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2005-06-11 18:59:36
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this is where the members go:

1.[bluefarie]-wiki owner...:D
2.[I Am Not Here]-loves peaches...mmm...*munches*
4.[Gone4Eva]-Peaches! Yay!
5.[Fizban]-everythings just peaches and roses^_^ (also [bluefarie]'s best friend!!)
6.[peachesnpears] all u gotta do is look at the name!!! XD
7.[This Profile No Longer Exists!] peaches+sugar+milk=yummy(Heaven)
8.[Artsieladie]-i knew a horse named peaches!
9.[rarestew] millions of peaches peaches for me millions of peaches peaches for free... Peaches come from a can they were put there by a man in a factory down toowwwnn. If i had my little way I'ld eat peaches every day.......Presidents rock my sock and so do peaches! Peach out ;)
10.[gruffybear]-i like peaches...
11. [♥ good charlotte riot girl ♥] my nickname @ skool is peachie
12.[Lashinnian] PEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I'm done.

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2005-06-14 [bluefarie]: well, now there's 12

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