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Please, make sure your nomination adheres to the following rules before submitting it:

1. You may nominate your own story or the story of another member or group of members. Please note: Role-plays are not counted as stories.

2. Stories must, of course, be written by the nominee. If any are found to be plagiarised, the nominee in question will be banned from the feature and reported to the Guards.

3. Fanfiction is allowed. However, we would much prefer to feature original pieces. Please keep that in mind when nominating.

4. There is a chance of one person having several stories featured along the way. As fresh blood is still always preferred, try to nominate writers who have not yet been in the limelight.

5. If you are nominating a short story, we ask that it is complete. We will, however, feature unfinished chaptered works.

6. We will not feature stories that have won an official contest or are currently entered in one (there is a chance they might win). If you really like the author, try to find another story of theirs to nominate.

7. Nominations should be titled, grammatically correct and should have been put through a spell-check.

8. Stories are to be submitted on a wiki-page. However, if you need help setting up the wiki one of us will assist you.

9. Each nomination should include the following information:
Nominee: The writer.
Story: a wiki link to the story.
Nominator: You.
Info: A detailed reason as to why you are nominating this story.


Please, send all nominations via private message to either [Linderel], [Chimes] or [Nioniel]. Alternatively you could join the featured story nomination forum (<joinforum:2405:nightingale> (Featured Story Nominations)). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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2009-03-09 [Duke Devlin]: Can you be vain and nominate your own? XD
Edit: Strike that, I've just looked at the forum. XD

2009-03-09 [Linderel]: It also says in the first rule that you can nominate your own xD

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: Lin beat me :P

2009-03-09 [Duke Devlin]: Oh yeah... XD I was sure I scoured those rules for it... Apparently not. :P

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: You were looking so hard that you missed it completely :P

2009-03-09 [Duke Devlin]: Damn it all.. It's true. D:

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: Don't worry, we love you. :P

2009-03-09 [Duke Devlin]: Yay! ^_____^

2009-03-09 [Triola]: Can you nominate a story by one of the Featured Story Bosses? :P

2009-03-09 [Linderel]: This was already talked about in the forum xD
You can, but we prefer other people's work over it. :P

2009-03-09 [Triola]: Fine *takes the hint and goes to join the forum* :P
And I don't care what you prefer, I'll still be nominating one of yours, thank you very much :P

2009-03-09 [Linderel]: *giggle* I do love you so much <3

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: Awwwh.

2009-03-09 [Triola]: :D *snuggle*

2009-03-09 [Linderel]: *cuddle* :3

2009-03-10 [Nocturnaliss]: Question: I don't have full short stories on Elftown, but many seperate scenes that are a part of a greater whole. They're still stories in their own respect, just... a part of more XD would it be okay to nominate one of these ? And: do I make sense ? XD

2009-03-10 [Chimes]: You make sense. :]
I'm not entirely sure because I haven't read them. Nominate one of them anyway and if we see a problem with it we'll message you. If we don't message you, assume it's fine. :P

2009-03-10 [Nocturnaliss]: All righty, I'll do so ^^ thanks.

2009-03-11 [Traumatics]: so like how do you nominate? (sorry but i did not read much...) :D

2009-03-11 [Linderel]: Quoth the page: Please, send all nominations via private message to either [Linderel] or [Chimes]. Alternatively you could join the featured story nomination forum (<joinforum:2405:nightingale> (Featured Story Nominations) (Featured Story Nominations)). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I strongly advise you to read what the page says.

2009-03-11 [Chimes]: As do I, you're less likely to have your nomination rejected for breaking the rules that way.

2009-03-11 [SilverFire]: I wanna know how he has anything to nominate at all if he doesn't read much. :P

2009-03-11 [Chimes]: That's a good point. XD

2009-03-11 [XxTsomexX]: I think this is a really nice addition to Elftown!! :) I love to write stories, and I may be lucky enough to have one nominated!! This makes me want to write more....

2009-03-11 [Chimes]: Excellent! :D That's what we like to hear. ^^

2009-07-23 [Nioniel]: When will there be a new featured story?

2009-07-23 [Chimes]: We're trying to work out a new schedule... we need more nominations, if we keep doing it weekly we will run out... so we're having a 'reshuffle'. Please, please, please keep nominating. We would love to get it so that we can safely do it weekly.

2009-07-23 [Nioniel]: Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I nominated one a few weeks ago... I'll keep searching for you though!

2009-07-23 [Chimes]: We need LOTS of nommies :P The more you nominate the happier we will be.

2009-07-23 [Nioniel]: Okies! I do love it when you're all happy!

2009-07-24 [*OGD*]: *wiggle* Yay!

2009-08-09 [Akayume]: *stalks* >:O

2009-11-16 [shinobisoul]: i have a story i want to upload but how

2009-11-16 [Linderel]: Create a new wiki, then copy and paste your story there. :)

2010-10-23 [kittykat49783]: How do u create a wiki page??

2010-10-23 [Chimes]: There are instructions on: wiki_intro
^ It explains it a lot better than I could. :)

2010-10-23 [kittykat49783]: Thanks

2013-11-07 [perfumed ignition]: That's "grammar", hun. ;P

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