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2007-08-20 18:40:45
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Hello, and welcome.
Well, their's already an art page, so I decided that Harry Potter is missing a fanfiction gallery!
This isn't a contest, if you want the fanfiction contest then make your way over to Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest 2.

Well, this is where you can post a link to your fan fiction, make sure you specify information readers should know, most importantly a rating. Leaving a short summary is a good idea.

[Jade Lee] 1975
Unfinished, Severus/Lily, Rated T, or 15 (depending on where abouts in the world you are). Set in the Marauder era. This is the ups and downs of the two friend's year, before they lost their friendship the next year.

Hermione/Draco fanfic Rated M. Set after hogwarts, at the end of the war. I was honestly very depressed one day and this kind of came out of it. I don't own Harry Potter or KH, please R&R


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2007-08-19 [Linderel]: Erm, have you by chance read the Uploading Art Rules? You can't use that banner in houses.

2007-08-20 [Jade Lee]: Oh, I'change it, didn't know.

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