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Image by [Bratt]

This page is for all the hard working people that have made Elftown what it is today. From the mighty Mayor [Hedda] to any member who has helped to make Elftown a great place to be!

If you support the Elftown Guards and the Patrollers and would like to be added to the list, ADD YOURSELF, send me ([djxmonster]) a message or leave a comment saying you want to join! (Even if you ARE a Guard or Patroller!)
Also, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

If you have come here because you hate the Guards and can't seem to follow the rules, please do not insult them here. If you want a place like Elftown but without as many rules, go to

Proud supporters:

1. [djxmonster] - Owner
2. [Amerthyst] - Elftown Guards Rule!
3. [Lyndarsia] - They all Rule! ^^; 
4. [Paul Doyle]
5. [Ihsahn]
6. [Nite_Owl]
7. [Dil*]
8. [MillieBoo]
9. [Janouk]
10. [Kyrinn]
11. [RAWRrr]
12. [Doormat]
13. [Broken Saints]
14. [kittykatiluvu]
15. [Kyo-kun]
16. [Cunt Crushing Death]
17. [SpiralDragon]
18. [PredatorX]
20. [Katie Staines]
21. [Ultiem]
22. [kitty daemon]
23. [Erestor]
24. [stuffAEAmade]
25. [FARRRT]
26. [STFU]
27. [.:Lost within myself:.]
28. [Jay Ladlehaus]
29. [Artsieladie] I support all who help maintain Elftown to be a great community!
30. [bluefarie]
31. [Lord K├╝genheim]
32. [farawaygone]
33. [losthero] Rules are good for peace, and I support the peacekeepers!
34. [L?se]
35. [Zab] *Adds myself* Yep... of course I support them.
36. [Child of God]
37. [EmeraldGrizzly]
38. [ghostiegirl] Not only do I want to be a guard, I respect them.
...and the list keeps growing!
39. [Dark Side of the Moon] I love the guards! Keep up the great work you guys!
40. [Bookwyrm] ::hugs the guards::
41. [Moonlit Serenade]
42. [SephirothFFVII] You guys do a great job. ^^
43> [Crazyarilove^^] fuck the ppl who hate the,guards Guards rock^^
44. [twitchs] There what keep elftown original.
45. [Paz] I support the guards 110%! ;P
46. [Crazyarilove^^] i love the guards they kick ass go kick out the losers and bring in the lovers ^^ strangeness rocks my socks ^^ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO guards rocks
47. [Teufelsweib] :)
48. [Adela Leafshanks] The guards work so hard to make Elftown a safe place, and keep weirdoes from spoiling it. Go guardies! You rock!
49. [Mortified Penguin] I don't see how someone could hate the guards! ...they've always been ever so kind to me...
50. [BrokenSilence] a few years ago I had my run ins with the guards when they changed the rules and i didnt know or didnt pay attention. they were just doing their jobs to keep elftown as much of the vision as it was seen when it was started. I respect them for what they do. i cant imagin how many hate messages they recieve.
51. [Lord Josmar] I am one of the Patrollers and love to see people who understand that we don't do it to pick on people.
52. [AuroraLumos] I've got a lot a love for the guards :3
53. [Karithina] It's hard to know when to be tough, and it's hard to know the right way to deal with people who are in their worst moods. So I think what the guards put themselves through for free, just to make Elftown a better place, is nothing short of both crazy and admirable.

Image by [TheRogue]

[kians mummy] is banned from this wiki foreeeeeever because he/she is annoying!

Username (or number or email):


2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: gah

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: Have some Grape-Nuts, man

2005-04-07 [djxmonster]: mmmmmm

2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: yummy

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: Beans, beans, beans, beans

2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: indeed o.O *burps*

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: starting to open wiki. . . photos and stuff.

2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: yeah thats a great idea!

2005-04-07 [djxmonster]: I noticed :) I already left a comment :)

2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: i do to

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: Cheesy photos are up :P

2005-04-07 [djxmonster]: Wheeeee!

2005-04-07 [Ihsahn]: and i love them!

2005-04-08 [djxmonster]: Because I'm tired of people asking, I have created Can I be a Patroller? and Can I be a Guard?

2005-04-08 [Kyo-kun]: i want to join damnit

2005-04-09 [djxmonster]: Wheeee! A new member: [kittykatiluvu]  // [Kyo-kun]: You are currently under review, if you are found to be trustworthy you can become a member

2005-04-09 [kittykatiluvu]: im a new member

2005-04-09 [djxmonster]: Another new member: [Kyo-kun], as long as he behaves...

2005-04-09 [Kyo-kun]: i promise, you know that guy that got banned he is back and is annoying me he thinks i still own the wiki

2005-04-09 [djxmonster]: Who?

2005-04-09 [Kyo-kun]: [pillar 123]

2005-04-09 [djxmonster]: If he harrases you, report him

2005-04-10 [Kyo-kun]: no he isn't harrasing me he is just not leaving me alone

2005-04-10 [djxmonster]: Block him

2005-04-10 [Kyo-kun]: he is trying to get the wiki back for me you think he will be mad when i` delete it

2005-04-10 [djxmonster]: If you don't own it, DO NOT delete it

2005-04-10 [Kyo-kun]: he is getting it back so i can own it and when i own it i will change it to somthing else

2005-04-10 [Kyo-kun]: ha see i am behaving i just got someone banned the first time i might add

2005-04-11 [Nite_Owl]: i did once, but i think they let her back on. she was sending chain messages, and after i warned her i'd send a report the guards, she sent it yeah, nothing special though. i'd love to be a patroller

2005-04-11 [djxmonster]: hmm... I don't really have anything important to say so it's plug time :) 

Are you "X WORTHY"?????

2005-04-11 [djxmonster]: New member: [Cunt Crushing Death] :)

2005-04-11 [Cunt Crushing Death]: *zoidberg voice* horray, recognition!

2005-04-11 [djxmonster]: lol

2005-04-11 [djxmonster]: dun dun dun dun another one bites the dust! [cherry pie69] :)

2005-04-11 [Ihsahn]: yes!!!!!!

2005-04-12 [Ihsahn]: and another bites the dust. (again) [bloodbath]

2005-04-13 [Paul Doyle]: *wocka-jawocka funky guitar riff*

2005-04-13 [Ihsahn]: hehehe

2005-04-13 [Kyo-kun]: i have got the same guy banned three times cause he made clones of his user name and thought he would get away with it and what is funny he knows i reported him and he isn't mad some people are weird... stop looking at me like I'M the one thats "weird"

2005-04-13 [Ihsahn]: indeed

2005-04-13 [Kyo-kun]: x is a guard and a member of the council YAY i feel power less now *getting smaller* don't step on me

2005-04-14 [Ihsahn]: indeed

2005-04-14 [djxmonster]: Ihsahn ~ indeed :P

2005-04-14 [Ihsahn]: yup hehe O.o

2005-04-16 [djxmonster]: Wheee! Check out what [TheRogue] made: <img:stuff/supporttheguards.jpg>

2005-04-16 [Janouk]: 0.o That is way cool! *stares*

2005-04-16 [Kyo-kun]: can everyone use it

2005-05-04 [djxmonster]: *Plug time!* Through with Love -- Has a .mp3 download of my first song! Please leave feedback :)

2005-05-06 [SpiralDragon]: May I join?

2005-05-06 [djxmonster]: Sure :) I've added your name!

2005-05-06 [SpiralDragon]: thank you!

2005-05-06 [djxmonster]: My pleasure :)

2005-05-18 [PredatorX]: Well, I'm a big fan of the Guards, seriously you guys should have your own football team! (the "Elftown Guards", lol, sounsd nice) *salutes* Requesting permission to join the wiki!

2005-05-18 [djxmonster]: Added :) Welcome!

2005-05-18 [PredatorX]: Ah, thank you! So what do you guys do here?

2005-06-08 [~Vash~]: I want to join. ;)

2005-06-08 [djxmonster]: Added :)

2005-06-08 [Nite_Owl]: yay someone's here! it's 2nd period at school when I TA right now, it's soooooooooo boring -_-'

2005-06-08 [djxmonster]: lol....

2005-06-13 [kitty daemon]: dude I've been to EP and it is a friekin loonybin/massorgy so I bow to the guards and their attempt to keep us inline without going insane! I allready support the guards, but proof would be nice ;)

2005-06-13 [djxmonster]: Done... thanks!

2005-06-13 [Kyrinn]: Im in EP too and I agree, the ppl in there need to seriously get a life! there is more to life than rubbing your genitals!! ARGH!

2005-06-13 [djxmonster]: There is???? lol :P

2005-06-13 [Kyrinn]: lol well I HOPE so!!! Id think they'd get rather raw, your genitals, if you rubbed them all the time...

2005-06-13 [Nite_Owl]: a disturbibg thought if i ever did have, my friend *nods*

2005-06-13 [djxmonster]: ROFL

2005-06-18 [Erestor]: Please can you add me here please X? Thanks.

2005-06-18 [djxmonster]: Done! I kept wondering why nobody ever added themselves... I guess it would help if I made the page free to edit! :P

2005-06-20 [FARRRT]: Cool. the Guards rule

2005-06-21 [Donate to Elftown!]: Donate to Elftown! it now!

2005-06-22 [Paul Doyle]: . . . if you do not donate, you shall anger [mr roboto]. so cough up some dough already :P

2005-06-22 [Kyo-kun]: I'M POOR YOU HAD TO BRING THAT UP *CRY*

2005-06-22 [Doormat]: You get a shiny badge too...too bad I dont have a credit card or anything

2005-06-22 [Kyo-kun]: *cry*

2005-06-23 [PredatorX]: I'd love to donate...badge or not, but I'm affraid that's just not possible *sigh* Alas...

2005-06-23 [Nite_Owl]: same here, but for underage peoples it's a little bit harder

2005-06-23 [Kyo-kun]: *cry* i'm broke

2005-06-23 [Kyrinn]: me too.. *hugs* I can donate 5 dollars and thats it. Just need to get the 5 dollars in my account.. T-T

2005-06-23 [Kyo-kun]: i can't donate 5 cent, not that i would i would use it to be a member on runescape ^^, sorry i don't come on here often

2005-06-23 [Kyrinn]: Im here every day. I SHOULD donate something, lol

2005-08-07 [Kyo-kun]: i beat runescape WOOT

2005-08-07 [Nite_Owl]: hahaha. i wish i could donate something, but i can't....*sigh*

2005-08-07 [STFU]: *glomps nite_owl* ^-^ I wish I could too..but I can't also. *says sadly*

2005-08-08 [Nite_Owl]: hiya shu!! i didn't know you were here too!! seems like you're in every wiki so far lol (^,~)

2005-08-10 [STFU]: ^-^ yup! I try to be in alot of them but not too many or they pile uop. X.X ugh...and thats not fun.

2005-08-10 [Janouk]: Take a look at the previous version [Kyo-kun] made...

2005-08-10 [SpiralDragon]: Oh wow he deleted everything and wrote "that message" Report him for distroying this wiki.

2005-08-10 [Kyo-kun]: finallly

2005-08-10 [Jay Ladlehaus]: It wasn't just this wiki.

2005-08-10 [Kyo-kun]: ha ha so you have noticed

2005-08-10 [Jay Ladlehaus]: So, what other wikis did you vandalize?

2005-08-10 [Kyo-kun]: i'm just trying to be banned

2005-08-10 [Janouk]: We know.

2005-08-10 [Kyo-kun]: ^^

2005-08-10 [SpiralDragon]: My friends wiki fuzzy w00tnessness was deleted, I was able to fix it.

2005-08-10 [Janouk]: He's been banned.

2005-08-10 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Yes, another fine addition to The Banished.

2005-08-11 [STFU]: OO! My-my. so many banned members. But thats not alot if you count how many members there are.

2005-08-11 [STFU]: Why would [Kyo-kun] try to get banned. People like that confuse me.

2005-08-11 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Well it's not a complete list. It's based upon whether a member as ETSS writing on their house. A lot of time banned members don't get this. Also, we find new people at the very least every week who have been banned, so I'm sure there's plenty out there who have yet to be discovered. I guess you could figure that list is about .1% of the accounts in Elftown. As for why people openly try to get banned, who knows?

2005-08-13 [Nite_Owl]: yeah, that doesn't make very much sense, seeing as how you could just delete yourself -_-' lol

2005-08-13 [Jay Ladlehaus]: can delete the information in your account, and change your account name, but you can't really delete yourself per se. Maybe they don't want the option of being able to log in.

2005-08-14 [STFU]: *nods* exactly.

2005-08-19 [Artsieladie]: I definitely support all those that help to maintain Elftown as a great community! :)

2005-08-19 [STFU]: I only seem to get along with people and most of the time I agree with people too. I also tell people to stop with chain messages which is against the rules. I try my best to help the guards. :)

2005-09-21 [Zab]: yay, I'm nr 35! XD. Hi all.

2005-09-21 [Paul Doyle]: Wow, [Zab] . . . you have a way of aging fast o__O

2005-09-21 [Paul Doyle]: *re-reads* oh, whoopsie . . . you are number 35, not 35 years old #^_^#

2005-09-21 [Zab]: O.o' ...ok...that was almost scary.. hi! ^_^

2005-09-21 [SpiralDragon]: [Zab] your 35!?! *hides under a rock that says "supports gaurds"*

2005-09-21 [Zab]: *sigh* No... I'm nr 35 on the memberslist...-_-

2005-09-21 [SpiralDragon]: *pops out under the rock* 0.<;; 35 35 35!!! *twiches*

2005-09-21 [Zab]: -_-''.....okeeeeeej.....

2005-09-21 [SpiralDragon]: "well im 17 on the list and in 17 in real life so* :P:P:P

2005-09-21 [Zab]: well, I'm almost 18 in real life and not 18 on the list. XD

2005-09-21 [SpiralDragon]: To bad for you! :P *hugs*

2005-09-21 [Zab]: *hug* yeah

2005-09-21 [Nite_Owl]: well i'm number 6 up theres....and last time i checked i wasn't 6 years old, which would be aweful of course lol

2005-09-21 [Zab]: *grin* You're sure you're not? XD hehe, yeah^^

2005-09-21 [Kyo-kun]: *points* im number 15 and im 15 for a few more days anyway

2005-09-21 [SpiralDragon]: See!?! me and ichigo kurosaki are special! :P

2005-09-21 [Kyo-kun]: o.o woo hoo im special XD

2005-09-21 [Nite_Owl]: awww no i feel sad :( lol

2005-09-22 [STFU]: *hugs owl* whats wrong? :( oh,heya [Zab]. ^^' thats funny how peeps though you were 35. lol

2005-09-22 [Nite_Owl]: I'm not special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

2005-09-22 [Zab]: yes you are! ^__^ Hi, Sui.

2005-09-22 [Nite_Owl]: yay!! *glomps Zab-person* hehe (^,^)

2005-09-22 [Kyo-kun]: o.o....I GOT IT FINALLY OO

2005-09-23 [SpiralDragon]: Hey! OO I think someone deleted my comment?!?!? ah-well then:P Were special!! 

2005-09-23 [Kyo-kun]: *runs around* I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT

2005-09-23 [Nite_Owl]: gots it? what's this "it" of which you speak...???

2005-09-23 [Kyo-kun]: OO street fighter anniversary collection of course OO *runs to watch to street fighter II movie*

2005-09-23 [SpiralDragon]: Woohoo!!! *background music* I got my computer to post background music for a website for homework!!!! weee!! it works it works!!! HA!^___^

2005-09-23 [Nite_Owl]: haha good for you :D :D guess what...? I slept in late and rather than doing Saturday work all day, Idecided to just not go to school!! lol *feels special* I feel like a retard though, I'm never seriously late for esquela like this...eeeeeeeeeeeeee...

2005-09-23 [SpiralDragon]:*lol*

2005-09-24 [Nite_Owl]: esquela=school (not sure if that's what confused youse lol) and i hate missing school

2005-10-05 [Xanian]: You know guards are cool and stuff lol i dont know what to say lol sorry.... well it would be cool to become a guard or support them...

2005-10-06 [Nite_Owl]: heheh yeah be nice to the guards and they'll be nice to you!! lol j/k

2005-10-12 [SpiralDragon]: That isn't true..

2005-10-12 [Nite_Owl]: i was kidding! (^,~) of course not, obvious you just have to follow the rules (which are very smple in my opinion, so i don't see why that'd be so hard...)

2005-10-13 [SpiralDragon]: :P Yeah sure! *lol*

2005-10-13 [Kyo-kun]: the guards are nice if you just follow the simple rules, of course i cant really say anything cause of what i did but people should learn from my mistakes

2005-10-15 [SpiralDragon]: Ichigo! *lol* thats my Role Play name! wow! thats really cool. ^.~

2005-10-15 [Kyo-kun]: oo really?

2005-10-15 [Nite_Owl]: doesn't ichigo mean strawberry...? (O,o)

2005-10-15 [Zab]: I think so...oO..*supports guards* XD

2005-10-15 [Kyo-kun]: um...i dunno but i just got it from bleach >.>

2005-10-15 [Nite_Owl]: haha yeah, my friend's obsessed with it, he keeps trying to get me to watch it sometime, but i have no idea what it's about...*shrug* maybe i will sometime ;)

2005-10-23 [SpiralDragon]: Yep yep! :P *is with Zab*

2005-10-23 [Kyo-kun]: oh btw ichigo does mean strawberry but ichi is also a name give to someone with a strong spirit

2005-10-23 [Nite_Owl]: that's because ichi means one :P

2005-10-23 [Kyo-kun]: i couldn't figure that out by the manga cause he never acts alone... well sometimes but they don't really talk about his name that much

2005-10-23 [Nite_Owl]: ah i should buy Japanese for Dummies (^,^) it's pretty funny lol i started out using (and still use) if you're interested

2005-10-23 [Kyo-kun]: i really cant afford it right now. im kind.....broke ^^;

2005-10-24 [Nite_Owl]: but the website's free at least :D oh and in Drama Club we have a Japanese foreign exchange student :D:D:D i think her names Masako-chan....she's a sophmore though, and she'll only be here for a year....

2005-10-25 [SpiralDragon]: ICHIGO- one strong strawberry! *lol*

2005-10-25 [Kyo-kun]: lmao i never though of it like that

2005-10-25 [SpiralDragon]: *lol* sorry I thought that would be funny to say! *lol* *eats strawberries*

2005-10-25 [Kyo-kun]: oo *pokes the strawberries* poor ichigo XD

2005-10-25 [SpiralDragon]: Mmmm! yummy! *eats more* want some?.. *hands over Ichigo..well whats left of him.*

2005-10-25 [Kyo-kun]: *laughs* sure *eats the rest of ichigo* i think his zankupo cut me oo;

2005-10-25 [SpiralDragon]: OO *sign* I wanted a little more! *grows another ichigo strawberry to eat*

2005-10-25 [Kyo-kun]: *laughs and reaches for a box of them in the fridge* here you go ^^

2005-10-25 [SpiralDragon]: I want a organtic ichigo! grown right here! lol

2005-10-25 [Kyo-kun]: oo; i like the bigger juicier ichigos myself

2005-10-25 [Nite_Owl]: ...............................(O,o) *staaares...*

2005-10-26 [Kyo-kun]: don't ask and you'll be alright XD

2005-10-26 [SpiralDragon]: I wonder if Nite_Owls tastes good hehe

2005-10-26 [Kyo-kun]: oo staying out of this one i'll stick to ichigo *eats more*

2005-10-26 [Nite_Owl]: ....MEEEEEP *flies to a higher branch* no touchy!!

2005-10-26 [Kyo-kun]: ok i'll have to go with nite_owl on this one NO TOUCHY T.T

2005-12-07 [SpiralDragon]: I don't want to touchy... I want to eaty! yum yum! *makes a fire to the tree* ^^*

2005-12-07 [Kyo-kun]: *starts kicking you*

2005-12-07 [Nite_Owl]: eeeeeeeee!!!! *swoops down and pecks at dragon-person* nyyyyyoooooooo

2005-12-10 [SpiralDragon]: *Poooffffff and disappers....*

2005-12-10 [Nite_Owl]: ........*looks left*..........*looks right*....ummmm.....oh well!!! *pulls out random stereo from nowhere and starts dancing* weeee!!!

2005-12-10 [Kyo-kun]: oo *dances with you* XD

2006-01-29 [Xanian]: Hey love the guards and charish the guards cause this place i wish it was really peacful....

2006-02-18 [Zefyros the West Wind]: well what should i do to become a supporter ?

2006-02-18 [stuffAEAmade]: Add your name to the list. :3

2006-08-04 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Is this banner still allowed to be used? <img:> Image done by [TheRogue]

2006-08-04 [djxmonster]: Yes it is!

2006-08-04 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Cool, didn't see it here and was just checking ;)

2007-07-07 [Adela Leafshanks]: Uh, I wanna join! ^^;

2007-07-15 [Crazyarilove^^]: Hey ppl

2011-06-12 [Paul Doyle]: There seems to be a lot of knockoffs and imitations of this page, but this is the real thing. As for the others? Proceed with caution. Because of that, the dust of this wiki might as well be shaken off, with tongue thoroughly in cheek.

2011-06-12 [Lord Josmar]: *cough*Support our Council*cough*

2011-06-12 [Lord Josmar]: *GASP*

I thought I had already added me name here when I ganked the banner! Must add it now!

2011-06-12 [djxmonster]: I forgot about this... Thanks Paul!

2011-06-12 [Paul Doyle]: You're welcome, man :)

2011-06-24 [Paul Doyle]: Let's get more lovin' here . . . like an all-new "Age of Aquarius"? :P

2011-07-11 [djxmonster]: Unless you are adding your name, no

2011-07-13 [AuroraLumos]: [kians mummy]... [djxmonster] didn't say that he didn't want it, but it is normal* for these kinds of wiki's to add your name to the list in support of the thing before asking if you can make an amendment or suggestion etc. I don't think he was intending to be rude which is how you seem to have taken it.

EDIT: *I say normal... in my eyes it's just a bit of common courtesy but everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter of course.

2011-07-14 [djxmonster]: Thanks but no.... and I deleted your comment because it's massive. Thanks anyways

2011-07-15 [Lord Josmar]: But...I didn't get to read the massive comment... :(

2011-10-18 [Lord Josmar]: Did I miss something?

2013-04-23 [Kbird]: May I join!

2013-04-25 [Mortified Penguin]: No.

2013-04-25 [Kbird]: I was asking someone who actually owns this wiki

2013-04-26 [Mortified Penguin]: No.

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