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2006-03-15 04:01:33
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Role-Playing for Dummies

Chapter 6: Conclusion

I finally ran out of things to say and my brain has been thinking too much. I hope all of this helps and that people actually bothered to read all of it and if not most of it. If you have any comments (no flaming please) suggestions or things to add to this please feel free to PM them to me or post them in the thread. I'll be glad to add them to my tutorial.

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2009-01-08 [hammersmashface]: wow i liked this...and i read all of it...imma charachter was as you say "typical"...but you know shouldnt bash that too hard...ppl start out with things they know...its hard for a noob to compleatly make up origianl materrial...they have to start out with somthing concreat...even if it is redundent...but your 5 chapters wer realy helpfull and imma see if my RP will let me remake my toon "more realistic" as in originality :D/..ill just tell them you told me so HA!

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