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2011-05-27 05:03:38
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A review by [Mystin]


<img:> was founded in 2003 by a girl named Shana in her basement. The shop prides itself on providing 100% handmade & independently designed merchandise. Shana's personal goal is ...'to give people an alternative to shopping at chain stores, while introducing people to talented artists, designers and the new modern craft world!' The site offers seven sections for easy shopping. The sequence outline is New Arrivals, Girls, Guys, For The Home, Fine Art, Collectable Plushes, iPod & iPhone Gear, & On-Sale Yay! The site offers a convenient drop down menu on each section for easy to find gifts in sub-categories. I have shopped on this indie site for many years now and I love all of the items offered.


What makes this site even more so different than the rest is that some items are made to order so you know you will receive something specially made for you. Shana also does a blog on her website where she gives beauty tips, reviews some new merchandise, and shares the latest new designs and products added to the site. Also on the top menu of this site is a 'Happy Shoppers' link that allows the customers to post pictures wearing the merchandise they have purchased and it makes more of community site and not just an online store. A feedback area is always a vital part of a website so new customers can see the products before they purchase, the 'Happy Shoppers' link is perfect for a feedback area.


The way the items are listed is by product name, the artist who made it, price, quantity, & the option to add a gift box. What more could you ask for? Free shipping? Well like most website will occasionally have specials like that but your paying for quality and items you cannot get at a big box store. The current promotion is free shipping on items over $75 and that's not's first class shipping! WOW! It pays to have something original and the compliments are endless. also recently introduced collections for the jewelry such as the 'Woodland Wonder' collection of jewelry. This will make the shopping experience easier for those who like to have a matching set of jewelry.


In conclusion, if your looking for original, fabulous & fun indie items look no further than

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