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2010-01-05 12:42:36
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Scavenging Nationskallaren

Nationskällaren is the basement on Björnkärrsgatan 12 (Close to Herrgårn) in Ryd. They are closing it down now and we helped Kenny to take stuff that were about to be thrown away.
This is the old Puben Lokalen that Västmanlands och Södermanlands Nation used som 15 years ago.
Outside of Gotlands Nation's (former) place.
Inside Gotlands Nation's old place.
Inside Gotlands Nation's old place.
Östgöta Nation's old place.
The network equipment for the building, I guess. A little badly protected, I think, but that equipment is pretty useless unless you're running a network company, so it isn't something for the average hooligan to steal.
Skrubben - The (former) SeKeL pub
"Ölstugan som inte finns" - "The beer-cabin that doesn't exist"

How true!
The door to the sauna is made a wall!?!
Kenny getting his new bar.
Chairs and a dartboard. Mine, mine, mine! ;P
OK, not the broken chairs.
The bar is down.
A collage from 1997 by Gotlands Nation, I guess.
Very cute snowman behind Björnkärrsgatan 5.

/ [Hedda]

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