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This is a pearlcrocodile that I have sent to [Teufelsweib]. Click to enlarge!

This is a pearlcrocodile sent to [Jacco] (photos taken by him) Click to enlarge!

This is a pearlcrocodile given to [ArchangelGabriel]. (photo taken by him) Click to enlarge!

This is a pearlcrocodile, and a matchbox, given to [Norenfer]. (photos taken by him)

This is a pearlcrocodile that I have given to [Linderel]. (photos taken by her)


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2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: 5.1 megapixels then, I would believe =P

2006-10-15 [Teufelsweib]: I just say what they wrote on the camera :P

2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: I know.. =p
What brand is it?

2006-10-15 [Teufelsweib]: ...uuuh....
Olympus FE-130

2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: ah.. I've heard of Olympus. Used to have a Nikkon, 2,5 megapixels. The brand name usually have some kind of importance. You know that what you've bought has a name behind it and that it must be good. One of my moms friends bought a 6 megapixels camera, and it still takes crappy photos.. I've tried to change the settings, its just bleh..

2006-10-15 [Teufelsweib]: yeah, that's the exact reason. with good names, you know it for sure. with crappy ones you either have a lot of luck, or you're stuck with some shitty camera...

2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: Yup, and that's not so good when you have ordered it from the internet plus if it is expensive =p

2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: Seen [Jacco]s pearlcroc? =)

2006-10-15 [Teufelsweib]: yes, I've seen it! it looks lovely :) (I like what he did with the plant :P)

2006-10-15 [BlackDragon]: So do I.. ^_^

2006-10-25 [Linderel]: I has pictures! :3

2006-10-26 [BlackDragon]: They're up now =)

2006-10-29 [faux pas]: cuteness :)

2006-11-09 [Lothuriel]: I love these!! My baby girl calls them "algeygaters". OF course I know these are crocs but, eh...just popped into me head! ^__^

2006-11-13 [BlackDragon]: I'm glad that you like them! If you would like o have one, I can make one for you in exchange for something.. =p

2006-11-17 [Lothuriel]: I will surely keep that in mind!

2006-12-16 [BlackDragon]: If you click on [ArchangelGabriel]'s pearlcroc and view the larger photo, you can see how dirty the mouse is.. =P

2006-12-16 [Teufelsweib]: oooh! I still have the pictures of the croc earrings! I only can't upload them on this laptop :P

2006-12-16 [BlackDragon]: ah.. Upload them soon! Did you take pictures of you wearing them?

2006-12-17 [Teufelsweib]: yes, that too!!! I'll upload them as soon as I can :3

2007-01-26 [~Noir~]: Love the crocs ^^

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