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2011-04-21 08:08:11
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[kians mummy] wikis review

Wikis are very good to keep stuff about yourself on, you can also use them to get to know people or R.P, a lot of elftown is run by wikis like the guards wiki and council.

what can you do on a wiki?

• You can make a wiki private
• You can add pictures
• You can add text
• You can have fun
• You can R.P
• You can play games

what can’t you do on a wiki?

• Harass other members
• Bully members
• Cyber where it is not wanted
• Spam
• Argue where its not wanted

i think:

wikis are a very good way to interact with people and keep up to date with whats going on, and members can comment all they like as long as they do not spam, if they spam the owner can ask them to leave there wiki and if they carry on the member can send a report to the guards

/ [kians mummy]

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2011-04-20 [Alexi Ice]: texts should be text ^^

2011-04-21 [Alexi Ice]: its - it's

Other than that it's a pretty good review.

2011-04-21 [kians mummy]: thanks, may you please vote it

2011-04-21 [Alexi Ice]: Sure thing ^^

2011-04-22 [kians mummy]: thanks

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