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2012-03-25 23:04:14
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Bitches, hos, other

Age: I’ll allow younglings. They are not immune to death and they must act it. Also they will be weak and unknowledgable if 16 or under, no exceptions.
Gift: (I need to approve it. I will probably downgrade it. KISS: keep it simple, stupid.)
Physical description:
Strengths and weaknesses: As usual, please be generous in both.
Dependence on magic?: What in your character’s life would change if magic was taken away? This could be your job, life, family member’s, etc. It is okay to be non-reliant on magic.

Please submit to [kay-chan]. I reserve the right to refuse you entry in the RP. Please know that I will require posts regularly, or your character is forfeit to powerplaying by the GM, me, or death. No exceptions if you haven’t notified me of your absence. I will post the upper limit to 3 days before I move on.

Player: [kay-chan]
Name: Marie Zhu
Age: 20
Gift: She can knock on things at a great distance (door).
Hobbies/Job/Education: She's a student with a part-time job. Her college is paid for by her parents.
Physical description: She has a layered bob cut with typical Asian highlights attempting to frame her oval, tan face. Generally nice to look at. She's skinny and attempts to wear the best of what she can afford given her part-time job.
Personality: Quiet, agreeable, with a small smile on her face except when she is being criticized. Will take no sides in an argument, just agreeing with both people, and is useless in debates. She is very, very loyal to her family.
Strengths and weaknesses: She's very good at memorizing facts and doing well in school, and a hard worker. Marie is also quick on her feet. Her problem is that she is desperate for approval, and is very easily led into situations that are probably not the best thing, because she is shy and (frankly) has no spine.
Dependence on magic?: She personally has no dependence on magic, but her mother has a self-healing talent. She's been having bouts of brief confusion lately, and the doctors have identified a case of early-onset Alzheimers that was being healed up by the talent... so without magic in the city, her mother would very quickly deteriorate and possibly die.

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2012-03-25 [NOOOPE]: I got an idea. Dunno how the character I'm thinking would come across a regular ol' student though... what's going to be bringing everyone together?


2012-08-26 [kay-chan]: LOVE YOU

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