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Do you love peaches? I do. If you do to, then, please put your name below. Thank You!

<img:>this wiki is a safe zone!

<img:> this one was made by: [Sinistra.]

<img:> also made by [Sinistra.]

people don't freak out if ur name isn't here any more...i moved it
here peach lovers: peach followers go here 2 join...
& go here 2 vote on what you think of peach lovers! : peach polls

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2005-01-22 [Gone4Eva]: any gas stayson

2005-01-22 [bluefarie]: really???

2005-01-22 [I Am Not Here]: OHHHHHHHHH Fancy *nibbles toes* Yummy

2005-01-22 [bluefarie]: lmao...ur always so funnt...

2005-01-22 [bluefarie]: lmao...ur always so funny...

2005-01-22 [Gone4Eva]: yop they are there

2005-01-22 [I Am Not Here]: Whos funny? Where??? *Looks around crazily* Who?

2005-01-22 [Gone4Eva]: yop

2005-01-22 [I Am Not Here]: YOP!!! Holy monkeys, who's Yop??? *jumps up a tree and eats chocolate pie* I like to eat *giggle*

2005-01-23 [Gone4Eva]: yop=yes you fool

2005-01-23 [bluefarie]: lamo...leomonexe is funny, but so r u pink faerie...

2005-01-23 [Gone4Eva]: lol

2005-01-23 [bluefarie]: hee...

2005-01-23 [bluefarie]: ok, but seriously we need more members...i don't want this wiki 2 die....!

2005-01-24 [Gone4Eva]: it wonte

2005-01-24 [I Am Not Here]: Aww it wont die! Its growing! *smile* Oh yeah, if anyone here like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, come and check out my wiki! James Marsters Fans  ^_^

2005-01-24 [Gone4Eva]: maybe

2005-01-24 [I Am Not Here]: Don't worry about it!!! How can a wiki die anyways? I mean, unless everyone stops talking or leaves. Then maybe...

2005-01-24 [Gone4Eva]: yeah but then still it was never alive in the frist place

2005-01-25 [I Am Not Here]: Uhhh okay... *confused*

2005-01-25 [Gone4Eva]: lol

2005-01-25 [bluefarie]: hey, pink...i wanna join ur wiki..where do i sign up??

2005-01-25 [I Am Not Here]: Oh just tell me and then I'll add you! I think that eventually I'll just make a separate page for Members ^_^, but yes I will add you righ tnow. Thanks!

2005-01-25 [bluefarie]: thnx!

2005-01-25 [I Am Not Here]: YESSSSSSSS

2005-01-25 [bluefarie]: he he...

2005-01-25 [I Am Not Here]: Lol, so yeah... you should put a banner in your house, lol. I want to get the wiki goin! I think I might be the only one with one in their house...

2005-01-26 [bluefarie]: ok...only if u spread the word about peach lovers....& i'll open the wiki up so everyone can put their name???

2005-01-26 [Gone4Eva]: sh

2005-01-26 [bluefarie]: hey, what??? i want u 2 do it 2...

2005-01-26 [I Am Not Here]: Hmm okay! I'll try, I need a banner. I'm weird about banners, I usually like really really small ones, but I'll put one on my page and stuff. ^_^

2005-01-26 [Sinistra.]: join me

2005-01-26 [Sinistra.]: to the wiki i mean

2005-01-26 [bluefarie]: wait, ur already a member ~*mystic*~...

2005-01-26 [Gone4Eva]: ;p

2005-01-27 [I Am Not Here]: AHHH someone want to join!!!! Told them to tlak to you Dove! ^_^ Heehee

2005-01-27 [bluefarie]: k, thnx!

2005-01-28 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-01-28 [bluefarie]: hello, what's up??? eat ne good peaches l8ly???

2005-01-28 [Gone4Eva]: no

2005-01-28 [bluefarie]: awww, yeah...most suck...i think we need 2 grow them ourselves....

2005-01-28 [bluefarie]: ok, i opened up the, now ne 1 can just put their name up...

2005-01-29 [I Am Not Here]: There are no peaches right now... Sad *crys*

2005-01-29 [bluefarie]: im a peach person...

2005-01-29 [I Am Not Here]: YESSSS SWEET ASS

2005-01-30 [bluefarie]: whoa, thts a little um, different...

2005-01-30 [I Am Not Here]: yes

2005-01-30 [bluefarie]: yeah, yup, yep...??what else is there 2 say??

2005-01-30 [I Am Not Here]: Je Ne Sais Pas! I want to eat some oreos

2005-01-30 [bluefarie]: oh...yum...

2005-01-30 [bluefarie]: oh, yeah, we have a new member...i love her name....peachesnpears

2005-01-31 [I Am Not Here]: Yes I know, Heehee ^_^

2005-01-31 [bluefarie]: he he..

2005-02-02 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-02-02 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-02-03 [I Am Not Here]: Hi

2005-02-03 [bluefarie]: hello...!!

2005-02-03 [bluefarie]: ne thing new w/ the peach ppl???

2005-02-03 [I Am Not Here]: Not too much, I'm trying to plan out a road trip to California, but I can't find all the connecting roads...

2005-02-04 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-02-04 [bluefarie]: y, hello... 

2005-02-04 [bluefarie]: pink farie...where r u coming from??

2005-02-08 [I Am Not Here]: Idaho

2005-02-09 [bluefarie]: oh, well u don't have tht far 2 go..

2005-02-09 [Gone4Eva]: lol

2005-02-10 [bluefarie]: whatcha laughing @???

2005-02-18 [Gone4Eva]: idaho

2005-02-22 [bluefarie]: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

2005-02-23 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: i love peaches...i should be eating one right now *runs to the kitchen*

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: Hey ya'll what's up? I haven't been on much, going to Livejournal mostly now. Hee. Yay for peaches! I had the biggest craving for one this morning! Mmmm

2005-02-24 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: god im bored.....

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: Yeah I know, I'm tying a paper on parking regulations, talk about boring...

2005-02-24 [bluefarie]: yeah, ppl, srry i haven't been in in a while....

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: Lol, so how are you?

2005-02-24 [bluefarie]: im good...screwed, but good...

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: Why are you screwed? That's not a good thing?

2005-02-24 [bluefarie]: no,thts not a good thing @ all...i was supposed 2 have my report typed by tues. but, i didn't bring home my research..

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: Uh oh, that's too bad!

2005-02-24 [bluefarie]: yeah, so the only thing i have 2 type my report on is the internet resourtces..

2005-02-24 [I Am Not Here]: my report was on parking regulations.

2005-02-26 [bluefarie]: ewwwwww...hmmmm y??? what is it 4??

2005-02-27 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-02-28 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: suspended......

2005-03-01 [I Am Not Here]: Uh oh, what did you do?

2005-03-01 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: dumbass tardies...after 9 tardies u get suspended for each one after....i had 12

2005-03-01 [I Am Not Here]: OH yeah I remember all those high school rules *sigh* so glad I'm not there anymore

2005-03-01 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: yea...well ur lucky...i h8 skool....*sigh*...

2005-03-02 [bluefarie]: me 2...

2005-03-02 [Artsieladie]: new!

2005-03-02 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: hey newbie....

2005-03-02 [swabloo]: mmm... peach........

2005-03-02 [bluefarie]: u should join...???

2005-03-03 [I Am Not Here]: Yay for peaches! Lol, yes i"m in college now. YAY

2005-03-03 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: w00t!! Go u!

2005-03-05 [Gone4Eva]: go me

2005-03-06 [Artsieladie]: i've been out of school a long time & i've never wished 2 b back

2005-03-06 [Gone4Eva]: what

2005-03-06 [Artsieladie]: exactly what i said "i've been out of school a long time & i've never wished 2 b back "

2005-03-07 [bluefarie]: ok...well, ne's everybody???

2005-03-08 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: great...u?

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: well, thts good!

2005-03-08 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: yup...

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: where is every1???

2005-03-08 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: i have no friggin clue....they have lives i guess........

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-03-08 [I Am Not Here]: Hmmm

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: whatcha thinking bout???

2005-03-08 [I Am Not Here]: Ummm not too much

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: oh.....

2005-03-09 [I Am Not Here]: I am thinking... I want to go home and play Kingdom Hearts

2005-03-09 [I Am Not Here]: what are you thinking?

2005-03-09 [bluefarie]: im thinking tht [rarestew]'s poem is awsome...

2005-03-10 [I Am Not Here]: Ohh I see

2005-03-10 [bluefarie]: yeah...i think we should have some sort of contest...what do u think???

2005-03-10 [I Am Not Here]: Hmm je ne sais pas

2005-03-10 [bluefarie]: ummm....mayb u could tell me ur thoughts bout the contest in english?????

2005-03-10 [I Am Not Here]: Lol, i said I don't know... Like what kind of contest? Poetry?

2005-03-10 [bluefarie]: ne kind..

2005-03-10 [I Am Not Here]: Hmm sounds good! We'd just have to figure out just what exactly would go on

2005-03-10 [bluefarie]: yep...i was hoping some1 else would b on 2 ask them of what they think..

2005-03-11 [Artsieladie]: how 'bout a poem contest on "Do I Like Peaches...." or "Peaches Are My Fruit Of Choice Because....."

2005-03-11 [bluefarie]: hmmm...k ne more suggestions???

2005-03-12 [bluefarie]: im thinking a long the lines of like a banner conest....what do u ppl think????

2005-03-13 [Artsieladie]: a banner contest would b cool, too!

2005-03-14 [bluefarie]: hmmm...but i need more members...other wise it would b a very small contest....

2005-03-14 [Artsieladie]: mmmmmmmmm.... perhaps, i could add ? 2 my house!!! :-)

2005-03-14 [bluefarie]: yepp...i added them 4

2005-03-14 [gruffybear]: Gruffy Bear loves Peaches too they are oh so good

2005-03-15 [Artsieladie]: scrumptious....huh ? gruffybear???

2005-03-15 [bluefarie]: [gruffybear]...would u like 2 join???

2005-03-16 [bluefarie]: i took the liberty 2 add u 2 the list [gruffybear]...hope u don't mind...

2005-03-16 [munch21]: i like this wiki page its so arwsome

2005-03-16 [bluefarie]: just go 2 the peach followers

2005-03-18 [munch21]: i miss sarah

2005-03-18 [bluefarie]: thts 2 bad...where'd she go??

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: how come nobody writes in my wiki ne more???

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: ?

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: no one commonts ne more...

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: no

2005-04-03 [Artsieladie]: Gee, I'll say something....Is it safe 2 'raise a ?' here? Let's do some comparing of fruits. I like peaches w/ some yogurt & whipped cream, all stirred up 2gether! Yummy....

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: ummm

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: it's always saf here...hmmm....i should put up a banner tht says tht this wiki is a safe zone...

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: ur very talkitive...aren't u...???

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: heh, yeah

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: lol

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: whats up

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: o...nothing...

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: same here

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: i just took a nice shower...

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: the pope is dead, i wanted to sing "DIng dong the pope is dead, which old pope, the JP2nd" but besides that its crude and rude, my mom would kill me if a sang that.

2005-04-03 [bluefarie]: o...i thought he was a good guy & i think all good men in the world should b mourned when they die....

2005-04-03 [Gone4Eva]: he was better then some popes but he wasnt the best pope he could have been

2005-04-04 [bluefarie]: well, idk bout tht b/c he was very beloved all over the world...& "he was like a grandfather figure.."

2005-04-04 [Gone4Eva]: yeah, im not saying it was the pope that started the spanise incousein, im saying he could have been better

2005-04-05 [Artsieladie]: In regards 2 the Pope, I think he was a good person & tht he tried 2 make the world a better place. Only if more ppl would do the same, then mayb it would b!

2005-04-05 [bluefarie]: um....i wasn't even talking bout the spanish'd tht come from??? just curious....

2005-04-05 [Gone4Eva]: you impiled that i thought he was a bad pope

2005-04-06 [bluefarie]: o...i guess tht was my mistake...but, i guess it did sound like u disliked him....

2005-04-06 [Gone4Eva]: i was just saying he could have beev better

2005-04-06 [bluefarie]: o...well, he supposedly was the best 1 yet....supposedly.

2005-04-06 [Gone4Eva]: maybe

2005-04-09 [bluefarie]: yeah, mayb...we don't know what the future holds...

2005-04-10 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: no one seems to like peaches anymore i guess...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: I LOVE PEACHES

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ya...but, im afraid that no one else does...i need more members to refresh this wiki so it doesn't die...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: wikis die all the time it was fun while it lasted

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: yeah...i guess...but, it still sucks...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: im probably gonna start another wiki...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: ok

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: got any suggestions?

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: frog ppl under a roof

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: lol...seriously?

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]:! you should do that one & i'll join..

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: lol

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: this is a better wiki I love frog-men!

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: really go there

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: o did..

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: i did..

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: you cant message me there talk to the others there

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: why?

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: long story but it doesnt matter that is a great wiki so go back there and say some thing eles

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ok...

2005-06-20 [Sinistra.]: i still like peaches!!!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: then talk here, and at I love Frog-men!

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: yay that's good...but, no one except you & [Gone4Eva] seems to...

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: i used to but it needs more ppl there, it was a very good wiki

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: we need more people here too!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: go there and bring them here, just ask if ppl like peaches just as much as frogmen, but still stay there and talk

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ok...thanx!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: OH GOOD quoting me i ment when others were online

2005-06-20 [bluefarie]: ?

2009-02-11 [yamisango]: hello

2009-04-01 [bluefarie]: hello...
*coughs dust out of mouth...* Bah!

2009-11-12 [yamisango]: giggle

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