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2006-04-20 17:29:18
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Sight-seeing Guild Wars...

This is [Estantia] here, making a little sister wiki for [Linn Scarlett]'s Sight-seeing in WoW, well if one game can have one why not show off the graphics of another? Which I love...

All these shots are taken by me and the characters are either Estantia Panavyn with my companion Solena, or Joe Marder.

Screen from the starting movie of GW, that's the little village of ashford, idyllic, right? This is pre-searing, a place, of peace, harmony and beauty...

...It got torched.

Ascalon! This is the lovely Joe Marder in Ascalon at the start of the game. A city built to defend the great wall...

...It also got torched.

Wandering round the countryside...

Yup, torched.

The searing, huge fireballs fall from the sky and the land itself goes slightly haywire to say the least.

Post-searing, most landscape that got hit by it looks like this, only most of it I've seen so far doesn't have 3-headed hydras.

Up in the mountains, surveying the skyline while the rest of the party go kill the centaurs I hadn't noticed >.<

There's a corpse at my feet? oh.. I hadn't noticed, so many of the things you see...

<img400*0:stuff/icecave1.jpg> <img400*0:stuff/icecave2.jpg>
Post still has the very pretty ice caves though :D.

We own that place, and we managed to kill the drake and various spiders helping it, the bigger corpse is the drake ;)

Got to love the trees... and tune out the dead Drolyak please.

Erm... I think Solena spotted the camera...

Now Solena being the cat she is demanded a shot for herself, I prersonally don't think it's one of her best shots but we shan't tell her that shall we?

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2006-04-20 [melcinitan]: Yeah, it's a lovely game, i played it before i started WoW, Monks are nice :)    p.s. I actually preffered the graphics from GW

2006-04-20 [Linn Scarlett]: yes i like the graphics better too, hmm must buy the game i suppose *contemplates on the costs and if her comp can run the game*

2006-04-21 [Estantia]: the even better bit is that it's one payment for ever...

2006-04-21 [melcinitan]: indd

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