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The Fantasy Minorities Groups of

From the Elftown Clans


House Seat:  Were Clans - Werecreatures (Lycan Clan, Jackalweres), Wild and Savage Races)
  Unari Clan - Unicorns, Unari, and Unicornkin
  Gryphon Clan - Griffons & Griffs, Hippogriffs, & Avian magical beasts
  Tauric Clan - Centaurs and all other Tauric Creatures
  Seshepsic Clan - Sphinxes & Lammasu
  Halfling & Hobbit Clans/Tribes - Halflings, Hobbits, Leprechauns, Brownies & most other non-dwarven 'little folk'
  Dwarfin Clans - Dwarven Races, Gnome Races, Dwarfkin, non-Sylvan 'little folk' and Kith
  Nilbog Clan - Goblins, Orcs & Goblinoid Races, Gnolls and other Wild and Savage Races not included in the Lycan Pack hierarchy (whether for chaotic savagery or filthiness)
  Minor Clans & Fantasy Endangered Species List - all other non-polled beasties of The Creature List.

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2007-01-28 [xido]: Griffon - Griffin - The Creature List

All clans pages open for content. Some pages without content, but all are good links.

2007-04-02 [Silver Moon]: I still don't understand how to chose a clan

2007-04-03 [xido]: What's your favorite fantasy creature?
Each creature on <poll:73926> has a clan, plus the Sci-Fi Factions
If you still don't know, I can help. Just let me know what your favorite beastie is. ;)

2007-04-03 [Silver Moon]: I like dragons, elves, vampires, and werewolves

2007-04-03 [xido]: So you will want to join the:
Draconic Clan
Elfin Clan
Undead Clan and/or
Were Clans

When the final ideas are in place, there will be an option to choose multiple Clans, so indecisive people will be happy too. :D

2007-04-03 [Silver Moon]: so I can chose all?

2007-04-03 [xido]: Yes. Please be aware that some Clans may not let you lead as a Representative if you are a member or leader of another Clan. The Draconic Clan does not allow leaders of other Clans lead their own Clan. Just for example... ;)

2007-04-03 [Silver Moon]: ah ok

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