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Hayate is the leader of the leafe knights and a protector of the pretear. He works for Himeno's dad as an assistant.

Hayate is usually cold and cruel and doesn't care about other people's problems, but he takes a liking to Himeno later in the series.

Hayate is the first knight Himeno prets with, and he isn't very good at teaching her the basics about what to do. Usually he calls her names and yells at her when she does something wrong. But if something is about to attack Himeno, Hayate responds and he's the one getting hurt while Himeno is left scratchless.


Himeno Awayuki is an average high-school girl. Well... that is if your definition of average includes having your father re-marry to the richest woman in town giving you a new family that doesn't seem to notice that you exist.

Himeno appears to be a genki school girl and karate master, but deep down she is depressed, having lost her mother as a young girl and the new family which doesn't acknowledge your presence (sans one stepsister who wants to make her look like an idiot) and she has a very... odd... taste in ice cream.

One day Himeno runs into a man on her way to school, one of the leafe knights who must find the Pretear in order to defeat the Princess of Disaster before she sucks the world dry of life. Now Himeno's not so normal life has just become even less normal.


Sasame is the very sensetive Knight of Sound. He is probably most Pretear fans' favorite knight. He is very considerate, caring, calm, handsome, etc.... (all the positive words you could describe a perfect man).

He works at a radio station, answers fan mail, and gives advice to troubled teens.

He is madly in love with the Princess of Disaster, Fenrir, though. Fenrir was the former Pretear before she became the Princess of Disaster. But Fenrir can't return his affection because she is in love with Hayate.


Shin is the youngest of the Leafe Knights and also one of the most important. Using a special locket he can lock away demon larva that haven't fully grown and in battle he can cast a spell called 'Beyondios' which is a containment shield, protecting everywhere else from damage.

The Leafe Knight of plants is very sweet and never does anything to purposely hurt his friends. When Himeno is unhappy he always tries to help and make others feel better. Mannen normally yells at him for random things which makes him cry.

In fights, Shin can be quite weak because he gets nervous and panicks easily. He can't protect himself very well and is a big target so he normally depends on Himeno and the other Leafe Knights for protection and support.


  Goh is the Knight of Fire and works at a restaurant. Adopting a tough-guy technique, Goh is typically the one assigning the younger members of the Leafe Knights tasks and threatening them for any misdeeds. He often uses reverse psychology as a tactic to get the younger members to do what he wants. When Himeno assumes Goh's power, she can utilize the Fire Axe.
  Voiced by: Shotaro Morikubo (Japanese), Spike Spencer

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