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History Of The Lands

Nikka was like any other lands for as long as anyone could remember, unicorns, vampires, and dragons along with many other mythiccal creatures were seen as normal. But there was one man who looked to change all of this his name is Zanthor. He saw all the mythicals as pollution to the perfect human race, so he decided early on that he needed a following. But he needed to gain the faith of the people, of those like him who decided that they had had enough with vampires suckint thier blood, and trolls raiding thier villages. But how?

He finally came apon a way, he had to win a battle no matter how menial. He set to work for years on perfecting a weapon that would aid him in this. He captured a Vampiress by the name of Gizem to test his assorted weapons on. He kept her alive only so he could use her as a tester, until the day he finished perfeccting his weapon.

"Go rid us of our burden." He said to one of the guards that night.

And sure enough the guard went to do as he was told. But the guard never got the job done. Afigure dropped from the shadows and killed him. The figure set the Vanpiress free and took her to his manor Shanara, where he nurced her back to health.

He could never had guessed that by doing so he had now gotten himself involved in a chain of evens that he would never escape. He went after the man that had hurt his beloved and slowly found out his plan of purging the lands. He knew that he had to be stopped. So he gathered a following also. And a battle was met. Zanthor ended up winning the battle and cerimonially exicuting Gizem on the battlefield infront of the figure. He rushed to her as they enbalmed her body with holy water, taking arrow after arrow in the legs chest and arm. But it was too late, she fell in his arms as hie body met the earth; he had lost her forever.

The army left for the city to regroup to continue thier cruss, but left the man for dead. But he wasn't dead his heart and soul now dedicated to destroy the man who had taken Gizem from him.

Here is the novel this RP is baced on The Enigmacy

History of the Purging
Zanthor along with support of the nobility was getting tired of the scum of the lands. Dragons would destroy towns and kill prize animals leaving the Nobilit ot pay the expences. The Vampires would kill ruthlessly for blood not caring who they harmed. The elves lived all too long, claiming to hide the knowledge that the Nobility wanted. They finally had enough of this and came together claiming Zanthor the most ruthless of them as leader. They produced weapons to aid them in this Purging and hid thier true intentions behind the catch all phrase "Religious Purging" they plan to kill every mythical race in existance.

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2005-11-19 [NiceGuy213]: ok, so how does this work? Is the players the purgers? Or can they be the ones being purged?

2005-11-19 [Shadow_Thief]: oh er....ask [Soul Assassin] or [Averon] they know..i dont XD sorry.

2005-11-19 [Soul Assassin]: go to nikka: chat and i'll get averon to answer that one

2006-01-14 [Nuktae-tal]: password things?

2006-02-24 [Shadowsoul]: o.O

2006-02-24 [Soul Assassin]: wha....?

2006-02-24 [Nuktae-tal]: um

2006-02-25 [Soul Assassin]: yeah....

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