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2005-07-19 04:37:13
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[Shiorysm]'s campaign


What I've done

well, realy i haven't done big things, exept for some wikis off cours, but i want to. i haven't find the opportunity. yeah, i broke the Uploading Art Rules in the past, but i'm remorseful.


What I will do?

i'll help the most i can do, because i like to make pages in html format and i love ET (really, i'm not an expert, but i know how to make a web page and i can learn, if someone teaches me). i can lend more than 5 hours in a day to this.


For how long?

i think for all my live. i love this community, and is a good opportunity for the people to find more that loves fantasy. that's why i want to help.



well, i don't believe anyone will like to support me, but if you want, i'll like to say: i love you!!!

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-08 [Shiorysm]: well, this is my apply. thanks for visiting it. back to apply to the crew.

2005-07-18 [Hedda]: You sure can produce wiki-pages! ;-) I'm sure there will be reason to call you.

2005-07-18 [Shiorysm]: really, really, thanks [Hedda]. With your support, i think i have more opportunities. i want to help more ET than i'm doing now. if someone want to know the wikis i've made, here is a list: MCR fans, vampires street and i'm doing shiorysm stories, but is not ready yet. thanks.

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