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Estantia's Stories


DMP and Estantia (partially shapeshifted) a little way from Room 11

I'm starting this page because at least a part of this seems to crop up everywhere that Estantia does, so it makes sense to have it on here so people have a hope of getting what I'm on about...

This set of wikis focusses on the world currently known as the Room 11 Universe, boring name, but the actual name has not been discovered yet.

Due to the nature of discovering a universe this page is permanently under construction.

Estantia's Stories
11th Thoughts
11th Auras


The 11th Clan

Found in Room 11 this group is a PKC, a peace keeping clan, made of members from all auras who try and stop not only clan wars breaking out, but chaos in general. In many ways are the strangest of the clans, with over half the members not native to that universe and the clan that usually defies tradition.

DuelMasterP (DMP): Joint founder of the clan, official leader, Dark mage, DuelMaster, comes from a world with no apparent magic. Generally referred to as D, he is infamous for his disregard to thinking/planning and his sense of humour at inappropriate moments.

He is the owner of the Dark Amulet and needs its powers to assume his powered up form. In his normal form he has curly dark brown hair and cannot use magic (bar the random things humans get from time to time).

Estantia: Joint founder of the clan, Great Guide, Gold mage, from same world as DMP and Mireno. Often busy in other universes. Her emotions are closely tied to her magic, meaning that if any friends are in danger she will go to them if she knows about it. The Gold Amulet is fused to her Great Guide necklace.

Mireno: Technical genius, Light mage, from same school as DMP and Estantia. He often creates general strategies for attack, but in general gives up hope of D ever following a set plan and so mostly works with equipment and analysing.

Abi: The 11th Clan's highly sarcastic AI. Name stands for Assessment and Briefing Infrastructure. Created by Mireno, though mostly made of the digitalized mind of a fatally wounded apprentice. Light type.

Platinum: DuelMaster in Training, Silver/Dark mage, tweaked clone of DMP. Not as confident as he should be due to slow progress at learning magic this isn't his fault, just a by-product of being a hybrid.

DMP's Clone/Dark clone: Made by first clan (multiple times) then was betrayed by them, causing both clones to join the 11th clan. Dark mage. However he still prefers to work with the Golden clone rather than the entire clan.

Estantia's Clone/Golden clone: Combination of DMP's clone and Estantia, made by first clan then betrayed. Gold/Dark mage with the temper from both. Considers the Dark clone to be the closest thing to family and normally works with him as a pair.

Rho: Cat anthro, twin of Zee, daughter of Sebjon and Dirfersuh (with gene tweaking by Sebjon). Left their parents and followed DMP, a friend, when he proved the light clan ethos that dark was evil wrong. Light mage.

Zee: Cat anthro, twin of Rho, son of Sebjon and Dirfersuh (with gene tweaking by Sebjon). Light mage. The twins prefer using tag attacks when fighting and as such work closely.


Fuerza (Bunny), Kitty (Kitsune), Crystal (Nicked D's hoodie) and Hanz (Armrest) after a shopping trip.

Hanz: Found trapped in a nightmare labyrinth with amnesia. Dark mage, if she panics she transforms fully into flame. Would be considered the most 'normal' of the group as she is a complete shopaholic. Generally forms a group with Crystal, Fuerza and Kitty.

Crystal: Platinum's older sister, sometimes confused with one of D's relatives she is actually a clone of DMP's influenced by her DNA (the relative had a cold when she visited). Silver mage, but prefers to use Dark Magic and owns the Silver Amulet.

Fuerza: Rabbit anthro, Neutral mage, comes from a world where all Dark types are classed as evil, but went with DMP when she discovered the stereotype was wrong. She is the owner of the Neutral Amulet.

Kitty: Newest member of the clan, fox anthro. Friend of Fuerza and was kicked out of her world for helping DMP to protect her school. Light/Silver mage. Highly exuberant with a tendency to pounce on people for a hug. It isn't certain whether she, Mireno or the twins own the Light Amulet.


Other information


All 11th Clan members and honorary members have com-watches to connect them to other members and the 11th Clan database. The entire network is overseen by Abi, powered by magic and individual watches shift to suit the style of whoever they belong to. These watches are mostly used via voice commands, though in one timeline's future Estantia developed technology that allowed Abi to receive mental commands.

Abi can do almost anything through the com-watches, creating portals, recording and projecting events in 3D, scanning and displaying the area, calling for backup and tracking the watches. She often gives her own interpretation of a situation as well as being able to act as a decent search engine.

Room 11


Room 11, as featured in the 1st Clan's database, the notes are from personal experience. There are steps between the two different height rooves on the second floor.


1st Clan

A collection of mages who generally cause as much trouble as possible, based in the Fortress about 5 miles from their rivals.

Jebus: Founder of the clan, head of IT at Mireno, Estantia and DMP's college, Light mage, and almost as talented as Mireno, though doesn't put the effort in. As a result he has taken an analytical position in recent years much like Mireno.

Digenten: Produced by a malfunction in Mireno's training plan, making him become real. Theoretically a light type due to affinity with technological magic. Can integrate into and out of the virtual world as he pleases.

Alphios Alphios was a program developed to teach government officials about space/time, then scrapped due to his success and political uprising. Digenten found the remnants and repaired him with some of his own codes as well as features of the marvel character the Silver Surfer. The new program can create worldlets and distort reality within them with his knowledge. Silver mage. Right eye was a permanently corrupted file.

Dirfersuh: Wife of Sebjon, Dark mage, joined much later when own troubles with the 11th Clan arose. She, however, chose to stay with the 1st Clan when Sebjon left, though maintains a low profile.

Scuro Dark mage with a grudge against DMP from long before. Used to be good and occasionally worked with DMP. Turned evil when DMP 'abandoned' him (thought he could handle the bad guys while DMP took out a doomsday device), Scuro was beaten and invited to turn against DMP.

Sebjon: Fought DMP on many previous occasions before joining the 1st Clan. Light mage, specifically a soul mage. Died and returned to life after DMP beat him in a shadow game. Split from first clan and has now become the main adversary of the 11th Clan. Nominated for Most creative plan and Most betrayals at the villain awards at least one year.

Other members of the 1st Clan are scattered throughout the multiverse, but these are their leaders. They created the clones and the pair were part of the 1st clan until their betrayal.



The clans began to emerge many millenia ago. It is assumed that the First Clan was the first to be created (hence the name) although this is still debated.

It is known however that originally there were six clans.

1st Clan: A collection of Light Mages.
2nd Clan: Dark and Silver types.
3rd Clan: Gold and Neutral spellcasters.
4th Clan: Light and Gold types.
5th Clan: Dark mages.
6th Clan: Neutral and Light types.

For a while, war raged between these clans, with four more emerging containing different auras. Eventually, the 11th Clan appeared. This clan was unusual in that it contained members from all auras, and attempted to keep peace between all of the mages. The 11th Clan became known as a "Peace Keeper Clan". (PKC for short.)

There are currently three PKCs.
*11th Clan
*25th Clan
*42nd Clan

Currently 1st and 11th seem to be the two main rival clans, as 1st cause trouble the 11th solve.

Connections, honorary members and alliances

Many of the clans have connections and alliances between each other and other groups throughout the multiverse.

A connection is when one of the members of a clan joins another group: For example the magical schools of Alfea, the Mastery, Camelot Village College, the University (Derkholm) and a few other schools are linked to the 11th clan due to the members teaching at them, however most of them only know one or two members of the clan (usually DMP and Estantia).

When one clan meets a certain group of people a lot and engages in several adventures with them some or all people in that group can become honorary members of that clan. For example the school of Alfea has a connection with the 11th clan, but the members of the Winx club that attend that school are honorary members, much like Sonic and co.

An official agreement between two clans or groups is an alliance and normally requires paperwork and a formal reason for the alliance. The 30th Clan are a group of silver mages attempting to manipulate a world for enjoyment and are slowly being beaten by Estantia and Erador, as Estantia is also an enemy of the first clan the 30th are applying for an alliance with them.



The most common thing you'll hear mentioned about this world is the aura system, basically it says what sort of person you are and what sort of magic you have as a result of this. This is explained in more detail on a separate page; 11th Auras.

Magic and Spells

General Spells

Mostly spells are not aura specific and that anyone can use, these spells vary in the type of casting according to the user's power and often require a visual focus, though some mages do not even need to look at the area where the spell will take place.

Most general spells are small powered ones, for casting light, healing and other widespread tasks. However no-one is quite sure where these spells originated, as they seem to have spread through most worlds in most known universes (and multiverses). The Great Guides, Duel Masters and other wanderers are probably a major factor in this spread as they pass between the worlds and take their knowledge with them.

However the type of magic people have changes their ability to use these spells, for instance some cannot heal no matter how hard they try, and others just don't get flying. The magic people can use is mostly defined by their personality and talents, though events in their lives often cause specialisation, as in the case of Joe.

Most general magic is accompanied by the magic taking a colour as it acts, for instance Estantia's golden magic makes the spell visible when she wishes. Most people cannot control their magic being visible and natural colour cannot be controlled at all, as it is unique to the mage and their personality. This makes identification easy as colour is never the same. It is rare for someone to hide the true colour of their magic as it generally is a colour they like, but illusions can be used.

This is not to say general magic cannot be powerful. Almost all the magic Estantia uses is general/normal and is the most versatile in its uses.

Elemental Blasts

An important use of the elements is a set of attacks known as the Elemental Blasts.
Currently, there are seven attacks, each one identified by its number. They are described below.

#1: Energies are focused into a large, ball like shape and projected towards the target.
#2: Energies are combined into a fine beam that is projected at the target.
#3: User coats themselves in their energies and then freezes time temporarily. They then repeatedly attack the target. {Note: Even though this attack has only been used once before, it has been banned as it may kill the user.}
#4: User coats themselves in energies and then spins rapidly towards the target.
#5: Two users required. Both users focus their energies in a similar fashion to the second Elemental Blast, but rotate around target.
#6: User coats themselves in energies and grapples target, carries them into the air, before throwing them down (This does mean that either a primary or secondary element needs to be wind). The energy coating is transferred to the target before release.
#7: Three mages required. The energies of all three users are combined and then used in a similar fashion to the 5th blast.

There is also a variation of #6 used by many Dark types called Elemental Blast 6: Tornado Edition. Before the user grapples the target, they spin rapidly around it, generating a wind that lifts the target into the air, making the attack harder to block.

Aside from Elemental Blasts 5 and 7, there are formations that a group of mages can use to defend or launch powerful attacks.
To date, many formations have been used, with varying results.

The first formation to combine the powers of Light side and Dark side mages is known as "Glowing Darkness". This formation is an offensive one, and due to it's power, may only be performed by mages that have attained higher levels.

Glowing Darkness Formation was developed by the 11th clan as a desperation attack. It was first used by the Great Guide and DuelMasterP whilst still in development. Because it hadn't been perfected, it almost destroyed the planet Tridelta-Hades (4R.53).

Since that battle, the attack has never been used at its full strength. It has also been rumoured that a mage with a double aura can greatly increase the power level of the attack.


Estantia's Stories
11th Thoughts

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2007-03-04 [xido]: Estantia, I would like to have a Draconic Clan character in your PKC, one of Will's Dragons, the Brass Dragon on that page.

2007-03-04 [Estantia]: I'd need to talk it over with DMP but to be honest, he doesn't need to be in the 11th clan in order to do good, and if he remains mostly in one world he may just be a guardian for it (read 11th thoughts). However there are various groups of heroes that have strong connections to the 11th clan without actually being part of it too, for example Sonic's group.

2007-03-04 [Estantia]: What I'm in essence suggesting is a connection with the rp council by my membership...

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