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2005-08-04 19:37:02
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Do you love peaches? I do. If you do to, then, please put your name below. Thank You!

<img:>this wiki is a safe zone!

<img:> this one was made by: [Sinistra.]

<img:> also made by [Sinistra.]

people don't freak out if ur name isn't here any more...i moved it
here peach lovers: peach followers go here 2 join...
& go here 2 vote on what you think of peach lovers! : peach polls

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2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: this is a better wiki I love frog-men!

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: really go there

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: o did..

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: i did..

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: you cant message me there talk to the others there

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: why?

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: long story but it doesnt matter that is a great wiki so go back there and say some thing eles

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ok...

2005-06-20 [Sinistra.]: i still like peaches!!!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: then talk here, and at I love Frog-men!

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: yay that's good...but, no one except you & [Gone4Eva] seems to...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: i used to but it needs more ppl there, it was a very good wiki

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: we need more people here too!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: go there and bring them here, just ask if ppl like peaches just as much as frogmen, but still stay there and talk

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ok...thanx!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: OH GOOD quoting me i ment when others were online

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ?

2009-02-11 [yamisango]: hello

2009-04-01 [bluefarie]: hello...
*coughs dust out of mouth...* Bah!

2009-11-12 [yamisango]: giggle

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