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[kians mummy] Review of Elftown

The crew


[Hedda] The main man, he has got the most work to do, why do you think he doesn’t message many people, he has to keep Elftown up to date and running, and try to get rid of all the bugs, and all the naughty members of Elftown, there is a lot of money that goes into Elftown, and its all donations and a bit of [Hedda]’s own so I think you should thank him a lot for this domain.


The Guards are very good at what they do and are very hard working and do there job very well, I know it must be very hard for them running such a tight ship like this.


The Council have it tuff to as they have to deal with a lot of members problems especially in the bug forum and also when people are having trouble with other members.


Personally I think they have it easy, helping new members and even existing ones, though this is one of the jobs I would very much like to do, as I love to help people.


Elftown is the perfect way to make new friends and show other members your art and all the writing you do, you can do stories, poems, art, design, photography and lots more, you will enjoy every thing about the site.


These are the people who contribute there articles to the The Town Herald, I.E: reviews, interviews, sports, films and many more.

/ [kians mummy]

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