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I wish to be one of the:


I have turned myself around and have proven to members of the Council and Guards that I can work hard and talk nicely and get things done.

I am informative and do things in a professional way.

I look out for people who break the rules.

I am a Council trainee member on Elfpack with priv - 79 and also the boss of the Elfpack awards crew, I also help out on a daily basis with other tasks to make Elfpack look better, which I also wish to do here.

i am also a Council member with Priv - 49 on Cathug as a wiki boss and make sure that all the pages are up to date and have the official template which I created.

i am also a Council member with Priv - 49 on Elf12 as a wiki boss and make sure that all the pages are up to date and have the official template which I created.

I listen to people's problems when they have one, and try and deal with it in the easiest way possible, I am very stern when it comes to rule-breaking, and will take every action possible to stop it.

I care about the other users on here and I respect them no matter what their age or gender or preferred sex is.

I have a good knowledge of Elftown and the pseudo html

I am able to read and write English exceptionally well.

I have a great patience with members who are constant rule breakers.

I have great patience with members who are sometimes annoying.

I think I’ve proven myself because i don't cause trouble anymore and have been quite good on the site.

I have great patience and try my hardest to get on with everyone.

I am a good talker and listener." *thinks* I'm more of a listener than a talker.

I am one of the Reference Photographers and also submit to the daily poem and i have also took part in the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

My goals:

1. I am full of ideas for Elftown and how to get it going really well, so would like to express them to the Council

2. To make sure a members life on Elftown has the best experience we can possibly give.

3. I will help other members if they need help.


I am, genuine, helpful, professional, and I like to see things in good shape. I am caring but very strict, I try my hardest to do the best I can
I love reading sci fi & fantasy novels/books, writing poems and doing photography


As a Council member, I will keep all pages up to date, I will not tolerate members destroying pages and will deal with it in a by contacting one of the Guards, I will keep Elftown up to date and correct any mistakes, and deal with any members questions appropriately.

Until I grow old and frail.

These mean that I am one of the Reference Photographers, Reviewers, Master Poets, Donors of Writing, ET Artists, Photographers, Halloween Poets, Christmas Poets & Saint Valentine Poets!.


1. [the ack]
2. [silverraven66699]
3. [angelofwar]
4. [Mystin]
5. [Alizebell]

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2011-06-16 [kians mummy]: That better :)

2011-06-16 [kians mummy]: Thanks for your help the both of you, apart from mort :)

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: A good way to avoid troll comments is to not allow them

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: yeah

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: My crew wiki only allows supporters to add themselves. It's up to you!

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: do you reckon there is to much to read on here, either [Mystin] and a crew member please reply

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: Well you could make paragraphs into some content or reduce the bullets that are similar.
You have placed dividers, maybe where the dividers are could be separate categories for the bullet points you make.

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: i got help from the crew with my application, i did think that they was messing me around

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: Ok whatever works!

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: lol, i want it looking amazing though

2011-06-17 [Akayume]: Just because a person suggestions something doesn't make it wrong, Sammie. :P

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: What you talking about, i was not being nasty or sarky to [Mystin], he is my best friend on here

2011-06-17 [Akayume]: I didn't say you were being "nasty"; I don't see anything of the such in my comment, in fact. What I was saying was that his suggestions might not be bad ideas. And if I remember correctly, the crew that helped you mostly fixed your spelling/grammar, right?

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: and also the dividers, told me where to put them

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: [Mystin] if you have some time, can you help me with my app xx

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: i'm confused about what he means

2011-06-17 [Akayume]: o___o I made a comment, and now it's gone...

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: where, i didn't delete it

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: LOL,where does my name come in this is?! Sammie PM me and I'll give you some ideas. Also, I don't need to remind you that I will help ANYONE with graphics or what not!

2011-06-17 [kians mummy]: hows that look so far

2011-06-17 [Mystin]: It's like I said before, it's great but I don't understand why you have dividers in the middle of your content if that makes sense.

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