wrong? He was just a simple hunter who knew a little magic. He even helped a girl find back an old friend. He went to the temple every month, or at least said a prayer when he couldn't go to one, just as his mother taught him. Still, for some weird reason he was kidnapped, and it wasn't coincedence. They could have taken one of the girls, but they took him. He was to serve some kind of purpose. Did the gods pick on him?
As these thoughts flew through Robin's mind his horse just followed the horses of the hara, and luckily for Robin it didn't walk under any trees with low hanging branches.

Qéla watches sympathetically as the sadness washes over Robin's face, but cannot say anything further without Vasseht verbally assaulting him.
He sighs as the ride continues for hours.
After a while, Dtalk begins to question the hara about their destination, and it is Roth who answers.
"We are taking you home," he replies simply.
"My home is where I was BEFORE I left town.... Perhaps you could elaborate."
Dtalk narrows his eyes in concentration.
"Look..." Roth begins, but before he can continue, Vasseht delivers an angry look of condemnation, and he stops speaking.
Dtalk notices, and looks back to Robin.
"So what are you doing with HIM?" he asks, gesturing to the sniffling man on the horse behind them.
"He is none of your concern," Vasseht delivers coldly.
"I believe that a member of my party is a valid point of concern. He is sick. Can't you hear him? He could pose a danger to all of us...." At this, Vasseht huffs out a light chuckle, and Dtalk continues, "I think he is a part of my concern..."
Vasseht looks back at the dark-skinned man with a glaring look of cold fury.
"I urge you to close your mouth, and keep your eyes pointed at yourself alone." The har sneers at his new journeyman, and looks back once to Robin, who catches the har's eyes in his glance.
Vasseht sighs once, and looks at Dtalk.
"We're stopping. I need a break," he says without emotion.
Dtalk looks at Roth, who gives no care to the idea, but does slow his horse down.
As they stop, Vasseht tells Dtalk, "Go see what you can do about the boy's sickness, and speak with him.
Qéla gives him an odd look of confusion.
Dtalk dismounts without questioning further, and walks back to Robin's horse as it slows down.
"Come down from there. I have something for you to drink," and as he pulls a small leather pouch out of his robes, he unrolls it to reveal a set of clear glass vials, filled with potions.
Pulling one out, he hands it to Robin.
"This should help get rid of the cold," he instructs.
Something feels as if the 'cold' might be more detrimental than a sniffle or cough.
Qéla dismounts behind Robin, and heads over to Vasseht, who is walking off into the woods to urinate.
"Are you feeling okay?" Dtalk asks, compassionately. His golden eyes are glinting in the afternoon light.

Robin looks at the har, then sighs "To be honest and to put it rude, I feel like shit. I'm sniffing all the time, I feel kinda weak, and this is probably the worst cold I have ever had."
He takes Dtalk's potion and drinks it up.
"Thank you." He says, and then gets of his horse. He sneezes and looks around. For somebody being held captive he wasn't under some very heavy guarding. Not that he felt like escaping, but it did catch his attention. All the thinking on his horse made him curious though, wondering why he was taken.

"You are most welcome," Dtalk replies.
He watches as some stray thoughts crosses Robin's face.
"Blessed be," he says at the man's sneeze.

Qéla strays off into the woods after Vasseht, and some shouting can be heard from the angry har's mouth.
Roth stays mounted, watching the woods with interest.

Dtalk speaks lightly, "They are not courteous with one another, but the one with the painted face is an angry one, full of hate and fury. Don't try to flee, if it has crossed your mind... He will only kill you. I believe they have something in mind for you, and it would mean that you will live."
Pausing for a moment in thought, he continues, "He nearly killed me.... So trust my words, I beg you."
"And think quietly, if such a thing is possible....they can hear your very thoughts, sometimes," he warns him.
Shortly after, the two hara exit the forest.
"MOUNT, dammit, we're leaving!" Vasseht cries.
Dtalk give Robin one last assuring look, and walks back toward his horse. As he does so, he says to Vasseht, "This may be a bad time, but he is not well. He needs a healer..."
Vasseht tries to calm himself to deal with this, but does not do so very well.
"We have the best healers. Mount," he says simply.
Dtalk sighs, looking back to Robin and nodding, before mounting his horse once more.
Roth looks back to Robin with a questioning glance.

As Qéla mounts his horse, he looks to Robin with a look of intensity.
On my command, we run....  Got it? he hears in his mind, very quietly.
Dtalk and Roth looks back at this, but Vasseht does not.
The potion begins to set in, and the numb, cool feeling hits his stomach, and works its way around his body.

Robin frowns, confused, again. Was he to follow Dtalk's advice about not running, or would he follow Qela, which untill now had always tried to take care of him? He mounted himself, still in doubt. That Vasseht guy was lethal according to Dtalk, and he looked really angry, but Qela had always helped him sofar. He deciced to do it Qela's way, more or less in the spur of the moment. Maybe an old adventure spirit living up, maybe just a too fast decision, but he nods at Qela he understands and he's ready, for a moment forgetting about the weakening disease.

Dtalk and Roth exchange glances as they begin trotting down the path after Vasseht, who closes his eyes in intense thought.
Roth nods to Dtalk as they convey a silent assent between themselves, and Roth looks back once to Qéla, who smiles only for an instant.
The trek continues on for another ten minutes or so, as Robin's tensions rises, and he begins to get agitated at the time it is taking.
The illness is lessened from the potion, and his adrenaline is high, and both Dtalk and Qéla reassure him with thoughts of calming.
As they approach a fork in the path, another thick, muscled man on a dark grey horse appears off on the new path's dirt.
Vasseht hails him with a gesture, a bit glad to see the newcomer.
Dtalk give him a curious look, and asks Roth, "Is that the other har that was with you in Irrundanil when you found me in the alleyway?"
Roth answers, "Yes, his name is Grum. He is.... well, strong, if nothing else."
Vasseht looks back at Roth as he says this with an unimpressed look on his face, but says nothing.

In his mind, Robin hears Qela's voice, Get ready. One minute, on my mark.
Dtalk and Roth exchange one more glance between each other. It looks like Vasseht and Grum are getting left behind after this mutiny, from what Robin can tell.

Looking around once more, trying to get the area into his head. Or at least kind of, he never was good in remembering places. Then knowing this area scan wasn't going to help him anyway he looks at the newcomer, Grum. He looked like somebody with twice the muscle half the brains of a normal person, but one could never be sure. Robin decided Qela and Dtalk would be the better thinkers at the moment and just waited for the mark.

As the hara approach the new path, there is a sense of counting in the hara and Robin's minds, and Vasseht seems to draw no notice to the feeling, while he begins talking with Grum in a quiet, modest way.
It seems like the sounds of their voices are droning out a little (the potion, or the hara's influence is not clear), but the sounds of the forest around them is more audible, and it seems like Qéla is mentally helping you to be more aware of your surroundings, as you had previously hoped to make yourself.
On my mark.....
The path upon which you will run is obvious before your eyes, and the horse's haunches tense as it braces for takeoff at the hara's beckoning.
Vasseht looks back once, gesturing to the rest of the group, and the newcomers, Dtalk and a human boy, while continuing to speak with Grum, who looks unemotionally at the group.
Get Ready.....
Before Robin's eyes, the hind-end of Roth's horse begins to shift, and the tail becomes covered in scales and spines, while the steed begins to alter shape, turning into a dragon-like beast from rear to front.
Before either of the two up front can discern the change, the horse is fully shifted into a small wingless drake, which immediately leaps upon the horse Vasseht sits upon, biting down on its hindquarters, drawing a huge bout of blood from the horse.
Dtalk's horse takes off on a sprint, and in your head, Qéla cries, Go!!!, and your horse takes off after Dtalk's while Qela flies on after.

If that loud GO!!! wouldn't have been in Robin head, he might not have moved. The strange transformation of the horse into a dragon was quite special for him. He never knew such things could be done. Of course, his old teacher had told him about powerfull magics, but he had never shown them, as it would have been dangerous to show such power where he came from. This all crossed his mind while riding after Dtalk, before the next question came to his mind: 'Where are we going now?'

Just keep going! both Dtalk and Qéla cry out in hid mind.
His horse breathes heavily as it gallops through the woods.
There is a loud booming sound back on the path, and branches fly from the explosion.
Dtalk flies down a new path, a bit less travelled and more overgrown with foliage.
Go, go Qéla calls.
Dtalk takes a sharp turn to the left, to avoid a tree.
Up ahead of him, Roth's flying steed (now complete with wings) lands on the path, still running ahead of the others, taking short, flying leaps.

Robin is fully focused on the riding now, trying to keep up with Dtalk and staying on the path, while not running into any trees. He wonders if Vasseht and that other one were following them, but he didn't take the risk of looking back.

Roth's steed returns to the form of a horse, and he races chaotically through the branches, which snag and snap as the horses carreen through the trees and bushes.
Roth takes the group into a huge clearing of pine trees whose branches start higher than the heads of the hara and Robin.
Rounding a corner, Roth and Dtalk head below a huge mound, and stop their horses.
Roth dismounts, and says in a hiss, "Mage, come help me," and Dtalk dismounts, obligingly.
They begin to shield the others from view with a protective barrier of magic and mind.
Qéla rides in quickly thereafter, and a pulse of blue energy can be seen from within the bubble.
Qéla dismounts, trying to quiet the horses, and Roth shusshes them as well.
Dtalk gets and idea, and digs in his pouches for a small satchel of powder that he tosses into the air, creating instant silence at his vocal beckoning and gestures.
They pause and wait in suspence.

A few moments later, two horses can be heard riding by the path they were on, and off into the wilderness westward.

Roth sighs silently in relief, sitting down on the ground by his horses feet as they trot around anxiously. His eyes close a little in exhaustion.
Dtalk leans down beside him, with a hand on his shoulder, looking at the side of his face. He and Qéla exchange a few thoughts to one another without sound or movement.
Its starting to bug Robin, with all of the mindspeak, a long with the anticipation of the last episode. His nose is running a little, although his sickness still feels subsided from the potion.

He dismounted, and sat down on the ground, looking at the hara. It was odd. He had expected them to be a group who trusted eachother, although there was some fighting. But he didn't expect them to hide from eachother, or run away, or anything which had just happened. He usually was pretty reluctant and didn't ask much questions, but now even in his mind was the question Çould anybody explain me what is going on!?'

Dtalk looks on at them in curious awe, a bit tense in the midst of pursuit.

Roth heaves up and down as he breathes heavily, drained from the attack and pursuit.

Qéla looks down modestly at Robin.
He seeks a dark path, one that none of us intend to follow him on. We are here for one purpose, and that is to take Dtalk to a destination that a friend of his father has asked him to be taken to. We now have Dtalk, fully incepted, and are taking him to Zendelon, where he is intended to be, in order to find and meet his father.
You were Vasseht's last minute idea, another young boy to incept, and keep as a personal servant.
He intended to use you for his own benefit, and that is wrong in any hara's uninhibited mind.

Roth takes a deep breath, and regains his composure for a moment.
He's still sick....

"Can we speak out loud, now. The silence no longer affects us inside this place," Dtalk asks.

"Can they hear us out there?" whispers Qela.

"No, they cannot." he replies. "Where in Zendelon are we going, and what will you do with him?" he asks.
"They will assuredly find him if we return him to the girls..." Dtalk suggests.
Then, wide-eyed, the black mage's mouth drops open, and he says in a fit of terror, "The girls..... Will he try to hurt them to get back at us?"

"Most definitely not." Roth shakes his head, and raises a hand to his stomach, while rising on the other hand.
"Man, that was a tough change," he sighs. "The horse was fighting back pretty hard....It was really scared. Silly beast. I need another, that is not so frightened in battle."

Answering Dtalk, Qela says, "We are headed to Thellosia first, and on into Renshunan, and finally Minoa, to speak with a member of the Horns of Torrant, who is said to be rather resourceful for needs like yours."
He looks mournfully at Robin.
"You, however, are not an easy task to tend to," he explains.
"You are very sick. I am a healer, and can see what ills you.... It is deadly, if it is not cured, and the components to such a remedy is not within our grasp at any moment very soon...."

Roth looks up.
"Do you know what we are?" he interrupts Qela's examination with the inquiry.
Three beautiful but eccentric faces peer into his eyes, awaiting his answer.

Robin looks at them confused. "No, I haven't really got an idea of what you are, other than that you look pretty human. And now I'm hearing I'm suffering a fatal cold? This truely is a very happy day for me..."

Roth chuckles.
"Human....? Ha."
Finding some strength, he stands, and Dtalk does so as well, no longer worried about his health.
"He can't go back, or else Vasseht will find him and kill him, without mercy, and the girls will be fine, as long as he doesn't return.....they won't appear to be worth anything to us if we just leave them."

Dtalk raises an eyebrow at the idea.
"We cannot leave the girls in danger, if they are in any. They are our friends," he says, gesturing to Robin, whose female companion could be hurt if Vasseht decided to use their lives against the group in order to force us to return Robin to him.
"However, you and I are in danger as well, and we must stay far from them... That is a terrible dilemma."
Dtalk looks at Roth with intensity.
"You are absolutely SURE that he will not return to hurt them if we leave?" he asks.

"If it looks as though we do not care about them, he will feel helpless, and it will not even cross his mind," Roth explains.
"We need to just leave, and not look back. It is the safest route to freedom."

Dtalk sighs heavily.
"What can you do for him?" he asks the healer.

Qéla looks at Robin intensely.
"We will have to incept him, and let the new blood destroy the infection."

Dtalk's eyes go wide.
"You are not serious.... How? Where? He could die..." he wonders in awe.

"He will die anyways, if we let him be! Like I said, we have no remedy until we have travelled quite some distance, and by that time, he could already be a corpse upon the back of our horses!" Qela cries out in protest.
"I have no intentions of letting him die."

Both Roth and Dtalk look at him curiously, and he drops his eyes to the ground for a moment, blushing a little.
"He must be incepted. Tonight, if possible."

"By whom, Qéla?" Roth retorts.
"None of us are Nahir-Nuri. Only Vasseht can give his blood. That is why we needed him, remember? We aren't high enough caste to accomplish the inception...."

"That's ridiculous, and you know it! We can incept just as easily as any other har... You can do it, Roth. You're more advanced than any of us."
Qela pleads with the other har, and everything goes silent as they discuss it in their minds.

Dtalk looks at the boy with wonder on his face.
Don't worry. We are with you. These men will not let you die. he assures him.

"Let's hurry, so we can make camp," Qela suggests.

"We'll have to ride the veil. Neither Dtalk nor the boy are ready for that. Where else can we rest?" Roth asks.

"I know of somewhere safe," says Dtalk.

Robin is kinda speechless after everything just said. 'Mirriam is safe, and the rest too. Right. And I'm going to die... unless I get incepted. Incepted with what? By Roth? I don't understand a single thing these people, or hara or whatever they call themselves anymore...'

Roth asks Dtalk, "Where?"

"A mentor of mine, a high mage named Dystanul, has a hidden estate in the forests of the Milsnivvah, gated away from outsiders who could trespass there," Dtalk explains.
"He will give us safe harbor until we can escape further from their reach."

"Escape from such a chaotic spirit as Vasseht will be difficult to say the least," says Roth.
He looks at Robin once more, recognizing the suspense at what befalls his fate.
"You will ride with us to this safe harbor, and there, you will be given a rite of passage into the world of Wraeththu."

"Don't fear, and keep your strength up. That potion won't last much longer," Dtalk remarks.

"Let's mount and move out. I don't think they'll catch us if we move invisibly. Qela, you can keep up a shield, right? I can't do it after that last stunt." says Roth.

"Yes, I can keep it up for a while," answers Qela, who mounts his horse.
Dtalk and Roth do the same.

Robin mounts, saying nothing more and staring ahead. He didn't like the idea of dying, but now he hears that the potion will work out soon he's starting to get slitghly depressed, even though he should keep his strenght up.

After managing to pass by Vasseht one last time, using a shield of force to protect them from sight, Qela leads Dtalk, Roth, and Robin off into the wilderness trails, and past the Myrannen River. Somewhere far down the river, the hara and Robin follow the northern riverside up one of the Myrannen Tributaries.

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