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2007-04-16 04:37:26
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The Fantasy Majority House of

From the Elftown Clans


The Fantasy GOP Leader: [de Morte]

GOP House Seat: Undead Clan - all Vampires, Liches, Zombies, Ghosts and other Undead Races

GOP Clans:   Draconic Clan - Dragons, Dragonkin and all Draconic Kith/Kindred
  Sylvan Clan - Sidhe & Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe - All Sylvans, Fae/Fey & Faerie Races, Satyr Races and Centaur Races
  Elfin Clan - Elven Races, Ruathar ('chosen' non-elven friends of the lineage), and all Elfkin
  Elemental Clans
    > Pyric Clan - Phoenixes, Salamanders, and all Elemental entities of Ignas, the Realm of Fire
    > Aquaean Clan
    > Terran Clan
    > Auran Clan
  Human Clans - Human Races (House Moderators of the GOP to the Fantasy Minority)



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2007-04-08 [xido]: The Fantasy GOP will be moved here.

2007-08-26 [Erubeus]: What about the halflings?
Where would they be in all of this?

2007-09-06 [xido]: They are not in the majority, they are in The Fantasy Minority, in the Halflings & Hobbits Clan (Little People). Gnomes are yet to find a home, though they will most like end up with the Little Folk, or with the Dwarven Clans, also in the Minority.

Please see all the Elftown Clans for more info.

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