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2006-12-27 17:45:50
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tears of the moon photography


i have been doing photography for um.. 2 years i think and i know i'm horribule at it. i am compleatley self taught i have just been experimenting


<img:> picture taken of

broken sole

my cousin kriscia[Mrs.Potter] most of my pictures will be taken in black and white  but most of my nature pictures will be in color






a childs cry

picture taken of my littel cousin isnt he cute

the watching eye

<img: >
this is just an enlargement of kriscias eyes in the picture at the begining of the page

<img: >


lost childhood

picture taken in Tennessee at a empty house on the moutain my graandma lives on


<img: >

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[One]: Pretty cool, keep it up :)

[The Red Sorrow]: Awesome pics..

[maluna]: thank you

[~blackcrystal~]: kool pics..i especially love the black n white ones

[maluna]: thank you b&w photography is my faviort kind of photography

[LilJessca21]: you have some really good pics...what a talent

[maluna]: thank you i still have alot to learn

[unlucky13]: cool stuff

[maluna]: thanks matt

[GhostBlade]: I hope you don't mind but I put the banner in my house. You have a wonderful eye and this is only your first year?

[demonone]: britt those are awsome omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Mrs.Potter]: your pics suk ass lol just kidding thyre the best ive seen. you really do got a new found talent for this kinda thing

[maluna]: thanks every one

[maluna]: shadow its not like you havent seen then befor

[demonone]: thre still awsome

[playslashwrite]: ah there sure are some very good pictures here! one thing though: try to get your hands on an imagine editing program; some of the pictures look a little flat, with a little more contrast they would be awesome:)

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