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2011-10-01 18:08:28
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Update from Mystin: 10/01/2011

I just wanted to touch base with everyone about what has been happening in my life as of lately. Firstly, I just wanted to say that I did create the Robin Hoodin' 3D hat and I put it on my photobucket. Also, I want to apologize for any drama that may have occurred through Crew Manual recently. I think sometimes a wiki will create a buzz just to get people to talk again. It's not the way I would have ran it. I want to also thank the supporters of The Forgotten, So Hot!, & anyone mentioned on Mystin wiki. I am unofficially back just to say hello. I'm not here to cause drama or anything like that. In hopes of having my ban lifted, my offer still stands about helping with graphics, wiki support, anything you all need. My e-mail is still in the comments below if you would like to reach me. I also kind of just wanted to apologize for writing a goodbye that made it look like I was the victim when I myself know that I did break rules and I was being an asshole. I apologize for that personally and I'm not going to write a long song and dance about how I was bullied as a kid or raised in bad family. I think my emotions at the time just got the best of me. I do want to thank you all for looking at my YouTube videos I posted, no matter if you agreed with them or not. I had something to say and you listened. Other than that, in my day to day life I found a job so I hope that pans out well. I like to work in retail around Christmas, I find it brings out the spirit I guess. No new YouTube videos right now, I'm taking a break from all social networks for a while. I might check in here ever so often, but not enough to notice. Anyway, this is mostly for my relations/friends who wanted to see how I was doing. Hope you all are doing well also, all of you!
-Mystin aka Jay

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2011-08-07 TMZ: Update: Mystin has released this official statement, which will be followed up by a YouTube video in the future. "TMZ, do you seriously think I would want to come back to a community that treated me like dirt and never once took me seriously? I put time, effort and dedication into my graphics, stories and art work...and for what? To be banned for harassment when and array of that is happening all the time in messages between the crew and normal member's. I am sorry, but I have class and I'm not going to stay or return to a place that doesn't honor my work, time and dedication. I made a fatal mistake by misrepresenting myself in pictures, but that is all. I have never mistreated anyone ill unless they antagonized the situation. One more thing, I don't anyone from Elftown on my YouTube because that's my place to get away. If I have a video I want you to see, you'll hear it from me first. I'm not going to come back and hide because me being banned was a kayfabe basically because this community lost a valuable person and I know they want to bring me back. I'm sorry, you won't get the opportunity to use for graphics and kick me to the curb again. I'm sorry, you simply won't".

2011-08-07 [Mortified Penguin]: So, made any references to Bob's Diner in any recent videos?

2011-08-07 Mystin: LOL I haven't made any yet, but rest assure when I do...I will definitely advertise your lovely diner.

2011-08-07 MystinforCrew: <img:>

2011-08-08 Mystin: With that said, I leave my future in your hands. As of today, I'm relieving my duties of "trolling" as they say. I'll check back around Mid-February. Have a nice life everyone! <3 Jay!

2011-08-08 [Lord Josmar]: As I said on Bob's Diner see you tomorrow.

2011-08-10 OfficialMystin:

2011-08-10 [Lord Josmar]: As I predicted. You couldnt stay away. Also, I thought you didn't want anyone on Elftown watching your videos.

2011-08-11 Mystin: LOL...whatever Jos!

2011-08-12 [Eyonic]: hehe funnyness!

2011-08-12 OfficialMystin: Guards/I would kindly ask that you remove this wiki from Elftown. If you have any comments or questions please contact me directly at:

Thanks [@58061]

2011-08-12 [Eyonic]: You could remove it yourself >.> =edit and erase it all

2011-08-12 [Lord Josmar]: He's banned he can't.

2011-08-12 [Mortified Penguin]: It's editable by not logged in users, so he could if he wanted to.

2011-08-13 [Eyonic]: ^ he being lazyface

2011-08-13 OfficialMystin: I have updated this wiki to express any question about my departure.

2011-09-27 [Lord Josmar]: Why am I still watching this?

2011-09-27 OfficialMystin: Because your awesome.

2011-10-01 Mystin: Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! ^_^

2011-10-03 mystik: aryn you playin again

2011-10-03 Mystin: On Elftown it's Jay, get it right! =P

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