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"Never pegged you as one to like stargazing," Anka commented. She turned over to Nagi who was staring intently at the night sky.

"It's relaxing," Nagi said with a slight smile.

"Making wishes?" Anka teased.

"No, just picking out constellations," he said as he used his finger to trace the outline of the constellation.

"We're closer now, huh?" Anka asked softly.

"Hmm?" Nagi shifted his gaze, turning his head. "Closer how? We were friends already, right?"

"Well, I suppose so," Anka shrugged. "I just thought we'd feel different after all of that," she tried not to think about their experience with Dennis Micheals, a serial rapist and killer who Nagi suspected was a psychic.

"Well, we've been through something that nobody else can even imagine," Nagi started, "We've just learned our bodies and our minds and how not limited we really are."

"You've really been thinking about this, haven't you?" Anka asked, amazed at the depth of Nagi's observations.

"Honestly, sis, being with somebody else is the only thing that keeps me from replaying every moment of that in my head," Nagi said sincerely.

"It's been on my mind a lot too. I mean, I can't just forget everything that happened, going back to straight A student taking a well-deserved summer vacation..." she let out a sigh and closed her eyes.

"I'd never expect you to forget that," Nagi assured her. "I just don't want you to dwell on it," he said with a smile.

"I'll never forget the depths of your stupidity either," Anka teased.

"My stupidity has noble intentions and usually good results," he said defensively.

"Well, if you didn't burn the ropes off we might not have gotten free at that moment," Anka made a face, "And I don't want to think about how we would have done..."

"You don't have to," Nagi said soothingly. "My burns are kind of healed..." he self-consciously slipped his hands behind his head, "So it's fine."

Anka frowned, "You' can't believe what I just realized if I'm right!" she gasped.

"My brain hurts," Nagi commented.

"You're self-conscious!" Anka said accusingly.

Nagi was silent for a moment. "I can't help it." He closed his eyes and sighed. "I'm in-infatuated with the most amazing girl..." he paused, "So I do want her to like me."

"She already does like you," Anka said as she began poking Nagi. "You're just...I don't even know what..."

"I do mean like me...I mean like-like me," Nagi said quickly, blushing.

Anka giggled, picturing the giant worm from the Zelda games, "Like-like..."

"Okay...feel the same way..." Nagi said more clearly.

"She's not going to mind the scars on your hand, that you need to wear glasses--which I can see you're not by the way, or that you're short for a boy, or that your voice isn't deep, that you have scars from the cuts, bruises from sports or any other imperfection that you find."

"But-" Nagi started.

"Not buts," Anka cut in. "Start looking at yourself from the inside, and you'll actually see what she sees," she said soothingly.

"My pancreus is cute."

"Smart ass," Anka muttered. "I mean, for instance, you're honorable and sincere. Redeeming qualities."

"And here I was told that stuff is only in movies," Nagi said softly.

"You do have one physical feature she melts for," Anka said with a grin.

"Yeah?" Nagi asked nervously.

"She loves your eyes," Anka whispered.


"She always stares at your eyes, though your voice is soothing," Anka explained.

"So I have a chance," Nagi whispered for a bit of assurance.

"You can say that," Anka laughed. It doesn't take much to put him in a better mood... she thought. "What do you like about Nami?"

" don't want to know," Nagi shook his head, his cheeks puce.

"Or do you not want me to know?" Anka asked, smirking.

"Well, when I first saw you two..." he paused, "I couldn't take my eyes off of her...and I...I don't know..."

"Tell me..." Anka prodded.

"I felt that whole fluttery thing...I can't really describe it..." Nagi sighed.

"You love her," Anka said as she poked him a few times.

"Uh..." Nagi froze, unable to respond to her, "She...makes me want to protect her..."

"Protect her?" Anka questioned.

"Yeah, I know. It's dumb and weird..." he said as he sat up.

"What do you like best about her?" Anka asked softly.

"Her shyness," Nagi replied. "It's really cute."

"What's your favorite constellation?" Anka asked.

"Corvus, because he's the only crow I've ever seen in May," Nagi said as he straightened his posture. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Anka sighed.

"Hey, I'm your brother you have to tell me," Nagi insisted.

"I just want to do something fun this summer," Anka shrugged, "I just don't want to waste it."

"And we'll have fun each and every day," Nagi promised.

"I'll get revenge if you break that promise," Anka said threateningly.

"Alright," Nagi laughed.

"Stargazing!" Nami sighed happily as she settled beside Nagi.

"How'd you know we were here?" Nagi asked.

"Well, you weren't with me or at your house, so I guessed that Anka brought you here," Nami shrugged.

"And your brought muffins," Anka said happily.

"Yeah, mom and I baked them," Nami blushed.

"And pop!" Anka cooed.

"Well, we have to kick off the summer somehow," Nami shrugged.

"They need to make heels for running..." Lulu huffed as she collapsed before the other three, panting.

"You didn't have to rush. We've got all summer," Anka laughed as she offered Lulu a helping hand.

Lulu settled and opened her bag pulling out a tray of smoores, "For all of us..." she managed.

"We're not gonna sleep tonight," Nagi said softly as Nami nestled beside him. W-what was I just thinking about? he asked himself as he studied Nami closely.

"Probably not," Nami agreed as she took a smoore, taking a bite. "Yummy," Nami chirped.

"Mhm..." Nagi nodded.

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2010-03-22 [wicked fae mage]: And so much fun can be had in the summer

2010-03-23 [Ravendust]: naturally so long as it doesn't include long periods of time in direct sunlight. *hisses*

2010-03-24 [wicked fae mage]: Well, staying up all night...sleeping all day

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: hehe, indeed, indeed :D

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, what we do xD
(Well my schedule is actually sleep all night up until 8 or 9 PM

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: I'm up all night right now, Mike works overnights and has me sit in with him...

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: I see. I'll get screwed up this year for school...I know it...

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: I kinda miss school... Contemplating going, but it'd be a lot of work for scholarships, admissions, etc... ><;;

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Well, FASFA is due the 1st of May. I'm going this year, just gotta call on the 29th of May to tell them I've been out of school for 2 years. And you'll have me and Mark to hang out with as well as Matt, Brandon and Justin, Chris Campus and I'm sure some of my other random friends from Cal.

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: not really sure what I want to go for anymore, and also contemplating a dorm since I won't really have transportation...

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: That would be wise. You can find the app online.

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: yeah, but I'll be there and won't really KNOW anyone, you know? ><;;

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Sure the dorms might be scary at first but if you hate your roommate you can stay gone or torment them into being gone. And if worst comes to worst we can gather a bunch of people and all live in one apartment illegally xD

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: I like the second idea better! xD

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Lol of course! But we'll need a lot of money...1600$ min...each

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: youch... yeah, it makes sense though ><;;

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah...800 per semester...per student

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: youch... again ><;;

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Dorms are like 2k a semester...but you might wanna check to be sure.

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: yikes... ><;;

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah...

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