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2013-09-17 14:53:28
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2012-02-19 [Hedda]: Not quite sure how the FB-like (to the right) works, but you got one at least ;)

2012-02-20 [Vattukatt]: I have no idea how it works either. But it seems like a good thing! ^^ Never been FB-liked before xD at least not through a different site. That has to be extra-special!

2012-02-22 [Hedda]: Hm, but my like went away... So I had to re-like it now. Bah!

2012-02-22 [Mortified Penguin]: Your like seems to be staying this time.

2012-02-23 [Vattukatt]: The like was there everytime I watched tho.
Will I get a bonus-gift or something if I get enough likes?
A new weapon sure wouldn't hurt.. Yeah well.. it would hurt those at the wrong end of it. I suppose.

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