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Do you get tired of seeing the same poll on Main Street day after day, or perhaps you have a fun idea for a new Main Street Poll?
Submit ideas for new polls and if the Statisticians select it, you'll become one of the ET Pollers!


Submission Rules:

1. Try to keep the questions suitable for all groups - Elftown is a family site.
2. Suggested questions must have suggested answers as well.
3. Place your suggestion at the bottom.
4. FOLLOW the [#format] exactly as provided!
5. Controversial subjects (such as abortion, gay marriage, politics, etc) will not be accepted. The poll is meant to be a fun feature, and those topics tend to lead to argument and "mud-slinging".
6. The Statisticians reserve the right to remove or alter any suggested poll.


Submission Guidelines:

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Polls are placed on Main Street; try to submit polls that can involve the community as a whole.
 - For instance, submitting a poll about school is not as likely to be chosen, as many members are not students.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Some polls are better in your house, than on Main Street.
- For example, asking about car types is both regional and doesn't interest a large amount of members.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> Try not to submit polls based on things in <forum:Elftown, Suggestions>.
- Asking about existing Elftown features is OK, but this isn't the place to submit new suggestions.

<img12*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874738.jpg> The polls are changed at the whim of the Statisticians, although generally they will be up at least two weeks.

Older submissions may be moved to SAP - Submissions 1 to prevent this page from being too large for easy editing; don't worry! All submissions are still reviewed and considered.


Submission Format:

Name: [Your Username]

<b>Question:</b> Why?
-Just because
-Why not?
-Who cares?


Place new submissions at the bottom of this page!


Name: [pixish]

Question: What 'label' do you most identify with?
- Artist
- Writer
- Poet
- Musician
- Photographer
- Art Appreciator
- Nerd
- Gamer
- Programmer
- Role Player
- I don't prescribe to labels
- Troll/Turkey

Question: Who would win in a fight: Spiderman or Hulk?
- Spiderman
- Hulk

Question: What would you like to see more of in Elftown competitions?
- High Fantasy
- Science Fiction
- Cosplay
- Sculpture
- Photography
- Photo Manipulations
- Drawing
- Real Life
- Writing

Question: Why do you not participate in Elftown competitions?
- I'm not interested in the theme
- I don't own a camera or a scanner
- I forgot about it
- I don't know where to find competitions
- My work isn't good enough to win
- I'm not an artist, I just love art

Name: [Skydancer]

Question?: Would you be interested in seeing an artists marketplace on Elftown where members could donate art to be sold to raise operating and upgrade funds for Elftown?

-I rather think that is a grand idea!
-I will buy that, but I hope there is a variety of prices.
-I support the idea and would donate art to it.
-I do not feel its practical
-Nice idea but not something I would be a part of.
-Unlikely to work.
-No, I do not think its a good idea.

Name: [Nioniel]

Question: Which type of contest would you rather submit an entry to?
-Writing & Poetry
-3-D Artwork
-None of these

Name: [Lord Josmar]

Question: How often do you check Elftown on your Smartphone?

- Several times a day
- Once a day
- Few times a week
- Once a week
- A few times a month
- Once a month
- Only when im bored or at the doctor's
- What smartphone?

Name: [Linderel]

Question: What kind of RPs are more your cup of tea?

- Tabletop
- Console/PC
- Forum or wiki run
- Messages between two people
- Other (comment!)

Name: [Akayume]

Question: What do you think happened to the unicorns?

-They were carried away in the biblical flood
-They escaped to Middle Earth
-Aliens took them away :(
-They still exist on Candy Mountain!
-Unicorns are dead.

Name: [Sagacious Turkey]

Question: Have you ever heard of Bob's Diner?

- No
- Yes
- I'm not sure
- I have now

Name: [Roma]

Question: How familiar are you with ET?
-I know how to go to my friends' houses and wikis and message
-I know how to make wikis
-I know how to make wikis that look nice and are easily navigable
-All of the above plus forums
-I am a part of the glue that keeps the site running and therefore know EVERYTHING

Name: [Lothuriel]

Question: Which feature would you most like to see added to Elftown?
-I'd like to be able to change the color of my house so that other members can see it too
-A button similar to the "like" button on Facebook
-I would like to be able to reply to individual comments instead of my comments showing up at the bottom of the page
-I'd like to be able to rate Photos and Houses, not just wikis
-I would love to be able to post video in my diary, not just a YouTube link
-Other (Please put your ideas in the comment box)

Name: [Rainbow Dragonflies]

Question: What would your motivation be to apply for crew?
-It would make me more active on-site.
-I would be able to contribute to the community.
-I would get a shiny badge.
-All of the above.
-None of the above.
-Other (please comment)

Name: [Mortified Penguin]

Question: What stylesheet are you using right now?
-What's a stylesheet?

Question: What do you spend most of your time on Elftown doing?
-Messaging friends
-Commenting on wikis
-Posting in forums
-Entering contests
-Other (leave a comment)

Name: [Lord Josmar]
Question: What is your favorite Sci-fi Race?
-Other (Please leave a comment)

Name: [Alexi Ice]
Question: They say the world will end soon. Which apocalypse suits your fancy?
- Zombies!!
- Meteor falling from the sky
- Ice age
- Other natural disasters
- World war III
- Nuclear power failure
- Alien invasion

Name: [Ittai]
Question: You're home alone,in bed and reading a book. You hear a noise, something or someone is moving downstairs. You...
- Call the police and hide under the bed.
- Grab the closest domestic object that may as well be repurposed as a harmful weapon and boldly head down after the intruder!
- Rememeber you don't have downstairs, it is ground floor, calm yourself that it was only the cat. Later, realize you dont have a cat...
- Quickly jump out of the window, never mind how seriously the fall may harm you.
- Don't read books, or in other words, safe.

Name: [Stephen]
Question: During the last year, what is the longest you've voluntarily gone without using the internet?
- Less than 12 hours - it's my life!
- Less than 24 hours - I don't go a full day without it.
- Between 1 and 3 days - I can go a few days without being online.
- Between 4 and 6 days - Not a full week, but I tend to be busy sometimes.
- Between 1 and 3 weeks - I've missed entire internet fads.
- More than a month - I had no idea what people were talking about when I came back.

Name: [Stephen]
Question: You're starting on your adventure today to become a Pokemon Master! Who do you choose?!

<img:> Bulbasaur
<img:> Charmander
<img:> Squirtle

Name: [The Black Goat]

Question: Do you use Elftown as your site of choice for written Role Plays (RP's)?
-No, I don't RP
-No, I use a site that is dedicated solely for RPing
-Yes, but I use other site's as well
-Yes, but only because I didn't know there are sites for RPing!
-Yes, the wiki page set up is preferable for RPs
-What is Role Playing again?

Name: [kians mummy]

Question: What was [Hedda]'s First Website he Created.
- I don't know.

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- Statisticians
- ET Pollers
- Used MS Polls

Username (or number or email):


2011-07-16 [Mortified Penguin]: I must insist that <poll:77038> be placed on mainstreet. This tie has gone on for too long! I need a definitive answer!

2011-07-18 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Tie broken ;)

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Not anymore. Biotches.

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: And what is a "penus" and why would I create a poll about it?

2011-12-14 [hanhepi]: "penus" is a bad way to spell "penis", so it serves the purpose up there of showing not only an example of obscene, but offensively bad spelling. :)

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Ah. Makes sense.

2011-12-14 [hanhepi]: yeah, not too bad an answer since i just winged it, huh? lol

2012-03-07 [Joboy.Gamotia]: Question: Who is the youngest NBA MVP ever?
-Jeremy Lin
-Derrick Rose
-Dwayne Wade
-Carlos Boozer
-Kevin Durant

2012-03-07 [hanhepi]: No offense or anything, but that's really more of a quiz than a poll. A Poll is a question that looks for an opinion as an answer, not a definite fact.
Quiz: Who holds the record for RBIs?
- Hank Aaron*
- Ty Cobb
- Babe Ruth
- Barry Bonds
- Pete Rose

Poll: Which top record holder deserves to have an asterisk after their name for Most Home Runs?
-Barry Bonds
-Hank Aaron
-Willie Mays
-Sammy Sosa
-All of the above
-None of the above

(Sorry, baseball is the only other sport I could give you an example with. XD)

2012-04-05 [thedragon]: Name: [thedragon]

Question: If you were a Dragon, which kind would you be?
-Fire Dragon
-Ice Dragon
-Acid Dragon
-Poison Dragon
-Earth Dragon (no breath, just massively huge)
-Dark Dragon
-Light Dragon
-A combination of them all(domination!)
-I don't want to be a Dragon..... but I would like to own one! XD
-None of them! I hate Dragons >:P (Kill all Dragons!!)

2012-04-11 [Pillowthief]: That goes on the page, not in the comments... :/

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: suggestion for whoever does the Elftown polls, wouldn't it be better that when you do a new poll, the names of the poll submitters are on the poll?

2012-04-20 [hanhepi]: does Elfpack do polls too?
if they do like we do on Elftown, there's a list (a couple of lists actually) that tell us who came up with the poll.

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: but it will be better to publicly display it as a thank you to the submitter

2012-04-20 [Mortified Penguin]: As a poll submitter myself, I must insist we get no credit for the polls, since it would just take up space in the little poll area and we don't really need credit for something so trivial anyway. Just a badge and a sack of gold will do nicely as thanks for saving Elftown with our amazing poll ideas.

2012-04-20 [kians mummy]: Just for info, Elfpack does do polls

2012-04-21 [hanhepi]: they get a badge as a thank you, and their poll displayed.

2012-05-12 [Pillowthief]: No sack of gold? :/

2012-05-13 [Mortified Penguin]: What is this Jewry?

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: there, I helped


2014-09-11 [hanhepi]: Thanks!

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