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other RP charactors [moira hawthorne]

here is a pointless vain collection of my drawings...

my faery chary Aodh
Star Child: Aodh and Aodh of SabbathNight

new chary for a friend -
his name is Aden - nickname is Skid & he's (sweet) 16 & a 'want a be' guitarist...
he skips school alot, but he is an A student... too smart for his own good.
just had to fix the guitar strap... NOW EVERYTHING DONE!

<img0*330:> * <img0*330:stuff/garage%20Aden%20C%20Final.jpg>
please please veiw the colour version full size!


Username: [moira hawthorne]
Character's Name: N'Eiarathel ni Sornerith (Athela)
Gender: gay male but crossdresser so appears to be female
Age: 115 in RP the Order of the Midnight Sun - with lover Teuen
Age: 300 still young in RP ScarlettTavern - with lover Melc
Age: 324 The Trade - Patron of House N'Eiarathel with his Hyfra slave Asrib
Age: 593 been thru alot in Pain and Pleasure - with lover Muka
Race: Drow
Class: Assassin
Physical Description: 5"4 Extremely beautiful and delicate of features and slim body. Very graceful. Moves like a dancer. Skin is almost blue black and Hair is pure white straight and long down to just below butt decorated with jewellery hair-sticks and beads. Lavender eyes. Most people assume he is a younger female than his true male age.. because he shows none of the post pubescent female characteristics. He has a flat chest and no noticeable hips. But he is beautiful. tho he doesnt wear makeup or padded bras. Just his dress which also looks very much like a kimono. (a non gender specific garment)
Personality: Shy and Quiet but Self Confident and Determined (about what he wants) Loyal and Brave
History: Athela is short and small. And was almost sacrificed at his birth. His eldest sister wanted him to be... and reminded him of this his whole young live while whipping and beating him. But for a strange reason his mother refused, tho she rejected him and because of his appearance his mother raised him as a daughter. Drows are women lead... its a strict hierarchy... with males below women so as youngest Athela would of been under all his sisters aswell as his mother... so Athela was not only the youngest but a male and a disappointment and embarrassment ...sortta of a cinderella like childhood ... scrubbing and cleaning and never being able to do it well enough... til he was taken in by the assassin teacher and started his training... only than did he have something to focus his hatred and anger and resentment on. His skill with weapons and stealth he became an assassin at a very young age. Is extremely dangerous. Magic: basic elemental control, focused on his daggers. He is a crossdresser, but he has since rejected his upbringing and has claimed his own gender and sex. He is a traveller, wandering from his past to an uncertain future. He has been thru alot already in his live, has had a lover and lost him.

I referenced his pose from the doll art I was going to make him with
before the whole rules were changed...
I just drew the doll I had been making for him...

<img0*350:stuff/nakkid%20athela%20rs%201wip.jpg> * <img0*350:stuff/7th%20rs.jpg> * <img0*350:stuff/Athela%20coloured.png>
Athela nakkid with man parts showing and wip colour version and 'final' colour version

Username: [moira hawthorne]
Character: Teuen and Athela
Moment Chosen: The Gay debate! a chibi moment!
this is before Athela comes to terms with being a gay MALE...
Picture: line art and conte colouring
Im pissed off at photoshop at the moment... =p
<img200*0:stuff/gay%20debate%201%20rs.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/gay%20debate%202%20rs.jpg>

Character questionaire:
1. Athela

2. Drow elf (fantasy race)

3. What is the first thing Athela would think of when he first wakes up?
Am I alone? If not who is with me? Are they a threat? Wonderful! Food! *bounce*
Wonderful! Sex! *bounce*

4. Athela's favourite outfit would be?
His beautiful, colourful, assassin dress-kimono attire.
He is a real fashion queen! You may think it gaudy but it will fit perfectly and show off his body to to its best, while hiding more weaponery than an Al'Qaeda tourist.

5. When Athela looks into a mirror, what's the first thing he would notice?
His hair and attire is prefect. Check all his weaponry very subtly.

6. Does Athela have the same tastes in food as you?
Not really. He is much more of a vegetarian. Tho he is adaptive, and will eat what is available, or what he is feed. Otherwise he tends to be a bit of a heavy drinker.

7. How is Athela similar to you?
We are both strongly moral tho unconventional about how its applied. He acts first than talks,(unfortunately the other person is often dead by the time he get in a conversational mood). But beyond all that, he is a real sweetheart. Loves to flirt and is truely romantic.

8. How is Athela different?
Well he is male for one, He is also an extremely beautiful, highly trained deadly assassin. Also he is much more of an asshole than me. He gets to be an exaggeration of some of my traits that I dont get to express. He is very prejudice.

9. Does Athela have the same voice as you?
No, Athela has lovely voice, soft and very feminine.

10. If you were to suddenly become Athela, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as him?
Kill a bunch of people on my better off dead list. Silent and deadly is very sexy!

11. What advantages does Athela have over you?
His beauty, his skills, and his natural abilities as a drow. He isnt immortal, but as an elf he will live alot longer than me.

12. What disadvantages?
He has alot of hate and anger, and he deals with other people's prejudice. He doesnt like/is weakened by daylight.

13. Do you have any secrets relating to Athela that only you know?
No I dont think so. Ive always shared planning of Athela with atleast one other person, not the same person tho.

14. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
No, I show all the drawings of Athela to atleast a limited audience!

15. Do you have any plans for Athela?
He is going to become a part of my friend Anna's story, Pain and Pleasure. He gets a new lover, Muka. Hopefully this one lasts. A really good painting of him and one of him and Muka together.

16. Is there something about Athela that you don't like how others think of him?
He isnt a good drow. He isnt a bad drow. He is Athela. He may behaves evil for good reasons and good for evil reasons. He is not a D&D carbon cut out or a rip off. He is a crossdressing efeminine gay male... NOT a woman.

17. What misconceptions, do people have about Athela?
As many as it takes to get them killed.

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic Athela, what would it be?
penis!... Well other than his beauty, his skill as an assassin, and the fact he is a drow elf. He mostly a nasty horrid person and any of his good characteristics he gets from me.

19. Have you made any characters that go along with Athela, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with Athela as you with the real-life person?
Nope. Athela never interacts with my other characters. Only other people's and none of those relations mirror our own.

20. Have you written any stories about Athela?
Other than the multiple Rps, nope...

21. How has Athela changed since his first creation?
Alot! Athela has been adjusted to 3 different stories... he is still developing as a chary. I go back and edit his original chary outline as he become more 3D, and as the different RP are played. In the beginning much of who he was was a lie. He started fairly bright and cheerful even tho he hadnt a happy past. He had hope that he could find love and acceptance. He becomes more bitter and hateful when his life is constantly destroyed. Yet thur these series of life changes he becomes stronger and more confident each time.

22. Give us a one-liner for Athela.
Death is better to give then receive. Murder should be personal, but personally I also like money.

Age: 300 still young in RP ScarlettTavern - with lover Melc

<img0*400:stuff/zoomingclosertomoirasathela.jpg> <img0*400:stuff/tomoirasathela.jpg>
athela by dana


Flea is a young human girl. young teens. She is a street waif. She is a wanderer. She is stealing your shoes! Did I say she is a thief? Her real name is unknown. It may be Janet. Or Sarah. But she is more common known as You Dirty Little! or Stop That! Her eyes are blue. Her hair is brown but has been dyed black about a two months ago so there are roots showing. Her height is medium. She is slim, but she doesnt eat much. She dreams of being big and powerful and fat and lazy and not cold, or hungry or picked on. She wear too few clothing for the weather. She isnt really a fighter but can scrap well enough.

New Chary!!! Dubhezi a Drider.. (Drow Spider-taur)
Linn Scarlett's The Realms of Evernight RP
he has his own character wiki... Dubhezi


<img137*0:> <img250*0:stuff/Dudhezi%20w%20halbert%203%20rs.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/Dudhezi%20by%20drow%20vision%20rs.jpg>
a) first concept drawing of Dubhezi... naughty boy
b) dressed him in his spidersilk wrap and gave him his halbert
c) what a drider might look like to heat sensitive eyes!
Dubhezi my evil insane drider... okay he isnt that bad a guy
mostly he just trying to stay alive, get laid and figure out who he was
just b/c he'd willing eat rape or shit on you doesnt make him evil does it? well maybe it does...
Dubhezi has a hard time with facts and reality.
His memory has suffered badly since he was made into a Drider. Even his name he isnt sure of.
He is about 1300 years old, but the date of birth like much else of his past has been lost to him.
He only been a drider... Chwidridera for less than a year.
He thinks. Again this could be wrong.
Dubhezi was turned into a drider as punishment for failing one of Lolth's divine tests of skill, loyalty and cunning. Formerlly a loyal Llothite drow, he had reached a certain pinacle of achievement as a warrior and fighter.
Unfortunately he remembers little of his former life.
Maybe he wasnt aware he was being tested... and well he was male so it didnt seem to matter.
After that rather extremely horrible experience, the process lasted a few weeks,
Dubhezi has never been quite right (in the head).
He ofcourse was banished from his former life, so even tho he has excaped being killed...
and driven interiorly insane... as in a drooling idiot hanging in a web, shiting himself.
He needs to feed on living prey, so he is generally more reculsive than his more destructive kin,
and is prone to sullen chaotic moody behaviour.
Sometimes he longs for companionship and someone worthy as an ally,
on the other hand it is peculiar to converse with one's food.
So far he has avoided being killed by Lloth, any of her Preistesses, or anyone else for that matter.
He has escaped into the underdark to eek out a living the best he can mostly as a drow-hunter.
Usually he spends his time hating his existence, other drow and the Spider Queen.
Dubhezi is 6"2 with a Black Widow spider-body with white leggs
and a slim but taunt muscluar upper drow body.
Hair is long white messy and looks like it was last cut with a weed wacker.
He has Red eyes, Poison fangs and claws and Spider Silk butt!



My Luftalver Bad Boy! Beorhthram... known commonly as Ravan
he's a badbadboy... dont trust him... no matter how tempting the offer.


'Invitation' His name is Ravan.
Look deep into his eyes and you know you would!...
He's daring you! You know you wantta!
(& for the very mature there is an unedited version of him!)
BTW in his story wiki, (also only for the mature)
Ravan just got his wife Brangwen Pregnant!
woot B'Aruinnian Luftalvers (winged-elfs) in love!
entered in [Zauberin] Of the Winged contest!

Character's Name: Ravan ... Beorhthram of B'Aruinn
Gender: Male
Age: 200 aged equivalent of 20
Race: B'Aruinnian Luftalvers (winged-elfs)
Class: Prince/Warrior
Physical Description: 6'8" Tall Slim yet very Muscular Build... developed heavier in the chest shoulders and back due to wings. Green eyes. Long (waist length) Straight Black hair. Long point ears tucked close to head.
Weapons: Two Swords.
Magic: attacks: Energy blast defence: Energy shield

Shtasha © me

im thinking...
Volsung and Shtasha make a pair
like Linn and Wulfgar

Volsung Linn and Wulfgar © [Linn Scarlett]

barbarians need a few good woman warriors..
anyways.. enjoy the evilness... she makes Linn a church marm
she is my chaotic evil black dragon/elf/human
I played her Grandfather as a RP chary,
a mage/magic-user/wizard and retired him to 'spell research' as NPC
and wrote a short fiction about her father and the occurances that brought about her birth.
But Shtasha was a favorite of mine for many years...
she even become pregnant with her God's child.

my D&D mage Shtasha spell casting she is also a magically created half-elf half black dragon

just wanted to make a white version
use photo ref of Christian Aquilera for the pose for both
CG art & OC © moira hawthorne 2008

off of my old old chary sheet... old old chary... like highschool - (not my drawing - this is a photo)
<img0*200:stuff/Shtasha.jpg> * <img0*200:stuff/Black_Dragon.jpg>
not my art... just reference to what she looks like in dragon form

well Shtasha is both whorey and evil...
she will use sex to get what she wants... but than kill you afterwards... but doesnt mean she fucks her way thru every conflict... she is also smart and dangerous as a mage and as a black dragon...

Shtasha likes men inside and out.. or their insides on their out... she be truele eveeeeeeeeil... and she did fall in lust with a Paladin once... hid behind him.. but she also hit him in the head a few times too with spells that went wrong... well sortta went wrong... at least that was her story!

hmm paladin are unlikely to give into lustfull things, you know that right? X_X if there is one type of men bound to resist then its paladins

I know.. I didnt play the Paladin. he was played by a friend... he he did resist Shtasha.. sex wise... which was no mean feat.. GM made him roll against failure at least twice a game.. and he prayed ALOT! but he was totally blind to Shtasha's evilness... and totally in love with her.. it use to make us both puke and laugh at the same time!

Username: [moira hawthorne]
Character name: Eis'sesskesa
Gender: Neuter
Race of the character: fire salamander daemon elemental
Age: ageless
Eyes: Big bright yellow
Ears: not visible
Skin: glows yellow orange and red
Hair: none
Size: 8"
Appearance: a salamander of fire soft smooth skin no claws or teeth
lithe body long tail short small legs
Preferred weapons: Fire
Characteristic: dwells in fire controls fire creates fire
can easily live outside of fire but prefer to stay warm
Personality: very shy but curious cheerful neutral chaotic
Likes: being stroaked, fire dancing,
Dislikes: water and cold
Weaknesses: water and cold
History: doubt it would tell you
Magic: controls fire creates fire manifest as huge fire elemental
immortal can not be destoyed individually
Anything else:

Myown, Head Assassin of the SPICE MERCHANTS/Assassin's Guild.
She has long blonde curly hair and looks like a serving wench!
She is very friendly with surprizingly strong morals,
yet is quite prepared to use any and all her assets in the line of duty.
It doesnt have to be lonely at the top. lol. Weapons, wouldnt you like to know!

Aethel The Lycanthrope.
He was Myown's lover but he is missing presumed dead...
by all except Myown.

Character name: Aethel Ragnarr
Character race: Lycanthrope (werewolf)
Character type: Warrior. He is your typical noble savage with dreams of high adventure and dieing for King and country!
(brief) Character description: He is 7' tall, has rusty brown fur with black hair, grey eyes, brushy tail as a werewolf. As a Human he is 6'3" tall with the same black hair and grey eyes. No more body hair than normal but its the same rusty brown. He also has a normal wolf form. But feels most comfortable in his werewolf form for its his trueself... and he has just learnt to shift to the other two forms.
He appears to be young 20 ish but is actually just turned 75 yrs old.
(brief) History: He has just had his coming of age ceremony and is heading out on his own to make a name for himself. His home village, Njordborg is deep in the Scearnen Mountains.
Tthovas my new Couger-thrope.
He is Aethal blood brother. But not as nice a 'man' as his brother.

Character name: Tthovas Ffallois
Character race: Felisanthrope (Werecougar)
Character type: Warrior-Acrobat. He becomes Aethal blood brother. But is not as nice a 'man' as his brother.
(brief) Character description: He is 6'7" tall, has copper red fur with short red hair, green gold eyes, long slinky tail as a werecougar. As a Human he is 6'tall with the same short red hair and green gold eyes. No more body hair than normal but its the same coppery colour. He also has a normal cougar form. But feels most comfortable in his werecougar form for its his trueself... but he is equally comfortable in his other two forms.
He appears to be 20 ish but is actually 85 yrs old.
(brief) History: He has had his coming of age ceremony 10 yrs ago and has been on his own adventuring. His home village, Correzia is deep in the Scearnen Mountains, near but not in the same area as Njordborg.
Weapons: He is skilled at martial arts, Long knife, claws, fangs, tongue ;)
note the Lycanthropes, Felisanthrope and other were-animals are not diseased or cursed humans,
they are their own spiecies and can not cross breed successfully with elfs or humans
or even the animal they most resemble.
They are born as they are but can learn to shift change to one or more shape.
Usually a human form and the animal form.
They learn to do this at they're coming of age ceremony (75 yrs appox.)
Note the were-animal races all live in remote locations... the wolfs and cougars in the Scearnen moutains... The Felisanthrope are a very private kind of species even to their own kind... they would have very separate private dwellings distanced from each others homes... and only have gathers for special occasions!
Whereas the Lycanthrope live in groups and have strong family groups and values.

<img0*500:> <img0*500:stuff/Llewellyn%20ap%20Gwynnyth.png>
coloured version © 2010

Llewellyn ap Gwynnyth

Another bad boy! tall dark handsome and a total rake!
playing him in ...
Aronael: Characters
Aronael: RP
...with Mooncat.

damn scanner and cheap paper....
this is [Mom]'s lovely son Zack
tell him thx u! he is a great model! inspirational!


Nightdance for [Fireblade K'Chona]
just the first rough sketches... work is progress...
<img200*0:> <img200*0:> <img200*0:>
right click to enlarge...
'Nightdance' work in progress...
The photo is blurry...
Nose is too wide or too long...
his smile is all wrong...
his hair isnt done...
1 hand is too big the other is too small
His arms are too far off even if his shoulders are on an angle!
and his collarbone, breast and hips
need adjusted than...

In my diary I have a post about waiting for an on hold
copy of R. A. Salvatore, first book! Homeland to read...
but I been drawing alot of drow art - this is for my friend Linn Scarlett
<img100*0:stuff/leave%20me%20be%20Ephidel.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/leave%20me%20be%20Ephidel%202.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/Ephidel.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/Ephidel%202.jpg>
Lord Ephidel of Gor-gornoth, advisor to His Highness, Meldor Istorra Idrill,
The Realms of Evernight RP by my friend Linn Scarlett

Its a photo manip... but the photo was used for just the pose..
and been drawn over so much that it doesnt show anymore at all...

'Amaranth Gilharad' (the black rose of death)
[Imraith-Nymphial]'s half caste drow elf; a mage warrior turned assassin.
He a 'man' with problems! I gonna draw him clothed too...

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