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2007-08-23 15:24:08
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The game start will be set when ten people have signed up

4. NstyBtch666
5 crystal night dragon
6. Jack_Bryne
7. Holly_Lolly
8. Azian_15
9. [Noexistantanymo]
10 Hound
12.LiLcballer06 Start
watching the arena!!!
17. Elven Rider
18. Nemeroth

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2004-06-29 [wimplo350]: reallllllllllllllllllllllly?

2004-06-29 [Pcola Azian]: wonder wat the badge will look like?

2004-06-29 [wimplo350]: can't wait to see

2004-07-04 [Pcola Azian]: same here wimplo

2004-07-05 [crystal night dragon]: hi 10/m/ct

2005-05-29 [featherhead]: whats this? can i join and how?

2005-07-21 [Gover]: sure wish i could play

2005-08-21 [nick 27]: how does it work?

2005-08-21 [nick 27]: this is a game right?

2005-08-21 [nick 27]: is anyone there?

2005-11-13 [vinnys dark revenge]: i wanna sign up

2005-11-14 [Noexistantanymo]: o.o

2006-01-16 [darkstardevil]: how the hell do you play

2006-03-05 [IcyFollower]: um hello?

2006-03-29 [Saibryn]: read the rules.... it tells you how to play

2006-05-17 [sexiitink06]: hey i am in this game or what not

2007-07-16 [Elven Rider]: shall we begin?

2007-08-23 [nemeroth]: so how does this work?

2007-10-14 [IcyFollower]: omg idoits

2007-10-14 [Noexistantanymo]: Says the one who can't even spell "idiot" ^^

2008-08-21 [IcyFollower]: WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

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