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2006-07-28 20:45:50
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hey all yall join in the tator tot lovers united wiki! please! yes there's some things for french fries2! if u like stupid shit yull like it here. anyway please join up.....i'll give you a tator tot!:)
i like tator tots!!!
yay tator tots!!!

this wiki is free changing, so if u have somehtin u wanna put on here just do it! ok?

here is where you sign up!
1.)[Renegade of Funk]
3.)[O! Valencia!]
4) [X Hunny Suckle Rose X]
7.)[goody gumdrops] tator tot queen
8.) [*Black*Rose*]
9.)[Hollow Threats]
11.)[Lord Sesshomaru]
15.)[* Joey_McBride *]
17.)[cYniCaL fUsiON]
18.)[fake smile torn from reality]
20.)[* Sk8ter *]

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2005-06-04 [goody gumdrops]: tator      tots   whoooo !!!!!


2005-08-22 [goody gumdrops]: he he he he

2005-08-22 [goody gumdrops]: hey homies whats on the down low yo/

2005-09-07 [Wrenface]: i don't think I've ever had tater i had to look up o the internet to find out what they'm there's my excuse

2005-09-07 [goody gumdrops]: o so they dont have tots down under??

2005-12-03 [~Ninja Dark Kitty~]: tators tots?

2005-12-08 [Renegade of Funk]: Ha! I'm a tatortotitarian XD

2006-01-06 [goody gumdrops]: lalalalalala the beautiful one TaDa

2006-01-06 [goody gumdrops]: hey tator tot lovers here is a mission go to every restuarant in ur town and cause an uproar if they dont have tator tots

2006-01-21 [slipknotchick_12]: I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO LOVE TATOR TOTES XD

2006-01-27 [goody gumdrops]: bring those bitches down

2006-02-27 [Fatal Warfare]: yo philpott add me .......... finn

2006-04-28 [cYniCaL fUsiON]: woop woop

2006-05-01 [*William Blair*]: hi my name is william, and im addicted to tator tots

2006-05-01 [cYniCaL fUsiON]: dont worry william, yur around friends

2006-05-02 [fake smile torn from reality]: tator tots rock!!!!!! hard core...

2006-05-06 [goody gumdrops]: yes they rock heartXcore

2006-05-14 [Renegade of Funk]: Hmm... we need more tator chat going on

2006-06-30 [goody gumdrops]: damn no tots here just pizza and beer hehehe that rhymes

2006-10-05 [e3rhao3qI5A]: Nice place...

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