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You like Elftown and other Heddate communities?? Do you like movies?? Then we have an idea for you! ;)
Well, we're combining the two. To make a website for lovers and makers of films so they can finally have a place to discuss their love and show off their work!

Basic Outline:
The idea of a film-lover/maker community is to bring together a group of members who enjoy watching, making, directing and/or writing screenplays for films! There will be discussions in forums, on wikis and anywhere on the site! Special features will/can include a special e-zine, a wiki for up-coming movies (in any country if possible), contests, a Trivia for the big movie buffs and etc!
Here are some complied ideas:
- The use of superwikis similar to the superwikis on Musmakers only modified in some way to be able to upload moving image files as well as sound.
- The use of superwikis like on WC for screenplay and script uploads.
- Some other cool features that can be discussed here: Film-Lovers: Features
This place will be very much like Elftown, you can upload art from your movies and even have some celebrity photos in your description!! The rules here will be lax in some ways and very strict in many other ways. We hope to make this place as enjoyable as possible as possible for the members and if any further questions are needed we are going to be here to help anyone out.

Our crew includes E-zine workers, Bosses, Guards, Council, Badgers/Graphic Designers, and many other positions. The council is not posted here (because there is no one on the council) but a list of members you can go to for questions or comments will be posted. If you are looking for a position on the council you must prove to be a HARD WORKER, you must be willing to put in hours of slave labour, and most of all you must be pleasent to work with! We want only competant workers!

Crew Members you Can contact:
1. [Paz] - Director
2. [Teufelsweib]- Asst. Director
4. [iippo]
5. [Firenze]
- These members know the most about the community, so message them with your questions and/or comments about the community.

Anyone looking to further help the community, please notify us!! We need all the help we can get!!!
If you are interested in helping we will give you the crew pages necessary for you to see. Be sure to READ over everything until you start to make comments and submit ideas.


We'll need many members!
30-60 members would be good but more would definately be awesome! By sighing up you show interest, you might become a beta tester or maybe even become part of the crew! We need as many members as possible! Without you we cannot make this happen! Oh yes, and if you have any friends and aquaintences outside the heddate sites please send the word to them. If they show an interest then this place has a better chance of getting up and running :).

Sign up your support here! (By signing up you might be a potential beta-tester/crew member)

1. [prowlie] - actually got this crazy snowball rolling! XD
2. [Paz]
3. [Tyrana] - Screen plays/claymation/stop-time animation in general/music videos/soundtrack... hooray!
4. [iippo]
5. [playslashwrite] -- Makes his own animation shorts ^^
6. [Dizaniel]
7. [Catlover]
8. [Lothuriel] - Desires to be a screen play writer more than she desires air
9. [Faery]
10. [rhyswolfie] commercials and music videos. check out but need quicktime to watch the video clips at
11. [MageyDePink]
12. [Isilando]
13. [nokaredes]
14. [EmeraldGrizzly]
15. [Amrhi]
16. [alatar45]
17. [Saphyr]
18. [Azuri] I <3 movies and hope to be making my own animations soon^_^
19. [Piggly_wiggly] This sounds cool. I've always wanted to make short films :D
20. [Teufelsweib]
21. [evil beavle]
22. [Draco Dralion] As a Digital Character Animation student this would be just a great place for me.
23. [Broccoli]
24. [L?se]
25. [Fabiank]
26. [LOLNERD.]
27. [Iuna]
28. [Boba Fett]
29. [Firenze]
30. [unavailable]
31. [Sauron]
32. [PikkuKitaraPoika] I have made 3 movies so far with my friends. 2 of them are stoner comedies called, "Brad and Tom's Early Awakening" and "Brad and Tom's Big Big Fight". The other, (my first movie), is titled, "The 2 McClain's", it is a comedy/silly horror. All three are on DVD and I plan to make more!
33. [Ultiem] over zealous fast worker on similar communities. Yes indeed i want to help
34. [I stabbith ye] - I want a cool comment...hmm *dances* YAY! (oh yes....go films!)
35. [cobwebb] Yey, I make funny films with my friends :]
36. [Count Pinkula] The next Steven Speilberg right here. Talk to me if you want to know why
37. [RiddleRose] I'm gonna take a filmmaking class soon... should be fun! <---- was not sarcastic
38. [Aliz]
39. [Stephen] Why not? :P
40. [Talia_Civer] i want to help out! i have many ideas already and stuff... so.... yesh....
41. [Vader] I need somewhere to show my stop-frame movies ^_^
42. [Jez] I am a film star!!!! WOOOO
43. [Zeltros] weeeh!
44. [Esar]
45. [Sillydeadweight] Creater of the Electric Shock Studio, whicj in a few months will start to make it's first movie^^
46. [og_ghost] - I love movies. I make movies. I want to help.
47. [earthkynd] - hmm movies.
48. [The Third Eye] - I love making movies, but prefer (and am better at) making animated movies ^_^ยด Anyhow, I wanna help! XD
49. [Blaithin]
50. [Deadlock jester]
51. [The Coffee-Prophet]- I'm quite a movieophile, made some movies before, and I'm hoping to make a living of it eventually. Manically trivia-interested and I think most movies are best on the cinema.
52. [Luke Skywalker]
53. [EveEnthrall]- I love movies and have some knowledge on them, I'm also planning to go into the film and entertainment industry.

If you want to become part of the crew and/or help out in some way please contact [Paz] (Director) or [Teufelsweib] (The Asst. Director) and we'll give you the secret crew page to this place.

~NOTE: you don't have to MAKE films to join! it's for film makers and lovers alike!~


We're not exactly knowledgeable about the programming side of things so help in that area would be greatly appreciated!
(Programmers are the most needed at this point, you can volunteer here!)
1. [Stephen] I can do basic things. I'm learning more though.

We'll also need people to design stuff, make icons, etc.
You can volunteer here! If you think that you cannot help in the future then don't sign up, thank you.
graphic artists:
1. [Tyrana]
2. [Paz]
3. [Azuri]

Film-Lovers: Border Contest


oh, and we'll be needing a name :D

Here are the ideas that were thought up by a few members and they are posted in the wiki-poll below. Vote on what you think our name should/could be.

ideas for name:
-'sticky floor soceity'
-'celluloid addicts' - both from [playslashwrite]
-'filmpack' - [prowlie]
- action! - [Teufelsweib]
- 'Moviewood' Movie and Hollywood and perhaps Elfwood? - [Draco Dralion]
-'filmlovers' - [Paz] (something simple, I guess)
- 'filmstudio' - [Firenze]
- 'filmfanatics' - [Firenze]

1668) What should our name be? (names are subject to change on a later date) (Administrator: [Paz])

Number of voters: 50
* a) Sticky floor society
Number of votes: 6 (12%) Voters: [LOLNERD.], [Fabiank], [Piggly_wiggly], [Tyrana], [minifer], [Perplexity]

* b) Celluloid Addicts
Number of votes: 1 (2%) Voters: [Airawende]

* c) **Name Taken** (No Votes!)
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* d) Action
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* e) Movie-wood
Number of votes: 31 (62%) Voters: [Azuri], [iippo], [Teufelsweib], [Ace118], [L?se], [Draco Dralion], [prowlie], [alatar45], [Speedy89], [Dragonhearted elfgirl], [Isilando], [I stabbith ye], [UL_ILINDITH], [ga_inja], [cobwebb], [Amrhi], [evil beavle], [Dizaniel], [RiddleRose], [Islene the night spirit], [vagabond faery], [Stephen], [Broccoli], [Zeltros], [Jez], [Sillydeadweight], [Nostradamia], [Iuna], [The Third Eye], [The Coffee-Prophet], [Diiwica]

* f) filmlovers
Number of votes: 3 (6%) Voters: [Paz], [Lothuriel], [Luke Skywalker]

* g) filmstudio
Number of votes: 1 (2%) Voters: [Count Pinkula]

* h) filmfanatics
Number of votes: 8 (16%) Voters: [Catlover], [Firenze], [PikkuKitaraPoika], [Faery], [Ultiem], [Deadlock jester], [Saphyr], [Corazie]

film community allies


still have any questions?

see if you can find an answer to them at film-lovers: FAQ, or feel free to ask them in the comment-box!


back to new communities

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2006-07-17 [Azuri]: yay forumage <3 ish good stuff

2006-07-18 [Paz]: It's good to actually see some replies :P (hopefully they're not from the council forum)

2006-09-14 [Blaithin]: Should we export this page? Then maybe some people who aren't ET members can add their support.

2006-09-15 [Paz]: Done :P I thought I had already done that actually xD oops

2006-09-15 [Stephen]: Sheesh Pazzle, you're way behind. :P

2006-09-16 [Paz]: Aren't I always? xD

2006-09-20 [Stephen]: Yep.:P

2006-10-25 [Hedda]: Some quick notes:

On MusMakers you can upload videos. No problem. The UI is not as good (or bad...) as on YouTube though.

This idea is still having a show-stopper: I'm not convinced that a lot of new people will join it. I'm not at all interested in a site that is only attracting Elftowners/Elfpackers. Then I just can extend these sites.

So what do I need? Basically something like: "My international movie-association with 20 000 members want a community and this is what we want!". Otherwise you have to have had a threesome with Madonna and Jonny Depp or something like that...

2006-10-25 [Blaithin]: Madonna? Yack, Kate Beckinsale sure ;P

2006-10-25 [Teufelsweib]: but they both are above the 40 ;-;

no, but I understand it. I'm trying to find possibilities to advertize it outside elftown, but besides spamming forums on with the link there are only personal sites with very few viewers who I got so far to post a link when the site is up :/

2006-10-25 [Paz]: We could try youtube (using their site for our benefit) but I don't have the best facilities or equipment to film anything interesting. I can make a slide show type thing with Windows Movie Maker but other than that I'm low on my talents :/

We could use dA too because they don't offer sound for their videos we can use that against them and attract members.... it's worth a shot. (Damn my time is so restricted >.<)

2006-10-25 [Hedda]: Well... Become famous first, and then I'm convinced that you can attract a lot of new people ;)

2006-10-25 [Blaithin]: Ok...Who wants to go streaking at the next local sporting event?

2006-10-25 [Paz]: Oh but I plan to become famous ;) It might take a few years of schooling but I will be in the credits of films ("Produced by: Paz")

I'll streak the superbowl! :P So...

2006-10-26 [Teufelsweib]: I don't know any famous people, only some underground metal bands who don't really like making movies that are without flying bodyparts I'm afraid...

we could try to make a film-lovers movie sometime though :) at least, I could try so...

2006-10-26 [Paz]: lol :P Maybe we can let them post only with severe warnings everywhere (just for more attention of course). xD I only know famous people through that "six-degrees of separation" thing unfortunately.
Some famous hockey guy's son goes to my school :S But that's it.

It's worth a shot ;)

2006-10-26 [The Coffee-Prophet]: We could do something based on an urban legend, or something, the promotial thing they did on Saw 3 was pure genious. Anyways, I'm sure I could manage to make a nice promotion-video, at least if I can manage to interest some of my film-geek companions, wouldn't count on it though.

2006-10-26 [Paz]: The Saw 3 commercial? :/ It actually made the movie look really good (and the in the fist minute of the second one I was grossed out). It's worth the effort and try ;) I would definately make something... even if it's just a slide show sort of thing.

2006-10-26 [The Coffee-Prophet]: The Youtube one, you know, when Jigsaw speaks directly to the viewer. "Hello. Are you watching me on YouTube? Good. I'd like to play a game." Pure genious.

2006-10-31 [Draco Dralion]: Well, it's been a while since I came to Elftown now. I even didn't write my friends here, it's just sad. The reason is that I'm really busy. You know, school and all. But then again, I'm studying digital animation, so why not making a short for movie-wood? Well, I would love to and perhaps I can combine it with school. But this is really unsure though. Perhaps it would help a lot if someone can give me some ideas for a commercial for movie-wood. Be specific though. I will see what I can do, but as I said, I'm really busy. I prommise nothing!

2006-10-31 [Teufelsweib]: wow, that would be so great! :D
I'll try to think up some ideas, but since I'm right now busy with preparing myself for a trip to Rome for a week (and then I can't be here at all..) I'll try to come up with something in the mean time :)

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