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Jashnia, the home world of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay

Currently, the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's JASHNIA has many locations for your characters to meet, mingle, interact, or just sit alone in a tree playing the lute. Go to the pages listed below to roleplay in those various locations. Remember, all of these locations are located within the confines of a single fantasy world... But other worlds can be reached if you could find a way... The world of Jashnia is one of many in the Selenar System
Want to add your world to the list? Any new ideas should be sent to [xido] for review. If you would like to establish new continents, lands, royalty, a tavern owner, a stablehand, etc., you are free to do so, but remember that you are part of the Wiki RPG guild, and that your wiki page(s) should be at least semi-realistic in manner. Include details of the setting, and how it's possible to get from one place to another. Make a link to the other wiki pages that you could have travelled from, so as not to confuse poor travellers. Remember, the setting could be changed by a GM (Game Moderator) for fluidity's sake, and that descriptive blabber is a good thing...
Any new locations will be added to the map in a specific location, as provided.


is the land created by [Phyn] and run by his helping hands, and a map of these lands can be found at


The continent consists of a couple of kingdoms, a few villages, towns, and land features, many described on the Map/Eastonia (be forewarned, some things are still under construction, and revamping.
Set in the vast Blue Ocean of Jashnia, it has ports leading to many different continents spread throughout the world.

Featured wikis of Eastonia    Open RP

Adventurer's Tavern - A well-established tavern in Irrundanil, built for adventurers and the people who wants to hire them. Of course, ordinary people who want to speak to adventurers and hear tales are welcome too.
Aces - A small music club for anyone that wants to perform or listen to music. From the street all you can hear from inside is a soft melody from long ago.
Not Another Tavern
Shady Inn - For the 'darker' types to congregate. Travelers beware...
Misery Inn - Warm food and beds for all who wander. Travelers welcome...
The AndrontelAcademy - An academy founded by [Angel Dreamer] for the aspiring students of Eastonia. Now looking for teachers and students!!!
More to come...

The vast expanses of the LANDS of


A vast continental section of Jashnia's backside, including the secluded civilization of Minoa. A huge, plateauing landscape of forests like that of New Zealand, this huge island continent is known to the rest of the world as as the minotaur lands, a forbidden territory to all mortal beings who enjoy living, a place of death and legend.
It is the Island nation of MINOA.
Only two generations back, the far corners of Jashnia held sway to a massive black void in the Blue Ocean's midst, and after a massive, still unknown event, Zendelon was returned to the land it once occupied before the great collapse took place.

VRAISYNN and the LANDS OF QOR -[Lexicon]
Lands of Qor the large continent, with the great Kingdom of Vraisynn, the elven kingdom of Quentarae,
the night elf kingdom of Hyerta,
now the new kingdom of moon elves Eskarda (still under contruction)
plus soon a dwarven kingdom in the Urrggosh mountains, the human kingdom of Alduhn who hate all races, the holy lands of the Kingdom of the brethern.
GM: [Lexicon]
To read a new addition to Qor's history, please see the Orc Wars.

The Enchanted forest lands of Tearra Réhm
Travelling eastward from Zendelon's expansive eastern coast, taking a land-hop across Qor, one could travel further east, north of the equator, and encounter Tearra Réhm's southern tropical forests and become lost in either tranquility or kidnapping, depending on the mood of its peoples that day.



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