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And the Hellfire Toilet Paper Club


Dividers from Elftown Graphics

In the quest for glory, it is often the common man which finds the most adventure.
In this tale, a group of curious friends find themselves swept into a journey through the realms and into living hell.
[Angel Dreamer], [buddha_mjs], [Kim_Lundin], [Klyle], [medianduel], [Nightshadow] and [xido]
Are the adventurers that undertake this task, and form the

Hellfire Toilet Paper Club


[Angel Dreamer] - Angel Dreamer char
[BadCat] - BadCat Char
[buddha_mjs] - as himself
[Kim_Lundin] - Kim char
[Klyle] - as himself
[medianduel] - Aramil Nightbreeze (Medi)

Game Moderators:
[xido] - Vulcarisksk, Buddha Mahjdahaus of Downriver (partial, with [buddha_mjs]), Demons, Imorphixius, Brother Deren
[Nightshadow] (resigned) - Caylandra, Brother Deren


    o Part 1: Just Another Day In Not Another Tavern
    o Part 2: And Into The Purple Vortex We Go!!!!
    o Part 3: The Slaving Caravan
    o Part 4: Searching For The Others
    o Part 5: Escape From Aggrazzat
    o Part 5.1 - 5.5: The secret tale of what happened to Buddha and Vulk:
        - ShadowRealm, Page2
        - 152LOTA-page01
        - 97LOTA-page01
        - BTCOR-page01
        - GFO2-page01
    o Part 6: Utter Chaos Beside Vraisynn Palace
    o Part 7: Bogg’s Boar Head Inn
    o Part 8: Traversing Vraisynn’s City Streets
    o Part 9: Out Of The City
    o Great Temple
    o Encounter with Imorphixius
    o Down in the Sewers



Purple Vortex updates to be made:
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Character List of Images to Make:
    o Kim Char
    o Aramil Nightbreeze
    o Angel Dreamer Char
    o Vulkarisksk the Rebel Githyanki
    o Buddha – [buddha_mjs], char page
    o Imorphixius
    o Brother Deren
    o Caylandra
    o [Klyle]

• Character lineup and images; Current Status/Situation, recent Innovations in Storyline

• Story / game rules & guidelines

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[Kim_Lundin]: Light a light... that sounded really strange... CREATE a light... that sounds better.

[Angel Dreamer]: kim, hold up!! what i posted vanished!!

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh, THAT was what happened...

[Angel Dreamer]: its in my diary, could somebody put it up? i have to go :(

[Kim_Lundin]: The thing in the top? Yes, sure.

[Kim_Lundin]: What happened to the stuff from angel I put up? I KNOW I added it.

[Angel Dreamer]: there!! watch out, crazy angel on the loose :P

[xido]: YEAH!! Now this is what I call good RP!!! Woohoo!!  (Sorry about Buddha, Angel.... slight dilemma)

[xido]: Still fixable, though

[Angel Dreamer]: you killed my husband!! :P

[Angel Dreamer]: maybe the next layer isnt as deadly as we thought....except for that rather long drop...

[xido]: oh it is.......but if you're fast, you'll be safe. I just learned something about the githyanki Vulcarisksk that could get you out, but it's all up to what happens. They may both die, or you may be left stranded with the horde, or you might get thrown in too......either way, it's all fun for demons. x.O

[xido]: YAY!!! Kim's going berzerker blitzing! *raining arrows jab through bug demons* *fireballs* *bug parts strewn about* relaxing.....x.P

[xido]: Did you post something yesterday, angel, because I think I commented while someone was posting, and that seems to mess things up... It's up there, now, though.....right? I'm sorry, but I think that someone should report that as a bug to the ET staff, happened to me on the Shady Inn page too....And I think Kim had posted a comment while I was on, or maybe BadCat.... So, I won't be posting comments anymore while the page is being seems to not work out very well.....

[Kim_Lundin]: Ah, I love the smell of a burning demon in the morning ^_^

[xido]: OK, you will survive, if you're patient and smart, and be forewarned that you won't see Buddha or Vulc for a full day's time, IN-GAME.  This is beautiful planar roleplay, but MAN, is it tough for adlibbing.....:P

[Angel Dreamer]: hey that magic field....does it affect a shapeshift that happens cause of this potion that i was given one time in the chatroom/bar? and how does it affect me and bud's rings and jewels?

[xido]: Potions and your rings will work, and a jewel with power might work, unless it uses some sort of conjuring spell, or something. All spells/sorceror abilities are negated by the Dispel Magic ability of the Mezzoloths...

[medianduel]: well hells that sucks ass ......... i cant think of anything that would negate their ability right now ..... dammit`

[xido]: Kim, on that post, you rolled D20: 1... Did you guys know what that little D20 dealie meant on the page? I didn't, up until a week or so ago, and I started basing what happens to you guys on those rolls where I first view the page. Kim, rolling a ONE on the page when I view it, means he does

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh, I didn't know we were playing after the dice... how long have we been playing after it?

[xido]: Like a week.....on and off....Just call out to him louder, and he'll respond......if he speaks your language

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ Yes, but I don't think the guards will be so happy if the prisoners are speaking with each other...

[xido]: Eh.

[Kim_Lundin]: Eh? what Eh? What have I said to make you say Eh?

[xido]: Eh, like eh. Shrug your shoulders and think who cares.... Eh.  It's obvious you don't really care what the 'guards' think, so I figured you'd just hollar anyways....  Eh....oh well........  Now they'll let you talk to the guy all you want, at the cost of being something for them to watch for entertainment.......they really like to torture things.

[Angel Dreamer]: xido....*prods*  i know this is rather delayed, but what does "Ikthvkt" mean?

[xido]: "SHIT!!!" in Gith......LMAO@ your post, angel!!!! Hey, at least she hasn't resorted to throwing her ring off the wagon in fury....

[Angel Dreamer]: actually, she wasnt that mad, just rather bored ^_^ sorry kim, looks like she got you in trouble too :P

[xido]: lol, I'm sorry.....they just needed to do their job.....I'm sorry you're bored. I'm trying to make it funny, while maintaining the horrid realism of the hellish realm.... Buddha'll be back.....he and Vulc landed in another wiki, and Vulc will be trying to find a way back to his headquarters, to revive and replenish, then travel back to the Abyss to get you guys out of a slave auction.....Unless that doesn't sound fun....

[Angel Dreamer]: ha...what wiki? and i'm not bored, my char was, i think this is great :P

[xido]: Oh, good....... Well, if you know, you can't post there.... They've got to get back on their own....which shouldn't be too tough.

[medianduel]: okay ...... are we still on the inside of the cage wagon thing .... sorry but i need to make sure .....

[Kim_Lundin]: Yup... we're locked in... And some foul demon thinks my back is some kind of new chair... ^_^... Hey, I just made the 100th comment... not that it's something special but it was fun saying it @_^

[medianduel]: lol .... thats great .....

[Angel Dreamer]: oh great...what about ME!! arent you gonna rescue me? *cries*

[xido]: GO KIM, you 100-count-poster, you!!!!! X.-

[xido]: Now, Medi, that's a mean thing to do to a nice, little laughing gargoyle.......tsk, tsk.........what a way to say you ripped his head off, modestly horrid.....:P  Brings a new visual to the term FREEDOM......@.@

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^

[medianduel]: lol ... thanks ..... i thought the others would like it

[Kim_Lundin]: ... I thought the Lamia also was in a cage...

[xido]: He is. He's in the caged wagon following yours, and the hags are in there with him.

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh, okay... it's so NICE to be confused @_@

[xido]: LOL@Kim........Awwww, angel went to sleepy-by........:P:)  Night, night, Angel..........LMAO

[Kim_Lundin]: *Warns everyone for stupid question* Ehum... what's 'LMAO'

[Angel Dreamer]: laugh my ass off. its not a stupid question, everyone's probably asked it at one time or another ^_^

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ Thankies!

[xido]: Are you beating the lionman, Med?

[medianduel]: no another of the gargoyles

[Kim_Lundin]: Am I still tied up?

[Angel Dreamer]: we're all still tied up i think. medi might not be, the way he's beating those gargoyles. hey, is this getting long or is it just me?

[medianduel]: yeah im untied ...... and yeah it is getting rather long

[xido]: so.......... do we need to send it to a past page, or are you guys bugging out on me? :P :)  Yeah, it's long.....and when I read it all, it makes me happy......;)

[xido]: you beat a roll challenge of 19 once, but with two of them, you might not be so lucky.....just beat a 19, if you're doing it that way don't have to......I do it just for makes things interesting, when both sides have the opportunity to win or lose....*grins* Do we want a past page?

[Kim_Lundin]: Well... I don't think we should lose anything by doing a "past" page

[Angel Dreamer]: i think we should, its getting way too long

[Angel Dreamer]: xido? angel's very very deeply asleep. she wouldn't hear a bomb go off under her nose right now. i'll get her up in a little bit tho

[medianduel]: okay ..... ill try the rolling thing

[Angel Dreamer]: do me and medi have to do that planeswalker thing at the char page? we both can make portals....but that stuff is confusing me.. :(

[xido]:'re watching that too? no, unless you want to.... You'd be part of a guild of realmrifters...... It's up to you...I don't think the staff even likes me posting that stuff in the forums.....*shrugs* I might have to take it down soon, if they keep butting me down. If you don't want to, your just considered a rebel planeswalker.....just a little punishable by mechanical law-protectors' attack......:P :)   I don't care, I'm just giving people as much as they give me when they join......

[xido]: I'm sorry, I just HAD to lighten the atmosphere, and keep y'all awake..... It looks like you guys might get saved before I can even get you to Aggrazzatt......We'll, was it as good as I wanted it to be?

[medianduel]: lmao ...... thats great stuff xido ......... hellfire toilet paper...... lol

[xido]: That should SOOOOOOO be the name of our relations to each other!!! I try.......I really do.......X.x

[xido]: I think I'll post it ibn my house at least

[xido]: (OOC: the meths can no longer dispel magic, but all magic is weakened within the city walls, unless you're a citizen of the Abyss.)

[xido]: the smoke is a by-product of the demons' incessant

[Kim_Lundin]: *LMAO*

[xido]: lol@angel...hehe...good intuition

[Phyn]: That is the most disgusting mental image I've had all day... Good job Xidoraven!!

[xido]: That was rather gruesome........hmmmmmmm........GOOD IMAGINATION.....GOOD BOY.......*pets creativity*

[Phyn]: *creativity purrs*

[xido]: stop that, Spike.......wait, have you seen Spike?

[Phyn]: the NPC of him or the REAL one?

[Phyn]: yes... I've seen him... and I like it!

[xido]: Do you watch those pages too?

[Phyn]: I watch vestahl's home, the shady inn and elliomn drinks... and I've read green-fire

[xido]: hello!!!! is there anybody OUT THERE? Only nod if you can hear me!!! (wait....?.?) Where is everybody? Angel?

[Angel Dreamer]: yes? medi was on earlier, he dont have an excuse, i dont know about kim

[Angel Dreamer]: i'll prolly post in a little while, i've g2g for now

[xido]: he gets on alot too.... I don't know what else I can post without making you guys vomit.....but Vulc and Buddha are definitely experiencing difficulties...... Now they're being REALLY side-tracked, led through portal after portal after portal, as Vulc tries to grab Buddha (who's now healed, by the way), and they keep getting stuck in layers of The Abyss....drama ensues....:P

[Angel Dreamer]: i know ^_^ ya'll are fun to watch, but i pity them when they meet angel

[xido]: you are watching us still? I figured I might see a comment to know when you were there...but it's probably better this way... less outside influence. :) Vulc is sooooo not happy right now...:( You've seen it all? Why do you pity have them see you all despairing, and such...?

[Angel Dreamer]: nah...i figure they're all going in every different direction right now, if they act like that around her she's likely to start yelling at them all. i dont really see the point of the 'between the cracks' trial, personally

[Phyn]: HAH! no one understands my games till the end... basically it was a way to get people places without worry of time restraints...

[xido]: [Phyn] just wanted a realm of his own...... So it was allowed....however, the time WE were worried about was how long it would ACTUALLY take Vulc and Buddha to get back.....ANGEL'S DYING OVER HERE!!!!! :P Well, maybe not THAT bad.....but she needs her buddha!  And things are about to get a LOT more interesting.......we're going to have WAY too many people here pretty soon, if people don't quit recruiting themselves. Trust me, it's possible for these guys to get home without THIS much's SUPPOSED to be a challenge, but with the two new parties that seem to be of which has two members of a bit OVER-powerful status....well, it's a bit overkill.Let's hope for best.

[Phyn]: the whole thing was silly... yes there's basically an army coming to save the day... how it happened... long story. Why it's happening? God everyone has their own purpose. At least one of which feels like he doesn't have a choice

[xido]: you?

[xido]: well, unfortunately, even before you and the girl got involved, I was sending Elliomn, [BadCat], and another ....uh, come help.......then the welcoming patrol got involved......*sighs* oh well...... (Nik, you're going to LOVE what I've done to a couple of our members..... Kim, BadCat CHAR, and Elliomn all have odd quirks to their travels, and Angel has Buddha to get back together with......I think I've got an idea for Medi...but it'll take a while to put into play.....let's hope we can go that long. Especially after my trip.....people are gonna think I'm dead to the world......*hopes otherwise*

[Phyn]: Nah... I'll be waitin! And it'll be good... once the two of us get back together... this place is gonna rock!

[xido]: this place rocks already....don't downsize me! lol....ok

[Phyn]: lol

[medianduel]: hey sorry i havent posted in a while .... been without connection ..... and i was at ians cousins house when i was on on thursday ..... so i didnt realy have time to post anything...... but im back now ....

[Angel Dreamer]: ian's cousin's house? what were you doing there?

[medianduel]: i was there with ian ...... he invited me ?

[xido]: 1) Angel, I love how good you are at this....I wouldn't even know you watched those pages, if not for your reactions on here....just splendid. 2)KIM: Here, I am Kim#2, and you are the other, we are switched, and we'll figure out a good way to do it in detail later.....maybe you'l control one, and I'll control the rest (how many??? Muahaahahahahahahaaaa) 3) OOC: the brown sack is a small bag of dry! 4) This is, without a doubt, the best damn campaign I've kept going in a very long time....and I love you all for it!!! Until I return, Thank you, and *loves*  X.O

[xido]: If for some reason morbid curiosity overwhelms you, or you feel the need to incorporate another detail of Aggrazzat not posted on this page, you can view all of the odd settings in The Abyss, such as being located on the eastern side of the city, or including the detail of the huge factory in the central part of the city...... If I'm still gone, and you need a good detail, just look over those pages, and if it needs editing, I'll do it when I return. For now, thank you so much, and I'll catch y'all on the flipside!!!!!!

[xido]: what did you post, the boy?

[Phyn]: nothing... I was copy pasting I hit edit to snag the top part of your page

[xido]: OOC: a roll of a perfect 20, Medi....:) OK, that's it....I leave tomorrow morning.....this is my last post. [Phyn], my friend and fellow mod, has been asked to keep watch on these pages, and he knows MOST of how they're working.... so if you keep playing, he'll be here to post. You're underneath the city right now, and two other parties are here as if you meet....well, then you're going too fast for me...:) just kidding. Have fun while I'm gone, and I'll see you all later. After you leave the caravan behind, someone can post it all on the new page above.... I think the next segment will have to do with wandering beneath the city, or something similar.....

[xido]: I thought I'd take you through the whole slave auction, but you've successfully escaped....(well, mostly), so we'll divert from that path. You can all wander the tunnels, or come up with something else. I'm not worried. I like a good challenge. :) *loves*

[medianduel]: awwwww........ sorry to hear that youre going away ....... hope you get back soon

[xido]: don't be.... I get to go home. This is a good thing. I'll be back as quickly as possible. Keep them in line, Medi! :P Later

[medianduel]: lol ..... ill try though i dont think they will listen to me much ..... okay ...... its gotta be good to know that youre going to a place where youre welcomed ...... home

[xido]: oh it me. Where I am now is nearly as bad as the

[medianduel]: lol ..... sorry to hear that

[xido]: have I lost my group????

[Phyn]: lost them in the sphere you did.....

[Angel Dreamer]: nooo.....finals

[xido]: ok.....I'll be patient.

[Angel Dreamer]: where'd the green-fire oven people go?

[xido]: The group with buddha and Vulc in Greenfire oven 2 is on the western side of the city, on the roof of a six-story building which stands to the western side of a burning, exploded building. Between them and the group of GFOven 1 is the huge coal factory with two large smokestacks, and one little one. The group at GFO 1 is in the northwestern room of a warehouse building on the southern side of a market plaza, almost 30 paces from where you now are, but above-ground. I have a map now.....tunnels and all.

[Angel Dreamer]: wow....*pokes medi* 

[xido]: that's alright.....we should wait a little longer, let him post. I don't want to powerplay too much.....and you've got lots of time now, off the wagon......(thank the dehara....I almost thought I was going to have to enslave y'all)

[xido]: lol......the roll of d20 : 1 made me want to post something tough, but you needed to you're still ok, but slightly inebriated from the substances in the rations.....@.@....hehe

[Angel Dreamer]: a thrill a post ^_^ we ever gonna see the hags or lamia again?

[Angel Dreamer]: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! :D

[Kim_Lundin]: Merry christmas to you too, Angel! ^_^ Oh, and to everybody else to of course.

[Angel Dreamer]: *decorates Aggrazzat with lots of Christmas stuff* ^_~

[Kim_Lundin]: *Dresses the biggest, baddest demon in whole Aggrazzat with a santa suit... then I run for my life* ^_^

[Angel Dreamer]: xido's gonna love this when he wakes up XD *plants a huge Christmas tree in the middle of Aggrazzat and decorates it*

[Kim_Lundin]: *dances around the christmas tree... well, it looks like that, but in reality I'm just hiding from the now really pissed of demon in santa suit*

[Angel Dreamer]: lmao ^_^ *plays Christmas music*

[Kim_Lundin]: *climbs up in the christmas tree*

[Angel Dreamer]: *plugs the lights in and Aggrazzat lights up like....a Christmas tree*

[Kim_Lundin]: *Throws a shoe at the angry demon, who tries to make the christmas tree fall by chewing on it*

[xido]: *slaps forehead and chuckles* Y'all are too damn bored......but the demon city looks pretty LMAO..... *the demons' hearts begin to soften and warm, and one munches on a bulb.....they all go out and it's back to normal.....the little one with the cord in his mouth looks around dumbfoundedly*

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ But boredom can do really fun things somethimes.

[xido]: NPCs always pop up every now and then in my chances are that you may see the hags and lamia again when you least expect it. :) I'd like to have at least 1,000 versions of this page before it tuckers out.....that's my goal.....a good solid campaign.

[xido]: and, yeah, it looks like it, things

[xido]: LOL@ the itch!!!! Muahahaaahahaahahaaaa!!! You are cursed by your own presence, KIM!!!!

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh no... one more curse... thought it existed some kind of "maximum ammount of curses that can be laid on one person"... seems like I was wrong.

[xido]: yep! have fun!!!!! :P

[Angel Dreamer]: *tackles xido and jams a santa hat on him* ^_^

[xido]: *sits on the floor, looking silly with his hat and a bit pitiful* o.o   happy hannukah!!!!

[Angel Dreamer]: lmao *huggles xido*

[Kim_Lundin]: *Throws his last shoe at the tree-eating demon*

[xido]: *throws back at Kim* hey, don't hit ME!!! hehehe.....*huggles EVERYONE* Awwwwwwww, look at the big, soppy family.....they so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!

[Kim_Lundin]: *The tree-eating demon looks SOOO cute, yet a little surpriced, when he gets huggled by xido*

[xido]: *gives the demon a big ol' smooch on the cheek* MmmmmmmmmmmmMWUAH!!!

[Angel Dreamer]: *takes a picture and laughs*

[Kim_Lundin]: *Gets a videocamera and records the whole scene... from the top of the christmas tree...*

[xido]: oh, that's black mail, right there..... the demon grunts in agreement

[Kim_Lundin]: Oooh, it isn't black mailing... it's... ehum... A MEMORY! Yes, a memory... and besides, that demon hunted me around the whole Aggrazzat, so he deserves it

[xido]: oh, he did haven't even really had the chance to explore the city yet....and may not be able to, knowing how mortal you are...........memory. sheesh.

[Kim_Lundin]: But you have my souls... and if you can be a cute little owner-of-Kim's-souls and let one of my souls be a ghost or something so I can explore this magnificent *ehum* city... Then I can explore it WITHOUT putting my mortal body in danger *big smile*

[Angel Dreamer]: hehehe ^_^

[xido]: o.O.....A ghost, eh? That's a dangerous wish, my boy.....You of all people should know how much of a bad idea that have seen the bad bug experience first-hand. But if that's your desire........

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh, I have so many souls... ONE ghost can't be so dangerous... And besides... you already have control of the souls, so if you wanted to turn me into a giant ladybug... you should have done it already... right?

[xido]: you have a dangerous sense of assuming, my good friend........Are you asking me to kill you? You have to understand that what you wish is precisely what you get. I have no problem granting this wish. o.O *and the genie stares at you*

[Kim_Lundin]: Hey, where did that genie come from!? Okay, okay, I do not want to see the city so much so I'm willing to die for it... Hmm... but feel free to kill the demonic fleas. ^_^

[Angel Dreamer]: suddenly i'm glad i read the green-fire oven1, else i'd be totally confuzzled by this conversation....O.o

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^

[xido]: sorry, buddy, no can do on the flea front......that itch is an effect of having too many bodies in one place at a time.....:) As for the wish, you know I wouldn't do anything to you that would kick you out of the game....but you have NO CLUE what it is that you're asking for. I'm more than willing to oblige. *Impish grins* @Angel: Yeah, it would be a little odd, huh? Ladybugs and

[Angel Dreamer]: mediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or kim!!! somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[xido]: o.o I'm sorry, I'd post, but I won't powerplay him, and that's all I could do except make it harder for you.....not the choice I'd like to pick. I know he doesn't get on should we handle this?

[Angel Dreamer]: fill their message boxes with links here? ^_^

[xido]: lol! Well, if you did it, it worked....  From now on, you can post on the other pages, and I'll keep this page up as a campaign-wiki. I'd like to get the others to come BACK HERE, instead of keeping them in GFO2. We'll see what happens. Now, I know we all can't get on as much as we once we need a backup plan, and does anyone oppose GOOD powerplays?

[xido]: Kim, do you still want to die? (completely serious)

[Angel Dreamer]: i have no objections to getting pushed around when i'm not able to get on for a while...

[medianduel]: me either

[medianduel]: and my new job has me woking from 4 pm to 1 am so i probly wont be able to g4et on that oft

[xido]: enough to check back in every week or so......? I'll avoid powerplays, but I can't guarantee how often I post either. I can pledge a day or two a week, unless I'm completely open on my schedule. If that's cool, we can all just make this game go on for as long as we can keep it up. Even if you only get to check it every once in a while, I won't abandon this....but I can't update daily either.

[Angel Dreamer]: sounds good to me ^_^ i just dont want this to die completely

[medianduel]: mee too ..... i can check back about may twice a week .... but i dunno

[Angel Dreamer]: so we post here, not the oven?

[xido]: post on GFO2, and I'll post it all on here too as it's added. This is THE page...but you can make your posts on the other one, so they know what's going on....that's where the action happens; this is the where the story goes. Gotcha?

[medianduel]: okie doke

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ Wonder how many times I've been without weapons when I encounter monsters, insects or other bad things...

[Angel Dreamer]: kim...we're all posting in the green-fire oven2, not here ^_^ there's some stuff you've missed

[Kim_Lundin]: Oh... okay... I better move over there then. ^_^ I ALWAYS miss stuff, if I one day don't... it's time to get HUGE umbrellas...

[xido]: Ok, so at almost three hundred postings (the last few being compound postings, so probably damn near on the button at 300), we have finally managed to get back out of the ABYSS. How did everyone like their little side track journey? I totally and thoroughly enjoyed it. LOL. Oh, the mighty power that is Hellfire Toilet Paper....  :) Now, it might be time for us to explore Qor and Tearra Réhm....  Or it might just be time for celebration and booze at the local Vraisynn tavern after a mighty adventure. I'll tell you this much: you've all gotten 3,500 experience points apiece, and consider it a level up. :) Nice fucking job, guys. Good work. *pats on the back all the way around*

[Angel Dreamer]: *blinks*  so what does a level up mean on here? we can blow bigger stuff up? :D

[medianduel]: lol ... i think so

[xido]: essentially. For medi, it means more diverse and better spells, and the same for you... For Kim, it's a matter of better luck, and some skills, along with a few more character concepts....:) Buddha will start wanting to connecting with Angel to make bigger effects and abilities. Remember, in D&D terms, I'm making him a shaman/monk.... so the action will be more intense now.

[Kim_Lundin]: Luck? Well THAT'S something I really need. ^_^ I guess it's luck to get out of the Abyss, but I don't think the shadow thing will bring so much luck...

[xido]: The shadow has left your body. It fleed to the shadow world once it could get through. And you should all figure out some particular detail that you'd like to incorporate as the next big detail for all of you. I have a few ideas, but nothing solid yet. Give me something, and let's all take a room, or get an ale.

[Kim_Lundin]: Well, I guess it has something to do with Vulc... ^_^ is he bringing some friends?

[xido]: That's not necessarily true... But I'm not sure yet. He'll be back, though. What do you think, Kim? What's your next big thing?

[xido]: I added the portion of the story that Vulc and Buddha had to travel through while they were gone. It's starts on ShadowRealm's Page 2, and goes on through a couple other Abyss layers, and finally through an odd outer realm of [Phyn]'s device, before meeting back up in Aggrazzat. It's pretty good, if you haven't already read how they returned....  :)

[Kim_Lundin]: I'm about to sleep. ^_^ And then... well, I guess I have to meet my twin sooner or later...

[xido]: Does anyone (other than me) want to post this on the Wiki Nominations?

[Angel Dreamer]: sure ^_^

[Kim_Lundin]: Yes! ... ^_^ ... nothing more to say >_<

[xido]: So can you? I already posted one....and I don't want to be a wiki nomination hog.... :P

[xido]: Isn't it nice to think how far along this story has come? I don't think anyone should ever have to live their lives without being a part of a great story somewhere.... you know? Real life is so boring sometimes, that I think it's almost a necessity to be a part of some great legendary story.... This is ours. :)

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ I agree, real life IS boring sometimes.

[Angel Dreamer]: we'll have to wait a little to nominate this on...seems like the deadline's the 15th >.<

[xido]: oh.....Are they only doing it once, or is their more to come? It's not cool to have a deadline on it that only got posted a couple weeks ago...

[Angel Dreamer]: the next one should be open at the end of this month.....prolly the day i leave town >.<

[Kim_Lundin]: I think it's called "The Law of Crappiness".

[xido]: LOL!!!! for sure! :P

[medianduel]: no its called murphy's law .. but it should be that

[xido]: yes, it should.

[Kim_Lundin]: "Law of Crappiness", "murphys law", what's the difference? ^_^

[Angel Dreamer]: somebody nominate the page, quick!! ^_^

[xido]: Okay...nominated.  See the Wiki Nominations

[Angel Dreamer]: XD that's what we should call ourselves, the hellfire tp guild ^_^

[xido]: Yeah, I figured it would go over well.  :)

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