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2005-08-04 19:37:02
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Do you love peaches? I do. If you do to, then, please put your name below. Thank You!

<img:>this wiki is a safe zone!

<img:> this one was made by: [Sinistra.]

<img:> also made by [Sinistra.]

people don't freak out if ur name isn't here any more...i moved it
here peach lovers: peach followers go here 2 join...
& go here 2 vote on what you think of peach lovers! : peach polls

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2005-01-11 [bluefarie]: this is my new wiki...

2005-01-12 [I Am Not Here]: Yay! I love peaches!

2005-01-12 [bluefarie]: yay! *dances!*

2005-01-12 [bluefarie]: there's the 1st (crappy) banner...

2005-01-13 [I Am Not Here]: It's cute thogh ^_^

2005-01-13 [bluefarie]: thanks! u wanna join?

2005-01-13 [I Am Not Here]: Uhh yeah! Sign me up Scotty! ^_^

2005-01-13 [bluefarie]: k...:D

2005-01-13 [I Am Not Here]: Hurrah! I like the little thing you wrote after my name that's something I would say! ^_^

2005-01-13 [bluefarie]: well, if it wasn't then u would've told me & i would've taken it off / changed it...:)

2005-01-13 [Sinistra.]: could u add me then?

2005-01-13 [Sinistra.]: <img:>

2005-01-13 [Sinistra.]: <img:>

2005-01-13 [I Am Not Here]: Oooh cute! I like this wiki, it has my most favorite fruit in it ^_^ YAY

2005-01-14 [bluefarie]: thnx 4 the banners ~*mystic*~! they're awsome...!

2005-01-14 [Sinistra.]: why thankyou

2005-01-14 [I Am Not Here]: I wish I could make banners *sigh* I don't know how!

2005-01-15 [Gone4Eva]: yay

2005-01-15 [bluefarie]: y, hello, would u like 2 b a member???

2005-01-15 [Gone4Eva]: yes

2005-01-16 [I Am Not Here]: YAY! More Members! Hey, how many of you have seen Evil Dead or Army of Darkness?

2005-01-16 [Fizban]: yay today is great, why is your name lemon if you love peaches?

2005-01-16 [bluefarie]: ha ha ha...jack do u want 2 join???

2005-01-16 [Fizban]: oy yeah that would just be peaches and roses;)

2005-01-16 [bluefarie]: ha ha ha ha...ahhh, sure!

2005-01-16 [Gone4Eva]: its leomon, dumb ass

2005-01-16 [bluefarie]: u talkin' 2 me / fizban???

2005-01-16 [Fizban]: i know how its spelled i just thought you purposely spelled it wrong now that i look what are you goin on lion man/mon but sheesh sorrry

2005-01-17 [Gone4Eva]: leomon the digimon, and dont ever asome any thing, its get ppl mad/

2005-01-17 [bluefarie]: yeah...

2005-01-18 [I Am Not Here]: Heehee, I like lemon candy

2005-01-18 [Gone4Eva]: me too

2005-01-19 [bluefarie]: mmmmm, yummy! but, i don't think they have peach flavored candy do they???

2005-01-19 [Gone4Eva]: yop they do

2005-01-20 [I Am Not Here]: Yes, uhh Japanese candy

2005-01-21 [bluefarie]: yeah, i don't think im gonna go all the way 2 japan 2 get peach flavoered candy...i wish i could though...

2005-01-21 [Gone4Eva]: there are peach gumys in the us

2005-01-22 [bluefarie]: really??? where???

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