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2006-11-15 22:26:28
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       welcome to roleplayersunited

drawn by [swabloo]

sorry wont be on much but please try to keep this going on

This is for true role players or complete role playin fans leave now if u disaprove us.

to go to the bar click here role players bar
the world map well our little town roleplayers town map

roleplayersunitedpollpage restricted for members only

if u have any ideas for banners put them here roleplayersunited banners

however if you want to join click here to become a member ----> roleplayersunited members

note to members im sorry i havent been on for a while and finish this up so it would be more interesting but i had an life crisses

if there are any bugs tell me so i can try and fix them [help_me_fly]- creator and ultimate wizard/knight of this wiki world<img:>
[trinityfairy]- awesome friend and justin's lil helper ^_^ bwehehe XP note by justin she isnt liein she is a real good friend you mess with ne one on this page and ill hunt you down

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2005-04-28 [help_me_fly]: im lookin for new members so join if u want and you like roleplayin

2005-04-28 [help_me_fly]: still lookin for the right banner

2005-05-02 [trinityfairy]: ill try and make a banner tonight okies?

2005-05-02 [help_me_fly]: thats kool we need people to join

2005-05-02 [Shampoo.]: hey im gonna join

2005-05-02 [Shampoo.]: yah but i just membered my paste buttin doesnt work

2005-05-03 [help_me_fly]: ok ill add you myself

2005-05-04 [trinityfairy]: hehe thanks justin *blushes* love ya to death.....ur awesome :D

2005-05-09 [sweetandsour69]: hey justin and hello augusta *huggs*

2005-07-06 [Sins to Virtues]: If this dies you can always go to Roleplayers Unite or Kingdom of Roleplayers Unite-The Storyline......... Good day

2005-07-24 [ElfMaiden1313]: hey! i just joined and i wanted to know where the story's at?

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