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Welcome to the unofficial Elftown Wiki Ring for photographers.

In the world of art, photography is often overlooked. By showcasing talented photographers in Elftown, we hope to help revive photography as an art form.

If you'd like to join the wiki ring, please add the link to your online photo gallery or Photography wiki here in Elftown. Please be advised: If your link(s) is moved to a different wiki, it is nothing personal. We are looking for photographs that display originality, quality and those that hold artistic value or use. If you have any questions, please contact [Lothuriel].

Please add youself in alphabetical order by username

Anyone with a camera can catch a good shot now and then but, it takes creativity, patience and quite a bit of talent to get that perfect shot!




Favorite Camera:My Canon 35mm, but it is a film camra sadly so you probably won't ever see my pictures taken with it. :(

Favorite Subjects:I love macro photography, and specifically plants. And even more specifically flowers, and even more specifically roses. X3

Elftown Galleries: I can't recall the name. Let me get back to you on that one *wink*.


Angie O'Connor [Blaithin]

Favourite Camera: Sony a300 mainly for lack of another option... although it's takin' a beating and kept on clicking!

Favourite Subjects: Majority of photos are landscapes but my all time favourite subjects are animals of any form.

Elftown Galleries: Don't have one right now... work in progress.


R.E.L. [Captain Rachel Black]

Favorite Camera:I Just bought a Nikon P80 which I am gradually coming to adore :D *purrs as she strokes it's black shinyness*

Favorite Subjects: Truly I love shooting People *evil grin* bad pun but tis true tis true

Elftown Galleries: BlackLight Photography will take you to a link for all my different galleries


Denisa Ispas, [Chrysilla]

Favorite Camera: I used to only have one, an HP Photosmart R707. I recently got a Canon EOS 400D

Favorite Subjects: Mostly landscapes, trees, flowers, sometimes objects, rarely (too rarely for my taste) people

Elftown Galleries: Chrysilla's Photo Gallery, with links to all my subwikis


Jennifer Renee, [Cia_mar]

Favorite Camera: Sony a350 DSLR 14.2 MP

Favorite Subjects: Landscape, macro, flowers

Elftown Galleries: Some personal/happy snaps found in Cia's Wikis


Priscilla Jenkins, [Cillamoon]

Favorite Camera: Sony CyberShot

Favorite Subjects: Themed Pictures, Funny Pictures, Landscapes & Trees

Elftown Galleries: Cillamoon's Stock Images: All of my galleries in one area, instead of listing each of them here (there is a long list, lol).


Jennifer Lee, [Daisy le Fleur]
Favorite Camera: My Canon 40D EoS..goes everywhere I do.

Favorite subjects: People, old buildings, nature.

Elftown Galleries: Shutterfly


Favourite Camera: Canon G12,G9, Canon 7D
Favourite Subjects: Nature, Landscapes, Wildlife
Elftown Galleries:

Nana Leonti, [Jitter]
Favorite Camera: A simple 7mp Pentax, it's not great but it works for me :)
Favorite subjects: My son, weird objects, family& friends, colourful things, waterscapes
Elftown Galleries: Jitter's Photography

S. A., [Linderel]
Favourite camera: None yet, for both my experience and knowledge are rather limited. What I use is a Canon PowerShot A570. It works, but I dream of an SLR.
Favourite subjects: Skyscapes, waterscapes, landscapes, flowers, people, animals, old buildings.
Elftown galleries: Camera Happy

Pamela Tackett, [Lothuriel]
Favorite Camera: A 35mm Petri purchased by my father in 1965. It has a bent lens frame
and has lived through the Vietnam War and the 1977 flood in Kentucky.

Favorite Subjects: My children, abandoned and historical sites and nature

Elftown Galleries:Photographer

Website: N/A

Jimmy C. Fox, [MisLuck]
Favorite Camera: Canon 300 film camera! From digital cameras Canon 20D and Canon G5. 
Favorite subjects: Natures wonders and details, especially waterscapes. Animals, both domestic and wild, and real life situations with people.
Elftown Galleries: shutter leads to 3 other pages of my photographs. They have been token during the last 10 years.

Heather L.M. Malone, [Mordigen]
Favorite Camera: Any Nikon
Favorite Subjects: Abstract, Macro, Portraitry, Scapes
Elftown Galleries: Don't have any portfolio-type galleries, but you can see tons of my random photo work on Sky Sky Baby and Meet The Gang

Melissa Swarts [Nioniel]

Favorite Camera: Canon EOS 50D ♥

Favorite Subjects: Nudes and Nature!

Elftown Galleries: Melissa's Shoots & Melissa's 365, though many of mine are within Melissa's Stock Images 2010

Websites: Nada

Marion Z. Skydancer, [Skydancer]
Favorite Camera: Minolta 600si series. I also use a Canon A640 a lot. 
Favorite subjects: Man as a natural being, nudes in nature, the natural world, well done still lifes, the nude as an art form, the mythic and legendary.
Elftown Galleries: An Afternoon Walk - Nov 2008 - Dragon's Chyld at Elftown - The Flutterby Garden - The Koi Pond - Hookah Joe's Aug-13-2006 - craggy gardens - Jerusalem Gardens - Shadow Memories - 10-21-08 Long Robe with Staff  I will have to see about creating an index page for my work.

Andy, [Solitary Comfort]
Favorite Camera: Canon 20D fitted with a Sigma 150mm Macro Lense.
Favorite Subjects: Mainly macro shots but I'm not fussy I'll have a go at anything really.
Elftown Galleries: Andy's Photos

Favorite Camera: Nikon D80. Also use a Canon SD850IS quite a bit.
Favorite Subjects: Nature
Elftown Galleries: None

Photography Contests in Elftown

photo forums still life photography

Voting taking place now!!

Photo Contests
Goth Contest
80's Glam
10 Days of Photography
keyword photography competition
show me your POKER face
Ready For My Close Up
Portfolio Contest - Has a photography section
Nature's Majesty

Showcase your photography

Shutter Masters


Reference Pictures


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